11 Best Franchise for Food Business in India

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Best Franchise for Food Business in India

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Businesses dealing with the food industry in India is a profitable venture today. India has been recognized as the Spice Capital of the world as India’s culinary discipline is unrivalled by anywhere in the world. So, it’s true, that dealing in the food industry is a profitable venture in India. Food franchises enjoy a large amount of popularity, which become a financial success for business owners. But that is only possible if you pick the right one because you would be investing time and money into it. Thus, it is crucial to pick the most trustworthy food franchise to succeed.  


India has been ranked as the world’s largest consumer market, making it an excellent site for significant food producers from various countries. Not only the economy, but the middle-class group of people are growing at a faster rate as well, thus leading to an expansion in the food industry, at a projected analysis of a 10% growth rate.


As per research, the franchising business is growing at a healthy pace of around 30-35% per year and is expected to reach around $100 billion by 2024. After China and the US, India’s consumer market is ranked as the third largest in the world. Keeping this in mind, we will look at some of the best franchise business opportunities in India, which have been considered the most successful in the year 2022.


Burger King


BK or burger king is an American fast-food multinational chain, known for its burgers and whoppers. It has expanded its menu with a much larger and varied range of products which include a good selection option to cater to the vegetarian palette as well. Their meat is more focused on chicken and mutton, and they do not include any beef items like those sold at other units around the world. This was one of the main benefits, which helped Burger King expand so fast in India.


KFC Franchise


KFC brand is the most well-known fried chicken brand which does not have many competitors. Coming into India in the late 1990s, this has become the most profitable organization in the world having more than 40,000 locations in different countries. There is no shortage of KFC fans, so beginning a KFC franchise seems like it would be a good idea to pursue as it is undoubtedly one of India’s most successful culinary franchises.




One of the first franchises to challenge the notion that eating fast food is not harmful is the Subway restaurant. Subway was the first to start this trend go=globally. They changed the face of the fast-food industry by introducing sandwiches with a variety of add-on options making it a meal. 

This is a well-known brand that has earned the trust of health-conscious customers. Subway has designed its menu to cater to both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian palates considering the Indian flavors and expanding its selection of Indian food.

Domino’s Pizza


Largely acknowledged to be a successful pizza franchise across the globe, Domino’s Pizza is a venture of Jubilant Fireworks which is their parent company. Depending on how much you desire to invest, this can be a growing opportunity for people who can invest around INR 30-50 lakhs approximately. Nonetheless, investing in a Domino’s Pizza franchise is an excellent opportunity to increase your profit margin.


Tibbs Frankie Franchise


This is among India’s top food franchises because it is reasonably priced and has accessible cuisine options. This restaurant is well known for serving food of the highest quality. 

Founded in 1969, this operates with more than 300 stores in fifteen cities across the country.


Wow! Momos


A brand of QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) in India, which specializes in Momos, dumplings, and other Tibetan and Nepali cuisines. Founded in 2008, they manufacture numerous varieties of momos, in various styles.  


Dunkin’ Donuts


Founded in India in 2012, this company has grown to be a favourite among consumers who enjoy donuts, coffee, and burgers. They are looking for entrepreneurs who preferably have prior expertise in food service or culinary operations.  


Chick Blast


Founded in 2009, this is a fast-growing brand in India, which is well-known for its wraps, burgers, and fried chicken. The benefit of joining them as a franchise is the immense support and assistance they provide to their franchisees, which includes training and establishing the store, along with exemption from any financial obligations, royalties, or rights. Nonetheless, it does not require a huge investment amount to start this franchise.


The Amul Ice Cream Corporation


This is a well-known brand in India. Founded in 1946, this has grown to be one of the largest enterprises. Depending on your investment budget, they have two options of franchise models to choose from. Don’t forget, you can go wrong with this, it has an established name already for so many years.


Kathi Junction


A well-known QSR is known for its tasty and reasonably priced Kathi rolls. This is a very common food consumption noticed in many towns across the country. Their enthusiasm is a great match to the preferences of a variety of places and communities. It gives access to my first-time entrepreneurs to cost-effective investment opportunities and no specialized skills are required on most of their menu.


Pizza Hut


One of the very first pizza chains to enter the Indian market, is Pizza hut, in terms of the footprint as well as the number of stores. This food chain provides ambitious businessmen with an opportunity to start their food franchise, where the franchisee can select their menu items.


To Conclude,


The most profitable business which gives you good margins is the food business in India. Taking on a franchise of a well-known brand is always advisable when starting in the business world because it comes with its own set of advantages and profits. You must understand the fundamentals of the food franchise entity you are venturing into, as your level of expertise is correlated to the amount of money you can make in this business. Call 098444 43200 our experts to know about the food franchise opportunities in India or Register to Take a Franchise Today 


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