2023 New Business Opportunities in Maharashtra

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By Thanuja Shri

India’s second most populous city is a land of vast opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. Which city do you think has the second most population in India? Yes, that's right, it’s none other than the Maharastra. With its diverse and vibrant economy, there are many emerging new business opportunities in Maharastra.

In recent years, the state government has taken several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and make it easier for businesses to thrive in the state. The state has diverse new business opportunities across sectors such as technology, healthcare, tourism, and renewable energy.

This article explores some of the most promising business opportunities in Maharashtra for the year 2023.


What are the unexplored business opportunities for 2023 to explore in Maharashtra?

The state has a stupendous infrastructure and technology that will allow you to survive and grow with any business you want to start. The key to setting up a successful and profitable business is the idea of new opportunities that will allow you.

Let's start digging out the new and best available business opportunities in Maharashtra for 2023:

  • Information technology: Maharashtra is home to Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India and a hub for the information technology industry. The state has a large pool of skilled professionals in this field, making it an ideal location for starting an IT business.
  • Healthcare: Maharashtra has a large population and a well-developed healthcare infrastructure, making it a good location to start a healthcare-related business. This could include anything from setting up a hospital or clinic to providing home healthcare services.
  • Agriculture and food processing: Maharashtra is one of the largest producers of fruits, vegetables, and spices in India. The state also has a well-developed food processing industry, which presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up food processing units.
  • Tourism: Maharashtra is a popular tourist destination, with several world-renowned attractions such as the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the Gateway of India, and the beaches of Goa. Entrepreneurs can start businesses related to tourism, such as hotels, travel agencies, or adventure sports companies.
  • Renewable energy: Maharashtra has a high potential for renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power. Entrepreneurs can start businesses related to renewable energy, such as solar panel manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

These are just a few examples of business opportunities in Maharashtra. With its large population, diverse economy, and well-developed infrastructure, there are many other industries and sectors that you can explore as an entrepreneur.


Get on to this for more ideas on new business opportunities in Maharashtra.


What does Maharstra have in store for a franchise business?

With a GDP of $459 billion, Maharashtra is the wealthiest state in India and the second-most populous state in the country. The state's business-friendly policies, favorable market conditions, and strong infrastructure have made it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their presence in India.

According to the latest data, 

  •  Maharashtra has over 100,000 franchise businesses operating in various sectors, including retail, food, healthcare, education, and hospitality.
  • The state has witnessed a significant surge in franchise businesses in recent years, with an annual growth rate of around 30%.
  • The rise of the middle class and changing consumer preferences have also contributed to the growth of the franchise industry in Maharashtra.

Case Studies:

  • A case study of the franchise industry in Maharashtra highlights the success of local brands such as Poptates, Rajdhani Thali, and Sarda Farms have established themselves as popular franchise options.
  • The case study also highlights the potential for growth in sectors such as healthcare, education, and e-commerce, which have witnessed a rise in demand due to the pandemic.

Overall, Maharashtra's robust economy, pro-business policies, and diverse consumer base is the best attractive destination for you to start a new business and franchise.


What are the latest franchise opportunities that you need to know about in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is a bustling state in India with a thriving business environment, making it an attractive location for franchise opportunities. Here are some popular franchise business opportunities in Maharashtra, along with examples of Indian franchise brands.

Food and Beverage: Maharashtra is known for its diverse food culture, making the food and beverage industry a popular franchise option. Some examples of Indian franchise brands in this category are:

  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Subway
  • KFC
  • McDonald's
  • Pizza Hut
  • Taco Bell


Education: Maharashtra has a high demand for quality education, making it an ideal location for franchise opportunities in this sector. Some examples of Indian franchise brands in this category are:

  • Kidzee
  • Eurokids
  • NIIT
  • Aptech
  • Zee Learn


Health and Fitness: With an increasing focus on health and fitness, Maharashtra has a growing market for franchise opportunities in this sector. Some examples of Indian franchise brands in this category are:

  • Gold's Gym
  • Talwalkars
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Snap Fitness
  • Apollo Clinic


Retail: Maharashtra is a shopping hub for both locals and tourists, making the retail sector a profitable franchise option. Some examples of Indian franchise brands in this category are:

  • Big Bazaar
  • Reliance Digital
  • FabIndia
  • The Body Shop
  • Nike


Beauty and Wellness: Maharashtra has a growing market for beauty and wellness services, making this sector an attractive franchise opportunity. Some examples of Indian franchise brands in this category are:

  • VLCC
  • Lakme Salon
  • Kaya Skin Clinic
  • Naturals Salon
  • Toni & Guy


Having seen the opportunities, here are the most profitable franchise in Maharashtra:

  • Jumbo King: Jumbo King is a fast-food chain that specializes in vada pav, a popular snack in Maharashtra. The franchise has more than 50 outlets in the state.
  • Cafe Coffee Day: Cafe Coffee Day is a popular coffee chain that originated in India. It has a significant presence in Maharashtra with more than 100 outlets across the state.
  • Bikanervala: Bikanervala is a chain of Indian sweets and snacks. It has a presence in Maharashtra with several outlets in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Haldiram's: Haldiram's is a popular Indian snack and sweets brand with a significant presence in Maharashtra. It has multiple outlets in Mumbai, Pune, and other cities in the state.
  • Subway: Subway is an international fast-food franchise that has a strong presence in Maharashtra. It has more than 100 outlets across the state.


Click on this to explore the food franchise opportunities in Maharashtra that are not mentioned above.



What are some popular franchise opportunities in Maharashtra?

Some popular franchise opportunities in Maharashtra include food and beverage franchises such as Domino's, McDonald's, Subway, Cafe Coffee Day, and Pizza Hut. Other popular franchise opportunities include retail franchises like Big Bazaar, Reliance Trends, and Decathlon, as well as education and training franchises like NIIT, Aptech, and TIME.


How much does it cost to start a franchise in Maharashtra?

The cost of starting a franchise in Maharashtra can vary widely depending on the type of franchise and the location. Generally, starting a franchise in Maharashtra can cost anywhere from a few lakhs to crores of rupees. This includes the initial franchise fee, as well as other costs like rent, equipment, inventory, and marketing.


What are the legal requirements for starting a franchise in Maharashtra?

To start a franchise in Maharashtra, you will need to register your business with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and obtain a tax identification number (TIN) and a goods and services tax (GST) registration number. You will also need to comply with various other legal requirements related to labor laws, health and safety regulations, and intellectual property laws.


What are the advantages of starting a franchise in Maharashtra?

Starting a franchise in Maharashtra can offer several advantages, such as the ability to leverage an established brand name, access to a proven business model, and ongoing training and support from the franchisor. Franchises also often benefit from economies of scale, which can help reduce costs and increase profitability.


What are the disadvantages of starting a franchise in Maharashtra?

Some of the disadvantages of starting a franchise in Maharashtra include the high initial investment, the ongoing royalty fees and other costs associated with the franchise agreement, and the lack of flexibility in terms of business operations and decision-making. Additionally, franchises may be subject to strict rules and regulations imposed by the franchisor.


How can I find franchise opportunities in Maharashtra?

You can find franchise opportunities in Maharashtra by researching franchisors online, attending franchise exhibitions and seminars, and working with a franchise consultant. It's also a good idea to speak with other franchisees in your area to learn more about their experiences and recommendations.


So, based on available data and trends, it can be concluded that Maharashtra offers numerous new franchise business opportunities across various industries.

The state has a strong economy and a large consumer market, making it an attractive destination for franchising if you are looking to expand your businesses If you are interested in exploring new franchise business opportunities in Maharashtra, reach out to us for more information on the available options, market insights, legal requirements, and other relevant details. Our team of experts can provide valuable guidance and support to help you make informed decisions and achieve success in your franchise business

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