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Child Tutorial & Library
Women Oriented Business and focused on encouraging Women entrepreneurship. Phonics is a method of teaching children read with the help of sounds (phonetics). Phonics enables the child to develop reading habit early-on providing an effective tool for knowledge gathering & assimilation; enables proper English pronunciations and spellings resulting in strong
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Chrysaalis I-Maths
Chrysaalis I-Maths India Pvt. Ltd is a premier institution in the field of mathematics education for young children, with an ambitious project of revolutionizing maths from the preschool stage onwards. The main focus of Chrysaalis I-Maths India Pvt. Ltd is on providing a curriculum that is designed in accordance with
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ASMI Diamond Jewellery Franchise A Lucrative Business Option For Women Entrepreneurs


Jewellery Franchise Using the creation of the twenty-first century and also the recognition of franchising business in India, ladies have now transformed from housewives to effective business proprietors. Women franchisors are continuously increasing and attaining prominence within the male centered business area and particularly in jewelry i ...

White Paper On Franchising In India : A Macro Perspective


At Franchising Association of India we have entrusted KPMG with a white paper on franchising in India as we believed strongly that a collaborated neutral effort from the industry was important to understand the past, present and future of Indian franchising. Over the last couple of months we have been discussing several components that the white ...

The Top 100 Franchises In India For 2012


Over the last 15 years of my franchising experience in the Indian / Global Franchising Industry, i have always been confronted with this question as to what I think are the Best Franchise Opportunities in India. Some-how, as we have been involved with 100's of brands and 1000's of entrepreneurs, I have not made a formal list of companies or bran ...

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