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With the largest preschool in India having close to 700 franchise centers as against an estimated demand for more than 25000 schools across the country, it is said that only 5% of the market is yet services by organized pre schools. Companies like Zee and Eurokids have already rolled out a impressive pan india presence with many other local and national players getting organized and offering franchisees.You have an amazing range of pre school franchises today offering from as low as no royalty no franchise fee models to fixed fee to share per child fees models.They also charge students anywhere from 500 Rs/Month to as much as Rs 50,000/Month and offer addon Day Care and Creche facilities for parents who are both working. You could choose a pre school franchise brand as per your choice of location and what you think customers in that location would love and be able to afford.Also since the industry has so many players with their own differentiation, you could as well ensure that you take proper time to research the opportunity that could suit your budgets and your aspirations. You could browse through our detail preschool franchise directory and choose a playschool that fulfils your passion to nurture little kids and remain close to providing the most vital education one would get in their lifetime.