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Kwality Walls, Baskin Robbins are synonomous with the Ice Cream Franchise Industry of India. With almost every dairy manufacturer like Amul, offering their range of ice creams the Industry istoday is witnessing a huge range of players. The ice cream opportunity is a very simple, easy to start and ready business from day 1 franchise business scenario.Then there are niche players who have distinct flavours and offerings which these giants do not provide.So with players offering a huge variety of ice cream and dessert franchisees, you will really be surprised to know that there is so much more to this than what you normally know. The franchisebazar ice cream franchise list is your gateway to some of the most exciting and fast return on investment franchise businesses. These are normally low cost franchise businesses and can operate either from small shops, atriums in malls, kiosk franchise formats and range from as low as Rs 1 Lakh going upto 20 Lakhs for individual ice cream parlours.Get yourself a business that will attract everybody, because who does\\\\\\\'nt love ice cream.

Fresh & Naturelle Ice Creams
We are introducing flavours, which are unheard of in the ice-cream industry-Sandalwood Ice-cream, Nalen Gur ice-cream, to name a few. Fresh and Naturelle will be making highly unique, highly exotic ice creams which do not use any artificial flavours or colours as everything is 100% natural. That obviously poses a
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Go Gola
Gola is a traditional ice-candy, from Mumbai, that is loved by one and all. It is made with crushed ice, which is clumped together to form a lolly-shape, which inspired the International Snow-cone. It is then splattered and dipped in mouth-watering and fruity flavours. Masala is sprinkled as per taste.
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Mama Mia
Gourmet low fat Gelato, Mudpies, Cheesecakes, Mousses and Cakes, Funky Photo Cakes , Children's Birthday Cakes and now FROYO!'s all at Mama Mia!...the ultimate dessert brand.
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Tropical Sno
We believe that the essence of the marketing process is building a brand in the mind of the consumer and that is why we have federally registered the Tropical Sno brand. The Tropical Sno brand is the most widely recognized brand in the shave ice industry it is a symbol
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Cocoberry boasts of an experienced team and solid infrastructure capable of supporting you. We view each of our franchisees as our internal customer, whom we succeed!! Cocoberry offers a wide selection of healthy and great tasting products including Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, Sandwiches, Hot & Cold beverages that appeal to
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