10 Brands that Nailed Food Franchise Business in India

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 latest food franchise business in India


 Written by: Resham Daswani            


Opening a food franchise in India is quickly expanding across the country due to a variety of factors.  The most important reason that governs this expansion is that Indians cannot simply resist tasty food.  Nevertheless, people are looking for food that is quick and easily accessible without hindering their hectic working schedules.  Waiting for a table at your favourite dining restaurant can be quite a nightmare.  The purchasing power of today’s eaters has increased, who doesn’t want food that is quick to make and at an affordable rate? This has generated the rise of an entirely new and profitable section in the retail food industry which is a retail food franchise in India.


According to the national restaurant association report of India, the restaurant industry in India is projected to have a growth rate of around INR 5.99 lakh crores by 2023.  The restaurant business in India is one of the best options for Indian entrepreneurs as it is one of the biggest service sectors in India.


Researching the number of existing restaurant chains in India, you can discover thousands of opportunities that are available in various cuisines and food varieties.  You must choose the one which is of best interest to you as well as has simplified skills and consider all the pros and cons of the brand before giving a thumbs up.  FranchiseBazar can help you start a food franchise in India in this booming market.


Let us look at the most popular food franchises in India.


Belgian Waffle


This is India’s first waffle franchise business which was started by Shrey Aggarwal along with his co-founder in 2015.  They have over 500 franchises across the country.  With a minimum investment amount, you can choose to start a Belgian waffle kiosk or café with an agreed period of up to 3 years.




Also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, this is a well-known brand in the USA, that became a household name across the globe by 1990.  This has over 40,000 locations across the globe.  To acquire a franchise of KFC in India, you would require investing an amount of INR 50 lakhs approximately for conventional locations and for non-conventional the amount would go above a crore.


Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s is an American pizza franchise business having its locations across the globe.  This brand operates in more than 83 countries and 5701 different locations.  It requires an investment amount of around INR 30-50 lakhs.




Famous for sandwiches, salads, and beverages across the globe, this is a franchise that has outlets in almost all countries across the globe.  If you want to acquire a franchise of this brand, this is a growing opportunity to invest in. 


La Pino’s


This is a brand that was started in 2011 and has more than 500 outlets across India.  The cost associated with this brand is around INR 30 lakhs.  The monthly royalty fee is 4% of the gross sales.


Pizza Hut


This is one of the best pizzas which can be found in American fast-food companies.  With an initial investment amount of around INR 15-30 lakhs approximately, you can expect sales of around INR 20000 every month.




This group opened in 1980, now this brand has over 150 restaurants in 30 countries.  The initial investment for the Sankalp restaurant franchise in India is between INR 30-50 lakhs and you can expect a projected payback in a timeline over 2.5-3 years.


Dunkin Donuts


This is a brand that was started in 1960 and has more than 100 locations across the USA. They are also widely spread across the globe and are known for their unique doughnut flavours, as well as their cold cappuccinos and other bakery items. This is a potential opportunity in India for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses.


Taco Bell


This is a food chain that originated in the United States.  More of a Mexican-style cuisine, this is a great opportunity to invest in because there are very few fast-food chains that serve Mexican cuisine thus making the revenue significantly higher.




This is a brand that has come a long way from a small namkeen shop to a massive snack and frozen food empire.  Though opening a haldiram’s food franchise is expensive yet it is an investment worth it.


The Bottom Line


Starting a food franchise business in India is not an easy task, yet if you acquire a well-known brand it can gain you significant returns on your investment.  All you need to do is research well and you will get the best results.  FranchiseBazar helps entrepreneurs to acquire the best food franchises in India.  We also keep you updated with the latest food franchise business in India, which food franchise is best for you in India, and many more booming opportunities in India.  Call us today to find out more.


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