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Siliguri the commercial city of North Bengal, due to its strategic location it acts as a bridge between not Bangladesh and Nepal but is also a transport location for Silk between Tibet and India and Bhutan and India. Business revolves around the 4Ts – Tea, Tourism, Transport, and Timber, besides this the city is developing a satellite IT hub because Siliguri is an important market place in the East of India giving way to new business in Siliguri. The local market of Siliguri is booming which is considered as good business in Siliguri because it is a market place for exquisite handicraft, wooden art products, antics which are taken as souvenirs by the visitors. Special economic centers are contributors in the increase of economic development for the city – Information Technology Park, Health City and Small Engineer Park etc. Entrepreneurs can approach franchise bazar and choose from a wide variety of business from us as per the interest.

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