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Gold Membership
ONLY For Serious Entrepreneurs Seeking Multiple New Business Opportunities that are currently trending and want to compare different options that match their requirements. Get Personalized Assistance From Our Business Advisors For 1 Year.
(Additional Brokerage Fee* will be applicable once you sign up a brand*)

Benefits Of Gold Membership
Diamond Membership
ONLY For Select Entrepreneurs who already have a Franchise / Brand / Business Shortlisted and need validation and due diligence service to make an informed decision. (No Brokerage Fee* is Involved in this service)
Benefits Of Diamond Membership
Silver Membership
Ideal For Entrepreneurs with LESS than ₹5L & others who do not need a franchise consultant and will do everything themselves. Pure Online Membership to Browse Latest Opportunities, Top Business Ideas, Best Emerging Brands. No Personalized Consultation & Call Support From Our Consultants. No Brokerage Fee.
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Free 07 Days Membership
Create Your Profile For FREE & Explore New Business Ideas Everyday For 7 Days. Ask our consultants to send you the Top 10 Opportunities Of The Month Via Whatsapp Now. UPGRADE when any Business / Brand Seems Interesting & You Want More Details & On Call Support.
Benefits Of Free 07 Days Membership

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Verified Plus Membership
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Welcome to, your One Stop Shop to Buy a New Business in India, Franchise for Sale & The Top 100 Franchise in India for 2024.

We have a very affordable Gold Membership Plan to connect Serious Entrepreneurs with A Senior Business Advisor who could help you in all aspects of Buying a New Business covering everything from Identification of the Perfect Business as per your Profile, Choice, Resources and thereafter with Sign Up.

For advanced business buyers who have already shortlisted a business / brand we have a Diamond Membership that can validate the opportunity you have chosen and give you a due diligence report of the company. Incase you have 2-3 top options and need to compare the top 3 opportunities you could take our Gold + Diamond Combo Package.

For business window shoppers who are casually exploring opportunities, you may start with a FREE Membership , that’s designed to help you browse through almost all the information you need to research several companies of your choice.

You can upgrade to a low-cost Verified Membership which entitles you to a Silver Membership Plan and instantly connect with any brand that seems interesting and then buy a new business all by yourself without any phone support or an expert consultant guidance and hence you do not pay any brokerage or franchise finder fee as you did that yourself.

Go ahead and choose a business that matches your goals, while we continue adding the newest business opportunities, every day. Speak to our consultants today on +91 9844443200 / +91 9844008100 should you be interested in buying any of the above plans.


You are seeking to access information and business opportunities which is provided only to registered members. It takes less than a minute to register and access information on FranchiseBAZAR.
Once you register, you get a centralized dashboard from which you could do your entire activities absolutely free of cost. In addition, once you update your profile, you will automatically get business opportunities matching your exact requirements. You will always have a track of the status of every business you have explored and have all communication with every brand in one central location. There are at least 10 other advantages which you could check on
You could research and purchase a wide variety of national and international franchise opportunities, agencies, dealerships & distributorships. We update new opportunities every day, hence you could bookmark our New Business Page and come to us once a day at least to see what’s new. Here’s the Link. FranchiseBazar - New Business Opportunities
Absolutely. You could Search Based on your Brands Preferences, Industry Priority, Investments, and multiple Locations of your choice. Furthermore, opportunities could be filtered as suitable for women, senior citizens, students, part time opportunities, work from home, low-cost opportunities, master franchises and many other criterions. You could explore a wide range of filters and options from your dashboards and reach the exact type of business you seek. Upgrade to a Gold Plan to get complete Personalized assistance from our Senior Consultants who will help you identify and choose the right brands that suit your exact preferences.
A Gold + Diamond Combo Membership gives you access to our Senior Franchise Business Consultant with whom you could discuss all your preferred brands and also get more information on the Top 10 Franchise Brands In India 2024 that could be available for your location and most suitable for your profile.

There are 3 types of Paid Memberships.

The most Popular plan for serious new business seekers is a Gold Membership which assigns a Franchise consultant to your profile and who will personally be involved with you in all aspects of helping you start a new business. This is suitable for entrepreneurs & groups who want to start a new business or multiple businesses within the next 12 months and need professional help for identification of opportunities and thereafter negotiations to sign up the brand.

The most highly recommended plan which most business buyers buy is our Diamond Plan which does the due diligence and validation of the franchise opportunity before you invest and sign up any brand. You do not pay us any additional brokerage fee in this plan as we do not assist you in identification of opportunities / brands.

The Third Type of Membership Plan is a Verified Silver Membership which is a pure online membership through which you can interact with most brands listed on the website. This Pure Online Membership is very suitable for Entrepreneurs who have Less then ₹5L, Brokers, Consultants, Agents who have a specific client and want to connect directly with the companies listed through our Dashboards. They seek no personalized assistance and on call support from our teams and are adept at buying a business themselves, directly. You do not need to pay us any brokerage / franchise finder fee in this plan as you do this yourselves.

The Fourth Plan is a Free Membership plan ideal for casual business window shoppers who will buy a business after 12 months and are not ready currently.

We encourage entrepreneurs to stay on our platforms for as long as they would want to. This FREE dashboard is all yours and you could use it as per your convenience.

The FREE Trial Membership will be Live for 7 Days, post which a few features will be deactivated.

Serious Business Seekers who want to Start a New Business at the earliest and need Expert Help on all aspects of Buying a Business, Correctly and Choosing from Multiple Businesses that give very High Returns and are Credible, must Upgrade to a Gold Membership.

Everybody else could Operate a FREE Account and Explore 1000's of Opportunities and be a part of our Entrepreneur Community.

Brands show more preference to verified premium members (silver and gold members) as there are millions of entrepreneurs out there seeking new business opportunities. Once you become a paid member, a brand will give you importance and you will get quicker responses from them. Paid members are also able to communicate directly with brands, more effectively.

It generally takes 3-6 months to sign up a franchise business. It will depend at the speed at which you will be able to take your decisions and have the requisite resources ready.

If you have ready liquid capital and you take up our Paid plans and personalized assistance from our consultants, the chances of you starting a new business in 30 days are quite high.

No. Your paid membership will continue for a period of 1 year from the date of sign up and you can explore and buy multiple businesses from your dashboard.
Having a 100% complete profile will enable the right kind of franchise opportunities reach you. Franchisors and Brands are constantly engaging the right fit entrepreneurs for their businesses through our platforms and hence having your profile complete in all aspects will give you the priority in their search.
Yes, Entrepreneurs could deactivate their accounts once they have bought a new business. However, most entrepreneurs fall in love with our dashboard and keep them live as one business may not be enough or you may have your near or dear ones for whom you could explore new opportunities.
Yes. Please call us on all working days on +919844443200 between 10.00 am to 6.00 Pm IST. Our alternative landline numbers are +91 80 41512345.

Why FranchiseBazar?

  • Explore & Engage 1000’s of Opportunities from a single account.
  • Request information from companies instantly without having to fill in your details repeatedly.
  • Create your very own personalized professional profile and submit the same to franchisors/business owners. No need to fill several franchisee/distribution application forms.
  • Rate, review, comment on opportunities. Your opinion matters.
  • Get the newest opportunities delivered into your inbox regularly. First.
  • Contact all paid companies directly from your account.
  • View companies who have visited your profile or shown interest.
  • Your centralized opportunity tracker keeps you updated of all your requests & has all the companies you are exploring in one place.
  • Interact from your very own learning center for all the research, information, queries that you may have. Get the best articles and queries answered from Industry experts.
  • Read live comments & reviews from other entrepreneurs, to learn from their experiences.
  • Get instant access to consultants, suppliers, lawyers, loans, properties & much more.
  • Get listed in our city database to receive specific opportunities for your location.
  • Get notified and receive Free Invites to the latest Events, Expo’s and Discovery Days in your city.

Wondering How to start a New Business In India? Let’s Look at all the Questions that may have crossed your mind and the answers to most of them.

Where to get Upcoming Business Ideas in India? Which is the Best Franchise Business in India currently? How to Find the Top Franchise Opportunities in India, Suitable for your Profile and available for your Location? Which is The Best Franchise India Opportunity or a Franchise in India which is not only Profitable but also has an Impeccable Track Record? Where to get consultation on how to Buy Franchise in India and What are the Ready Franchise for Sale in India that are Currently Hot and Trending?

FranchiseBAZAR has the answer to all your Franchise and Business-Related Questions.

It brings to your Dashboard the Best Business Ideas from a wide variety of New Business Ideas 2024 and includes established franchise brands & distributorship Opportunities. Whether it is to do with low investment or premium opportunities or global master franchise opportunities you will see that these fit into the new business plan 2023 that you have made. You can explore the Top 100 franchises, Top 50 and the Top 10 Franchise Business in India. The Industry Franchise India Brands have evolved over the years with Latest Franchise Opportunities in India spanning from 50+ industries beginning from the Best Food Franchises in India and extending up to Healthcare, Retail, Business Services, E-commerce, Distributorships, Dealerships and Agencies. Whatever, your Entrepreneurial Urge, FranchiseBAZAR is just a call away to help you with the Opportunities that you have always been looking for.

Once you sign up and get started with a new business, don’t forget to share your success story at