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A few years ago if anybody told us to have coffee at 50 Rs a cup, we would have laughed and mocked at the Idea. Today it is normal for a café coffee day, a barista to dispense coffee at Rs 50 upwards. We get juices and smoothies at 100 Rs a glass and not to mention the liberalization of licenses in the alcohol industry in many states. The water industry is also growing tremendously and it offers a host of interesting franchises. The Pub and the night club industry has already attracted international franchises like Hard Rock Cafe, while many others are lined up for India. The specialty beverage industry is growing rapidly and we have youngsters and many professionals turning up to have their own beverage parlors. Get your hands on this highly profitable franchise segment by evaluating the right franchise for your location.

25 Rupees
We are Advertising & Marketing Company. We are generating a large platform where customer and advertiser both will be benefited through advertising and marketing of products or services. This is very simple to start the business. 1st Register with company by passing Rs. 25/-, 2nd Refer 5 people under U
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Shree Kamdhuk Pariwar
Our Shree Kamdhuk Marketing And Sales Private Limited may be eighth wonder of the world through your support.. Our objective is one that is .to built a happy and prosperous life. If everyone is happy and prosperous then the whole world may be just like a Heaven. Shree Kamdhuk Marketing
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Jasmind Fintech
Jasmind is a venture of Data Management & Insurance Management. Jasmind enjoy the leading to Data Extraction Franchise of Leading IT Companies & Insurance Business Partners in India. Along with its Claim Management with Market Insurer in General Insurance, Life Insurance & Health Insurance Domain, Jasmind Group has the unrivalled
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BCM Business
BCM BUSINESS gives you a new opportunity to work with joy & happiness, complete monetary satisfaction and mental piece. In any kind of business, the chances of earning much depend on the willingness and determination of each individual. If you expect to earn 100%, then you should put your 100%
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Tara Life Care Products Ltd.
We are in search of investors to expand our business further. Company Overview--- In 1999, we took our first baby step with the introduction of Cattle feed in Jitwal Kalan, Malerkotla, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab with the installation capacity of 120 tones per day.After the success in this field they increase
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Real Biz
Realbiz Info Services Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Organization . Realbiz Info Services was set up in 2009 by team of experienced, eminent and young professionals with a capability to provide a wide range of Information Technology related Product and Services. Realbiz Info Services has been established to bring change
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Kapsun Global
Kapsun is product base company. Kapsun is importing FMCG products i.e. fast moving consumer goods, mainly Slimming cofee,power coffee, fuel buster and black shampoo and many more Company is also planning to import manu new products of health and beauty. Company is having two marketing plans. One is Kapsun global
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Today Tiens Group has become a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business, etc. And with its business reaching over 190 countries, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 countries & regions and has established strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises from many
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Subway Franchises Consolidate Operations and Seek VC Funding In India

Subway is consolidating their franchise operations in India as their biggest development agents have got together and are seeking VC funding for accelerated growth to improve operational efficiencies.Gurpreet Gulri (North India) & Chetan Arora (West India) are amongst the biggest agents while Amit Burman has a few units which they operate. S ...

Lacoste Is Confident of Omni Channel Growth In India

Lacoste Franchise In India : French Retail Brand Lacoste has stepped up their India Franchise Expansion for 2016 as they plan to recruit more franchises across the Tier I cities of India. The company which had slowed their expansion in 2014-15 to watch the impact of the online sales, now believe that omni channel retail is here to stay despite t ...

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From Subway to Goli Vada Pav to Burger King to Kaati Zone, there are umpteen brands expanding in India and seeking franchises. Which one should you choose? Read from our latest blog on the Top Food Franchise Opportunities In India at


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