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Franchise Model 1 : Calling For City Franchise Consultants – City Hubs
We invite select individuals to represent us in all major cities of India. You will need to invest INR 400,000 and additionally will need to have a fully furnished exclusive office in your city.
You will become our face in your city and all requests for personalized consulting services on will be sent to you. You will get entrepreneurs coming to you every day for new business opportunities, while you would be trained extensively, in servicing them, with new businesses that suit their lifestyles, skillsets and resources. We have a comprehensive training program at Bangalore to help you get started with our franchise business and to gain from the decade of franchising experience that we have.
Free Services To Entrepreneurs:
Our services are free for the entrepreneur, which means they love us. Also the entrepreneurs cost of acquisition of business is the same, irrespective of whether they took the franchise through us or directly, hence assuring them, that we are paid by the companies, who get franchisees from us. The companies love paying us, because we pre-qualify candidates for them, making it a win-win for all.
Franchise Bazar City Head:
Further-more, you become the city head for all practical purposes, while you get special access and privileges to edit and manage your city page on Registered entrepreneurs who are serviced by you find themselves promoted on the city page. Hence you become the city's preferred business match maker and a franchise coach, who is always, consulted, before one thinks of buying a franchise business.
Franchise Model 2: Part Time Associates / Spoke Franchisees
If you cannot invest in an office and have time to be a full time consultant, you could become our Part Time Associate/Independent Spoke Franchisees. We expect you to be very well connected or into Financial Services, Insurance, Property, HNI Services, Consultancy, Trading, Direct Sales, or any other similar service which brings you in contact with a lot of people who are interested in starting or investing in new businesses. You will need to invest INR 50,000 into this business, after which we would train you to become an Independent Franchise Coach. You will be connected to our office hub and will be able to service your customers from there.
We only appoint spoke franchisees after appointment of the Hub. Hence please clarify the locations where we are presently recruiting spokes, before you apply for the same.
The franchise spokes are our feet on the field associates who meet entrepreneurs in their locations and help them understand the various opportunities one could take up. The spokes play a vital role in bringing their contacts to the franchisebazar hubs, while enlightening consumers on the advantages of taking businesses through professional consultants.
Call Us:
If this sounds interesting and you've been looking forward to a profitable white collared consultancy business, that gives you income from day one, speak to us on +91 9844445777 and send us a brief about yourself on and we will be glad to have a detailed discussion with you to see if we can together, connect 100's of new businesses to entrepreneurs in your region.
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