Top food franchise oppertunities in Pune in 2021 

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Top food franchise opportunities in pune

Pune, the second largest city of Maharashtra is known for its authentic food and culturalheritage. Whenever we talk about the cultural heritage of Pune we imagine the grand Marathi culture, the mellow North Indian classical music and the prominent theatres. The city of Pune has developed itself as a town of traditional and modern heritage with a blend of rich culture and varied kind of delicacies. Pune has grown to be a powerful business hub in India. The city is successfully emerging in its IT and education industry attracting companies across the globe. Pune is also developing many incubation centres and startups leading to a platform for young entrepreneurs to learn entrepreneurial skills and means. The city has been focusing on development of startups in areas of infrastructure, biotech etc. Pune is rapidly growing into an industrial centre. As the city is one among India's fast developing metropolitan cities, it carries with itself, good range of transportation and connectivity. Pune ranks second in the availability of skilled and competent manpower. Food processing units have established in large numbers in Pune and the fast food restaurants are at the top in the list of business ideas in Pune with small investment. According to reports, Pune has emerged in the list of top 5 places in India for doing business. The city excels in the field of education, research, innovation, manufacturing and many others. 

Recently, Pune has been ranked the second position in India's proposed smart cities. It has also been placed in the list of best cities to live during the time of education or jobs. Pune is home to many industries and important business ventures and has been titled, "The Oxford of the East". It is at par with both economic and cultural activities, theatre, literature etc. Pune is the most evolving startup destination in the country with more than 400 local startups. Some notable startups of Pune include-, Pubmatic etc. It is also a popular travel destination with many attractive tourist spots and a glamorous nightlife. Pune has been an inviting business spot for companies of Singapore namely Ademco and Hyfluce. As Pune is the economic hub of a large number of successful companies and has been successfully developing at a fast pace in every other field with a continuously changing environment, it might be a good option about starting a franchise in Pune. Also, Pune is very famous for its distinguished varieties of food items, therefore, opening a food franchise in Pune might be a great choice!

Here are some of the food franchise opportunities in Pune that one can consider in the year 2021 

1.24 foods sin

segment- burger franchise 

investment range- 5 to 10 lakh 

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

24 foods sin is one of its kind delivery only kitchen with giving special attention to the burgers. It is one of the best burger service delivery kitchen 

2.Egg bite

segment- Asian food franchise 

investment- 5 to 10 lakh 

space requirement- 250 to 500 square feet 

Egg bite provides totally egg-based products and have more than hundred egg based products like egg ghotala, egg katori, bun boiled egg etc.Egg bite franchise provides franchise opportunities in fine dining, quick service restaurant and food truck. The outlet provides wide variety of egg dishes and franchise opportunities. Egg bite specialises in using natural ingredients, product Innovation and operational excellence. The main focus of the franchise is on providing healthy food and quality services. One can even start the egg bite franchise even if he or she has no prior knowledge of food and food products.

3. Kaysons 

segment- hundred percent veg franchise investment- 1 to 2 lakh 

space requirement- 250 to 500 square feet 

Kaysons prepares frozen foods for the working class who are living and utterly busy life. Kaysons specialises in preparing snacks and frozen heat and parathas with the help of sophisticated machines like plate freezer, blast freezer and quick freezer. No kind of preservatives are added in the manufacturing of the food items and complete hygiene and safety measures are taken while preparation of the food in order to preserve its originality and flavour. Kaysons is the best in the food industry in terms of providing frozen food. High technology machines are used for preservation of food and Kaysons is a successful business franchise that also provides training of food storage and food preparation.

4.Bling Biryani 

segment- Biryani franchise 

investment- 1 to 50,000 

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

Bling biryani is an expert in making mouth-watering biryani. Their main focus is on customer satisfaction and providing every customer who has a huge love for biryani with the flavour of exclusive dum biryani and a refreshing beverage. One can surely think of franchising with Bling biryani as they will be getting the opportunity of earning weekly through an online business medium.


 segment- kiosks, carts, mobile vans

investment- 2 to 5 lakhs

space requirement-less than 250 square feet 

Conutz is a processed Indian corn/ maize franchise that provides a wide range of healthy dishes. Conutz  usually used to give a smoky flavour to any kind of dish,roll, stuffing, topping on pasta, pizzas etc. If you are willing to franchise with Conutz, you will be benefited from good strategies and plans, low investment with good returns and also proper training and guidance.

6. The Momos 

segment- sandwiches, subs, Vada Pav and hotdog 

investment- no investment 

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

The Momos is a bar restaurant franchise that offers exquisite dining services to its customers. It is one of India's most loved momo outlet.

7.Skadoosh Epic momos and more segment- food franchise 

investment- 10 to 15 lakh 

space requirement-250 to  500 square feet Skadoosh Epic momos started out of Kharadi in Pune and has established itself in the form of a local cuisine Cafe in the region of Himalayas. The cafe outlet provides a variety of momos momo meals and momo desserts with a touch of authenticity and innovative food flavours. Momo franchises are rising due to the rising love for momos among food lovers and so, Skadoosh Epic Momos franchise would be the best fit for entrepreneurial buddies who are thinking of buying a food franchise. Skadoosh Epic momos and more is also one of the best food franchise opportunities in Asia.

8. Morya Misal

 segment- sandwiches, subs, Vada Pav investment- 5 lakh to 10 lakh 

space requirement- 500 to 750 square feet 

Morya misal is a business venture of the Maharashtrian Fast Food Industry that started with the Misal Pav joint. The franchise has currently 12 outlets and is a top food joint in Maharashtra. Morya Misal specialises in preparing misal pav  and also has choices regarding Indian and Maharashtrian snacks. Attention is given in the preparation of Misal Pav by using unique and available ingredients in order to serve the best quality and taste to the customers. Special care is taken regarding safety and hygiene standards are maintained throughout the preparation of snacks. Morya Misal's Misal Pav recipe is the most popular one because it can be eaten during any time of the day. It is like a spicy curry made with a combination of sprouts or moth beans and garnished with chewda/onions and tomatoes on top giving it an elegant look. The franchise also provides home delivery services with Zomato.

9.World of Mithai

segment- sweet shop franchise 

investment- 2 to 5 lakh 

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

World of Mithai works with local suppliers to source the most real flavours and ingredients and use traditional techniques to ensure that the customers get high quality sweets and delicacies. Strict sanitization and hygiene standards are maintained while preparing sweets. World of Mithai is in working with many local sweet suppliers that offer the best quality sweets. It is also providing marketing support and training to the budding entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a franchise.

10. Sws Veg Pizzaria

segment- Pizza franchise 

investment- 2 to 5 lakhs 

space requirement- 2000 to 3000 square feet 

Sws Veg Pizzaria is one of the top choice for mouth watering pizzas in Pune. The restaurant specialises in serving wide range of yummylicious cheesy pizzas garnished with handmade toppings. The menu also includes salads, burgers and sandwiches but pizza is the most attractive food item of all. It is one of the most popular pizza outlet in Pune.

11.Chicken Vicken 

segment- chicken franchise 

investment- 2 to 5 lakhs

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

Chicken Vicken is a retail spot that provides fresh raw chicken in a clean and hygienic atmosphere. The outlet specialises in pre cut chicken varieties like chicken drumstick, chicken wings, chicken leg piece, chicken breast, chicken nuggets, chicken burger, Patty and on the spot food items like chicken Salami and chicken sausages.

12.My food 365 

segment- kiosks, carts, mobile vans investment- 10 to 15 lakhs

space requirement- less than 250 square feet 

The franchise provides an experience of QSR that would provide customer satisfaction and fulfill the  aspirations of the incoming business enthusiasts.

13.Cafe Chokolade 

segment- chocolate and candy franchise investment- 10 to 15 lakh 

space requirement- 250 to 500 square feet 

Cafe Chokolade is a desert franchise with sweets ranging from Ice creams to candies, chocolates and even more.

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