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Movie Rental & Library
24OURS Media
We make miniplexes around the country
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Big Flix
Movies are a great source of entertainment. And, if you are the kind that loves to watch movies at home, snug in your favourite couch with a bag of popcorn, there's nothing like a BIG Flix subscription. BIG Flix offers you the flexibility of renting and watching movies of your
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DVD Talkies
Welcome to a our Franchise Offering. DVD Talkies is a premium movie Rental Service of Uttar Pradesh Operating in Lucknow since 2007. We operate in two models as per Indian Market Conditions i.e. Offline (phone based) & Online (Web-based). In Online Model, member orders his/her movies online & then receives
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Clixflix is Indias 1st Organised DVD/VCD Rental Club. Launched in 2004 with the 1st online model in India, Clixflix now operates the first of its kind hybrid model largely classified into offline and online. The offline model encompasses STORES, the TELEPHONE and MOBILE while the online model would largely
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Movie Mart
MovieMart is India's fastest growing online DVD rental company, now venturing into online selling of DVDs and VCDs. MovieMart was started with a vision to create a company which caters to masses giving them opportunity to buy best quality DVDs and VCDs at most competitive prices to enable larger sections
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Subway Franchises Consolidate Operations and Seek VC Funding In India

Subway is consolidating their franchise operations in India as their biggest development agents have got together and are seeking VC funding for accelerated growth to improve operational efficiencies.Gurpreet Gulri (North India) & Chetan Arora (West India) are amongst the biggest agents while Amit Burman has a few units which they operate. S ...

Lacoste Is Confident of Omni Channel Growth In India

Lacoste Franchise In India : French Retail Brand Lacoste has stepped up their India Franchise Expansion for 2016 as they plan to recruit more franchises across the Tier I cities of India. The company which had slowed their expansion in 2014-15 to watch the impact of the online sales, now believe that omni channel retail is here to stay despite t ...

Explore the Top Food Franchise Opportunities In India

From Subway to Goli Vada Pav to Burger King to Kaati Zone, there are umpteen brands expanding in India and seeking franchises. Which one should you choose? Read from our latest blog on the Top Food Franchise Opportunities In India at


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