9 Best Food Business Ideas in India

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9 Best Food Business Ideas in India

Written by: Kiran James 

A food business, a business that is associated with preparation, manufacturing, or packing food in any way is a Food business.  The food industry in India has become very competitive as a lot of people are getting into this business.  All depending on how you maintain the quality, taste, and hygiene, this business field can make you good sums of money.


India’s food sector is one of the largest in the world and the food industry is expanding at a CAGR of 11%. If you are a food lover, then starting a food business would excite you.  We have filtered some of the best business ideas in the food segment that can generate good profits. Nonetheless, these businesses can be started by anyone who has a passion for starting a business and aiming for good profits.

Best Business Ideas in India:

Opening a Restaurant


This is a highly profitable business if it is done with meticulous planning and moderate investment.  It needs to be managed well.  To take a decision, one should first review the location, taste, and habits of the people around that location before taking this step.


Opening a Bakery


If your skill is baking and you make good cakes and biscuits, you should opt to open this business.  All it needs is good recipes, baking equipment, and growth.  You can also join hands with corporate events, to increase your business profits.


Ice Cream Parlour


Everyone at every age likes frozen desserts, no matter summer or winter, ice creams never go out of season.  You can choose to make your ice creams or opt for a franchise brand.


Mobile Food-vans


Fast-food vans are gaining popularity for the reason, that they are flexible to go anywhere.  You can serve fast-food or parcel takeaways on the move.  Choosing the right location to start with and at a low cost can help you gain huge profits especially when you are dealing with high volumes.


Catering Services


Offering catering services on a small or large scale is a good business opportunity if you are a good planner or have management skills.  The turnover can be better because the food is delivered in a short span and money collection happens immediately.


Fast Food Franchise


Fast food business ideas are quite popular these days.  You can take a well-known brand to get your profits up soon.


Food Delivery Service


This is simple, all you need to do is create an app of your own, and tie up with some good restaurants in the city, and your work is done.  People will place food orders through the app.  You can earn by charging a commission on the food you pick and deliver.


Grocery Store


One of the most basic business ideas is to open a grocery store.  You can opt to make it tech-savvy by adding options of email, what’s-app, and home delivery which is what the trend in the market today is.


Sweet Shop


Indians love sweets, they don’t need a reason to celebrate eating sweets.  It’s a business idea that never goes out of season.  Thus, it makes this business a very attractive one.  Most importantly, maintain the quality, taste, and hygiene and you can do wonders in this business.


We have shared the best food business ideas in India, but the list doesn’t end here.  Speak to our consultants and take a dip in the wide franchise opportunities in India.  We also help and guide you to choose new business opportunities in India as per your requirement.

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