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Our favourite past times are often going out to a movie or being involved in either watching or playing sports like cricket, football or many other sports in recent times like bowling or activities like trekking,camping,river rafting. We are often partying and calling guests for birthday parties or for marriages.All this is very big business.With franchisees available in event management, to movie renting to sports and amusement centres, the variety of entertainment and leisure franchise business options are growing and so is our interest. Choose from a variety of entertainment and leisure franchises available and make your passion your business.

Amusement Centres
Event Management & Party Related Services
Movie Rental & Library
Sports Including Extreme Sports
Dance & Music
Internet & Games Parlours
K Sera Sera Miniplex
Incorporated in 1995 as Garnet Paper Mills Ltd., was renamed as K SERA SERA PRODUCTION LTD in the year 2002. The company is a visionary as well as hugely successful media and entertainment group. It has catapulted into all compassing global conglomerate, which has effectively diversified into other productive industry
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Mind's Eye Academy
With the Vedic maths system gaining popularity all across the globe, Mind's eye academy is growing fast in education market. With a goal of 100 franchisees across india, they are offering a very good service opportunity.
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24OURS Media
We make miniplexes around the country
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