2023's Top 8 Travel Franchises in Bangalore

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Travelling is one of the most enjoyable activities that humans have developed. It's a good way to unwind and acquire wisdom. India's diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and agreeable weather make it a top travel destination. Managing a travel agency is not only a lucrative business, but also a highly rewarding one. Businesses in the travel franchise industry range widely, from online travel agencies to car rental companies and tour operators. 

Several Indian flagmans have been staples of the industry for decades. They consistently demonstrate dependable stability and value for capital. They continue to lead the pack among travel franchises this year.

So, if you are an entrepreneurs who loves to travel and looking to start a travel franchise in India, 2023 has some of the best travel franchise opportunities to choose from.  

Top 8 Travel Franchises In Bangalore to consider in 2023

Look through the following list of the best 8 travel franchises in Bangalore to see which one fits your needs.

1. EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip intended to be India's premier online IATA-accredited travel agency by providing customers with a wide selection of high-quality products and services, state-of-the-art tools, and attentive assistance at all hours of the day and night. With our innovative travel franchising model, EaseMyTrip plans to grow rapidly in the years to come. In an effort to grow, the company wants to start franchisees in India's secondary and tertiary cities.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 5-10 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

2. MakeMyTrip

Make My Trip was the first company in the country to provide booking travel online. The company is a one-stop-shop for all consumer holiday and travel needs. Franchise costs for Make My Trip in India average between 15 and 16 lakhs in large metropolitan areas like Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 10-15 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

Trending: MakeMyTrip is looking to expand its presence in Bangalore.  Click the link to know more.

3. Akbar Tours & Travels

Akbar Travel is India's leading travel agency, and they offer world-class services to domestic and international customers alike. AkbarTravels Travel platform simplified the process of reserving a plane ticket. An Akbar Travels franchise is a solid investment and a chance to join a competitive industry.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 5-10 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

4. Club Mahindra

The Mahindra conglomerate owns and operates the industry's premier high-end travel agency network. Club mahindra is the way to go for a relaxing and luxurious vacation. It often introduces alluring vacation packages for tourists, from those travelling alone to those with children. Because of its proven track record, investors and entrepreneurs alike view it as a good franchising opportunity.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 15-20 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.


A pioneering travel agency in India One of Kuoni India's most prominent international brands is SOTC. In 1996, Kuoni Travels, the world's leading premium travel operator, acquired SOTC, India's largest outbound trip operator. SOTC is a market leader across all sectors, including Escorted Tours, Free Individual Travel, Special Interest Tours, and Domestic Holidays. SOTC intends to increase its retail business through its existing partnerships while also exploring new avenues to better serve our customers and tap into the market.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 20-30 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

6. Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings Ltd., one of the world's oldest travel agencies, was founded in 1758. The vacation and study abroad tour operator has offices in both India and the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. The organisation assists in the franchise's initial setup and the travel agency charges a management fee.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 5-10 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

7. Happymiles

Happymiles is an Indian travel agency that combines tourism and education to organise trips to off-the-beaten-path locations for students from elementary schools to universities. Franchisees may expect a steady stream of profits from investing in Hapymiles, as the travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing in India.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 10-25 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

8.  ClearTrip

It ranks high on the list of the finest travel franchise opportunities in India. It strives to broaden the range of services and goods it offers so that consumers receive the most value and help possible throughout their whole trip. They are also involved in efforts to combine tourism and education for the benefit of young people in higher and secondary education. They are a rapidly developing and expanding riding travel franchise.

  • Investment Amount : Rs 10-15 Lakhs approx

  • Space Required - 500-750 sq. ft.

Why Choose Bangalore to start a Travel Agency Franchise in 2023?

The franchise market is growing, and the tourism and travel industry is one of the fastest-growing subsets within it. As a result, several options for travel and tourism businesses, such as the top online travel agency franchises for sale, have emerged.  Bangalore has been called India's Food and Pub Hub, the city with one of the best climates in the world, and a major IT powerhouse and hotspot for entrepreneurs in the country. 

When taken together, these features make Bangalore the finest place in India for entrepreneurs to investigate the most promising franchise opportunities.  

Advantages of Owning a Travel Franchise in Bangalore

Franchise prospects in the travel industry are on the rise, and with good reason, since vacations are increasingly high on everyone's priority list. Buying into a franchise that has already proven successful can provide you with the resources you need to launch your own company. 

Some benefits of starting a travel agency in India are:

  • Established brand recognition.

  • Training and support from the brand

  • Has a proven business model.

  • Marketing & Advertising is usually handled by the brand.

  • Relatively high returns on investment

  • Some brands have a global presence, making it beneficial to grow into international markets as well.


Q.1. Is travel agency franchise a profitable opportunity in India?

If you choose the right brand, and adhere to the franchisor’s brand requirements, this is a lucrative industry to invest in India.

Q.2. What are the trends driving the lucrative future of the travel franchising industry in India?

The rising purchasing power of the populace, widespread availability of the internet and credit card usage, government measures to expand tourism, the development of new online niches, and the predicted expansion of the civil aviation market are all factors that are propelling the market forward. 


Bangalore's business landscape is expansive and diverse enough to attract entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Bangalore's business landscape is expansive and diverse enough to attract entrepreneurs from all walks of life. 

Business-seekers, entrepreneurs, and interested individuals can establish and start a travel franchise at an affordable investment with these top 8 travel franchises in 2023, and they can associate themselves with some of the leading travel franchises in India to gain higher returns and profits. 

Considering the services and products that must be offered, the travel agency franchise fee is reasonable. As the number of tourists visiting India continues to rise, the country's tourism industry is expected to expand tremendously in the coming years. Brand awareness, increased client engagement, and new job openings are just a few of the many advantages it provides. 

Therefore, those in business who are interested in the market should make the most of the chance and conduct extensive research into the market. 

However, before deciding, it is recommended that you speak with a franchise consultancy service. FranchiseBazar is one of the most comprehensive franchise consultancy portals in India, providing resources and information to assist you find a franchise opportunity that is a good fit for your skills and interests.

Therefore, if you're thinking of starting a franchise in Bangalore but aren't sure how to get started, worry no more! Get in touch with us right away.


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