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India is one of the biggest consumers of gold.No other country across all socio-economic classes is in awe of this commodity as we are. With companies like Tanishq and Gitanjali redefining the way gold is sold in India, there are tremendous opportunities for franchisees who are seeking a share of the organized market.With a major percent of the market yet with unorganized local jewellers, there has been a huge shift towards a few of them becoming organized and working as a brand.Get a franchisee of one of these franchisees listed below, if you are seeking a high cost franchisee and can invest in excess of Rs 50 Lakhs.You also have the option of starting a fashion jewellery franchise, which is the buzzword today for the urban and fashion conscious consumers in our cities and towns. With television serials showcasing new designs and accessories in their daily soaps, women have all been thronging to their local markets for similar merchandize. You could start a accessory business with very low investment and ensure that you get good margins out of the same. Also with fashion changing everyday, you are bound to have a clientele which needs something new everyday. You need not belong to a jewellers family to get yourself a jewellery franchise nor do you need any previous experience to run a showroom or a store.

Artificial Fashion Jewelry & Accessories
Diamond,Platinum,Gold & Silver
ASMI Diamond Jewellery
Asmi Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002 & was subsequently handed over to Gitanjali Gems Limited.Asmi in Sanskrit means I AM, stands for the woman with a distinct identity. Asmi signifies the spirit of the modern Indian woman who is aware
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