Top 20 Franchise Businesses in India to consider in 2023

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start a franchise business in 2023

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India has many thriving franchise businesses which you can follow.  By reading the article, you will gain a broader understanding of the top 20 franchise business opportunities in India 2022, which are available in numerous fields.  If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to launch a franchise business in India in 2023, this post of ours can be handy.  We at FranchiseBazar have collated the list of the best 20 franchises in India to help you get motivated regarding owning a franchise business in India.


For decades to come, franchises have been a popular choice and thus are a repeated trend in the country.  Furthermore, it is an appealing alternative for first-time entrepreneurs, looking to create a firm but not own it.  The advantages of starting a franchise business in India are capital cost saving, rapid development, and highly motivated management.  But, most importantly, the industry in which you pitch is very essential.  We have some of the most fantastic, compiled list of the top 20 franchise business opportunities in India in 2022, on which you can lay your money in 2023.




This has been a famous and trusted domestic brand in India which has made an income of over INR 200 crores over the last few years.  Formed by Baba Ramdev & Acharya Balkrishna in 2006, the brand’s initial product line was Ayurvedic and herbal products.  After receiving tremendous victory in this arena, the brand further extended its business in other sectors, like beauty care, beauty goods, food, healthcare etc.  Nonetheless, this has evolved successfully as one of India's trusted names in the FMCG sector.


Domino’s Pizza


The most famous pizza business globally with over 500 locations was founded in 1960.  Since its conception, this brand has become one of the most prominent and leading pizza brands.  Spread over 70 countries and has served over one million customers, this brand services other food and beverages like pasta, chicken wings, appetizers, beverages, and desserts which are mouth-watering and delectable along with delicious pizzas.  Their presence in India is spread over 120 cities and is still expanding.




This brand has a robust channel of more than 500 nation based as well as international locations which sells personalized presents, greeting cards, artwork etc, and has touched millions of people’s hearts since its establishment in 1979.  From a variety of products available for all festivities and occasions, this is an opportunity in India which can be started with not much of a large workforce requirement.


PMKYV Franchise


Pradhan Mantri Kushan Vikas Yojna was established in 2015 by the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship flagship to help India’s youth develop various talents.  This certification strategy for skill development is to empower a significant number of Indians to take part in industry-based skill-oriented training, to gather a better living.


Dr Batra’s Clinic


This is the largest chain of homoeopathic clinics, treating many problems like hair treatment, asthma, allergies, and acne, and has shown positive results from natural and safe remedies.  Statistics show that this will be one of India's fastest-growing healthcare firms.




Also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded in 1939 in the US, this has become a well-known entity worldwide.  This is also one of the giant restaurant corporations worldwide.  Though they are known for their fried chicken, they have a cuisine which serves every palate.  People trust its delicious taste and have faith in its unmatched quality value, thus making it a promising franchise to start.


First Cry


This is one of the most sought-after children’s and infant brands, which specializes in kids' apparel and accessories.  This is a brand which provides top-notch children’s wear at affordable rates, with a slight overall investment, and immense rewards.  Taking a franchise of this brand in India can prove extremely helpful because of the extreme faith which people have in their goods. 




From optical lenses, frames, and eyeglasses, to sunglasses, this is a brand which has something for every age group.  Furthermore, this is regarded as one of the most rapidly growing businesses globally since its inception in 2010.  Launched with a mission to give individuals an affordable vision, this is a brand which comes with a unique provision for women entrepreneurs looking to start a franchise business in India.




Whenever we hear the brand Lakme, it brings a smile to our faces (especially ladies) because this is a well-known brand and has a fame in beauty goods and cosmetics which has kept its stature and excellence since its inception in 1952.  Owned by Hindustan Unilever, you can choose to start a Lakme salon franchise in India or a Lakme product franchise in India by selling their items.  This is a brand which is highly in demand and has a devoted clientele because of its superior quality over rival brands.


Amul Scoop


Amul ice cream is a famous franchise brand in India, which has gained immense popularity across the country because of its quality and flavours.  One thing about becoming a franchisee of Amul in India is that it doesn’t require any marketing or promotion because it is quite famous.  Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about the inventory as these are delivered straight to the business location removing any travel delivery charges.  So, it gives you a chance to generate high profits at a decent investment.


Jockey India


Introduced in 1994, this brand has become well-known for its leisurewear and innerwear for men as well as women.  If you are planning to invest in a clothing franchise in India, Jockey is the most amazing opportunity because it is a globally recognized American brand which manufactures top-notch sleepwear, innerwear, and sportswear.


Kidzee School Franchise


One of the fastest-growing preschool franchises in India is Kidzee.  So, if you are an entrepreneur with a passion to work with children, choosing to start a kidzee preschool franchise in India, is a promising opportunity, which was started in 2018.


Café Coffee Day


A 140-year-old enterprise which is believed to be Asia’s largest coffee company is Café Coffee Day.  They serve freshly prepared coffee, along with snacks, desserts, and other beverages.  Their coffee maker machines are constructed with cutting-edge technology which produces tea or coffee with just a single button.


DTDC Courier


India’s most popular and dependable courier business is DTDC, which was founded in 1990. From offering local to international services, they have approximately 5800 successful channel partners.  They are known to be India’s fastest-growing logistics and distribution company.  If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a courier franchise business in India with a little investment, DTDC is an ideal option.


Green Trends


A pioneer in offering a comprehensive variety of grooming options to price-conscious clientele, these are industry leaders in the salon business in India.  Founded in 2002, they have over 70 stores across the country.  They are known for their services from hairstyle to a spa and complete makeovers, and other treatments as well.  If you are looking to start a high-end salon franchise business in India, your search ends here.


Pizza Hut


A significant rival of Domino’s Pizza, this is a brand which began franchising in 1959.  The brand is adored for its distinctive flavours and taste, and there is always a high demand for all its recipes.  Acquiring a pizza franchise in India with this brand is a good opportunity because they are extensively expanding their presence at a rapid pace.


Jawed Habib


One of the most famous beauty and salon franchises in India is Jawed Habib, which has branches in more than 85 cities and 21 states across the country.  The brand marks its presence across people because it provides modern haircuts and beauty treatments at a very affordable price.  This brand has grown to be a well-known salon in a matter of just a few years because of the range of services it provides.  If you want to start a salon franchise in India with a renowned brand, Jawed Habib is a fantastic option because of its moderate investment with relatively large returns.


Baskin Robbins


Working with an ice cream franchise in India which has become a leading name in the food and beverage sector, is Baskin Robbins.  This is an excellent opportunity because of the robust worldwide branding, cooperation, and partnership that they have with different firms.  Their USP is the 31-flavour motto, which means a customer can try a new flavour every month.  If you are looking to start an ice cream parlour in India and make the general population happy, it is good to choose Baskin Robbins.




An American restaurant chain which specializes in healthy sandwiches and salads was founded in 1974 and has grown to be a significant brand in the food and beverage business in India, having a global presence in over 102 countries.  Their main goal has been to deliver excellent service to all their customers with high-quality items at reasonable prices keeping the operating costs low with the idea of never stopping to improve.




The famous brand in India known for its sweets, snacks, business, and many other products, has always put forward top-notch cuisine with exceptional flavours.  They are spread across the country having over 85 franchises.  What makes them famous amongst the public is the stringent checks on quality, taste and cleanliness which you can find in all their stores.  This is a robust platform for you to generate a good amount of money.  They take pride in the quality of their products and that is what makes them a good franchise to start.


The Bottom Line


You now have the list of the top 20 franchise businesses in India in 2022, and you can choose from these industries if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a franchise business in 2023.  FranchiseBazar is here to help and support you with all the latest franchise businesses in India. 


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