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There's strong evidence to believe that Aurangabad was developed as a trading hub four centuries ago. It lies on a major trade route that used to connect north-west India's sea and land ports to the Deccan region. This speaks tons about the city’s roots to business offerings for entrepreneurs exploring franchise opportunities in Aurangabad. 

Aurangabad is largely known for its clothing industry; especially the silk and cotton textile industry that the city houses. Aurangabad is also known as Paithani town because it has maintained the tradition alive with the Paithani silk sarees. This can provide a plethora of retail clothing franchise opportunities in Aurangabad for entrepreneurs looking to start a clothing franchise business in India. 

Although clothing and retail seem to be the goto choice for people looking to start a new business in Aurangabad, there are various sectors that can offer a great number of  franchise opportunities in the city such as : 

  • Fast food / Food Products Franchise in Aurangabad

  • Logistics and Courier Franchise in Aurangabad

  • Automotive and Auto components Franchise in Aurangabad

  • Pharmaceuticals Franchise in Aurangabad 

  • Consumer Durables Franchise in Aurangabad 

Another major business segment having immense potential is the hotel franchise business in Aurangabad owing to the city being one of the major points of tourist attraction. 

The investment for starting a franchise business in Aurangabad can range from Rs 2 Lakhs – Rs 5 Crores and upwards depending upon the scale and the services that are being offered.

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