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FranchiseBazar.Com is proudly supported and endorsed by The Franchising Association of India, The Only Certified World Franchise Council Member from India. We work very closely with all the activities of the association and are committed to the growth of franchising in India. The Franchising Association Of India can be reached at :

Registered Office:

3rd Floor, Champion Building,
15 – Parsi Panchayat Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
Tel. : +91 22 6772 7505 / 518 / 519 / 520
FAX : +91 22 6772 7447

Southern India:

307, Swiss Complex,
33 Race Course Road,
Bangalore. 560001
Ph: +91 80 41715655
Fax: +91 80 22267017
Mobile: +91 9844443200

Western India:

A-Wing, Ground Floor, Modern Centre,
Sane Guruji Marg,
Mahalaxmi (East), Mumbai- 400 011
Tel: +91 22 67 444 364
FAX: +91 22 2307 5787
Mobile: +91 982 332 5282

Northern India:

A- 13, Kailash Colony,
New Delhi – 110 048
Tel : +91 11 40560000/ 64625891
FAX : +91 11 40560099
Mobile : +91 9958104567

Franchise Association Of India:

A Brief

The Franchising Association of India is a Membership Organisation of Franchisors, Franchisees, Vendors, Consultants, Financial Institutions and Students and others.
India’s Franchise Association services are dedicated to provide a one-stop shopping experience for franchising business and with membership of the prestigious World Franchise Council we have ongoing access to knowledge of the World accepted best practice related to Franchising in different areas of business activity as also networking contacts with the WFC member Franchising Associations in different parts of the world for generating new business opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs.
In recognition of the increasing role of franchising in the market place and the very beneficial positive contributions of franchising to the Indian economy, the franchisor and franchisee members of the FAI believe that franchising must reflect the highest principles and standards of fair business practices.

FAI Mission

Tap the vast entrepreneurial energy available in the country by promoting the concept and practice of franchising in India.

FAI Objectives

  • Exchange and safeguard the business environment for franchising, both with regard to franchisors and franchisees
  • Act as the resource centre for current and prospective franchisors, franchisees, the media and the Government.
  • Disseminate knowledge to promote the concept of 'franchising' and propagate it as a healthy business practice.
  • Establish a forum for discussion and deliberation on Franchising related matters and problems and help promote the interest of members by organising seminars, conferences and meetings.

FAI Activities

  • To work towards achievement of the above mission and objectives our activities will include:
  • Creation of appropriate forums for discussion of issues and problems related to Franchising.
  • International linkages to promote - bringing in of foreign franchisors and best practice for doing business in India through Marketing India at International Expos and otherwise.
  • Make representations to the Government with regard to legislative and other measures affecting the promotion of concept and practice of Franchising.
  • Encouraging Bank and Venture Capital funding for franchisees.
  • Publication of Franchising Successes
Advantages Of Becoming a Member Membership Application Form

Franchise Associate of India : Registration Form

Please download our registration form from the link below.

Registration Form


A list of World Franchise Council Authorized Franchise Associations World Wide Is Given Below:

  1. Argentina: Argentinean Franchise Association: (AAF): Lucas Secades, Executive Director
  2. : E:
  3. Australia: Franchise Council of Australia (FCA): George Yammouni, Chairman : Steve Wright, President and CEO E:
  4. Austria: Austrian Franchise Association (ÖFV): Andreas Schwerla, Chairman : Susanne Seifert, General Manager E:
  5. Belgium: Belgian Franchise Federation (BFF) : Didier Depreay, Chairman : Gilbert Lardinois, Secretary General E:
  6. Brazil: Brazilian Franchise Association (ABF) : Ricardo Bomeny, Chairman Ricardo Camargo, Executive Director   E:
  7. Canada:  Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Lorraine McLachlan, President and CEO E:
  8. China: Chain-Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) GuoGeping, President : Lucy Wu Rui Ling, Vice Secretary General
  9. Croatia: Croatian Franchise Association (CAF/FIP) LjiljanaKukecs, Chairman E:
  10. Czech Republic: Czech Franchise Association (CAF) Ivo Lamich, Chairman : Hana Juraskova, Managing Director E:
  11. Denmark: Danish Franchise Association (DFA)  SteenEgsdal, Chairman : Toke Allentoft, Managing Director E:
  12. Ecuador: Ecuadorian Franchise Association (AEFRAN) Ing. Guido Santillán, Executive Director   E:
  13. Egypt: Egyptian Franchise Development Association (EFDA) Moataz Al Alfi, Chairman : Hussein Abou El Fath, Secretary General E:
  14. European Union: European Franchise Federation (EFF) Dieter Frohlich, Chairman : Mrs. Carol Chopra, Executive Director E:
  15. Finland: Finnish Franchising Association (FFF) Henri Häyrinen, Chairman : JuhaVastamäki, Managing Director E:
  16. France - French Franchise Federation (FFF) Guy Gras, Chairman : Chantal Zimmer, Managing Director E:
  17. Germany: German Franchise Association (DFV) Dieter Fröhlich, Chairman : TorbenBrodersen, M. D. E:
  18. Greece: Greek Franchise Association Petros Petridis, Chairman : Sotiris Yanakakis, General Director E:
  19. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Franchise Association (HKFA) : Charlotte Chow, General Manager E:
  20. Hungary: Hungarian Franchise Association (HFA) LászlóMurányi, Chairman : Katalin Mandel, Managing Director E:
  21. Italy: Italian Franchise Association (AIF), GrazianoFiorelli, Chairman : ItaloBussoli, Secretary General, E:
  22. Japan: Japanese Franchise Association (JFA) Kiyoshi Hijikata, Chairman : Tomoyuki Kimura, Managing Director  E:
  23. Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan Franchise Association, AndreyZakharov
  24. Korea:  Korean Franchise Association (KFA) Kim Yung Man, Chairman : Mr. Park Kee Young, Vice Chairman E:
  25. Lebanon: Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA), Charles Arbid, Chairman;
  26. Malaysia:  Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)  Abdul Malik Abdullah, Chairman : Ahmad Faizal Mohamed Noor, General Manager E:
  27. Mexico: Mexican Franchise Association (MFA), Diego Elizarraras, Chairman E:
  28. Morroco:  Moroccan Franchise Association (FMF) Miss BtissamOmari   E:
  29. Netherlands - Netherlands Franchise Association (NFV) Maarten DorhoutMees, Chairman : Jos Burgers, Managing Director E:
  30. New Zealand:  Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ): Estelle Logan, Chairman Graham Billings, Executive Director
  31. Philoppines:Phillipines Franchise Association (PFA): Robert F. Trota, Chairman : Chit Estrada, Executive Director E:
  32. Poland:  Polish Franchise Organization (PFO) Michal Skubiszweski, PFO Agent E:
  33. Potugal: Portuguese Franchise Association (APF) Paulo Antunes, Chairman : RuiFrade, Manager E:
  34. Russia: Russian Franchise Association (RARF) MerabElashvili, Chairman YuryMikhaylichenko, Managing Director E:
  35. Singapore: Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA) C. Chandroo, Chairman : Terry Wong, General Manager E:
  36. Serbia: Serbian Franchise Association (SURF/SFA) DusanSikimic, Chairman E:
  37. Slovenia:  Slovenian Franchise Association (SFA) Milan Stegne, Chairman : Igor Pavlin, CEO E:
  38. South Africa: Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) KobusOosthuizen, Chairman : Vera Valasis, Managing Director; E:
  39. Sweden:  Swedish Franchise Association (SFF) Jonas Ideström, Chairman : Anders Svensson, Managing Director E:
  40. Switzerland  Swiss Franchise Association (SFV) CristophWildhaber, CEO E:
  41. Taiwan: Taiwan Franchise Association (TCFA) Chung-Jen Hsu, Chairman E:
  42. Turkey: Turkish Franchise Association (UFRAD) Mustafa Aydin, Chairman : GurkanDonat, Vice Chairman  E:
  43. United Kingdom - British Franchise Association (BFA) Mike Goddard, Chairman : Brian Smart, General Director E:
  44. United States: International Franchise Association:
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