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We are a very young country with a majority of our population under 30 years and just ready to have Kids,making it a very interesting segment to be in. The demographics of the kids population in India show alarming numbers, making it a very strong consumer group. Also as we get educated and aware, we want the best for our kids. From kids art, craft and overall development franchises to kids products and accessories, the segment is huge and offers unparallaled opportunities. You could also choose a kids library or start a day care or creche, which are so much in demand today, as we have both parents beginning to work.The kids franchise segment is also very appropriate for women franchises who are seeking franchisees that let them work with either kids or their parents. With the pre school and the school segment set to explode the opportunities in the kids franchise industry is tremendous, while now being the best time to get into this segment and explore franchisees that will give you sustained growth and good income opportunities.

Child Day Care/Creche
Child Tutorial & Library
Kids Art, Craft & Overall Development
Kids Products & Accessories
Kids Salons
Kids Apparel
Pathfinder Aerosports
unique business opportunity to market aero modeling kits which are ready to fly. these are rubber powered models. suitable for all ages
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