A Complete Guide to Starting the Franchise in India Under 20 Lakhs in 2022

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A Complete Guide To Starting The Franchise In India Under 20 Lakhs In 2022

Writtern By Anjali Dixit                                                                                Dec 15 2021

Franchising is basically a form of marketing and distribution system in which the owner of a business firm or corporate(the franchisor) allows an individual or group of individuals (the franchisee) the right to run a business selling a product or providing a service using the franchisor's business system.

Franchisees are also given permission to use the franchisor's branding, trademarks, and identifying marks under specified guidelines. It is important for anyone deciding to start a business by becoming a franchisee to remember that in franchising the franchisee is bound to a partnership agreement with the franchisor for a defined period of time.

Franchise business provides you with the opportunity where the managerial and all training and tech work is decided and looked over by the owner, the franchisor. All you gotta do is help expand the business by surveying the outlet in your location. 

The choice of niche for franchise business should depend and adjust according to your budget. Such a business involves less stress over many factors as well as has the potential to give you quick and higher profit returns. It is one of the safest ways to secure a position in the market under a good brand name instead of struggling amidst the big brands for recognition by establishing your very own business from scratch.

The Different Types of Franchise Business Opportunities Under 20 Lakhs in 2022

India is already the second-largest franchise market in the world providing a growth rate of 30-35% year-on-year franchising opportunities. So, the chances of one risking much in this franchise business is considerably low. By making franchise business, India's rapidly growing and the most demanded business opportunity in the market will continue in the future.

Since a franchise business is already pre-established and renders extensive support, training, and guidance to the franchisee, many entrepreneurs prefer investing in it. Especially if the franchisor’s brand has remarkable brand recognition and a pioneering position in the market, the franchisee will get gigantic growth and revenue in the business. 

Do you want the light of franchising to illuminate the high chances of lucrative returns for you? Then sit back and read about the various segments of franchise you might like to invest in!

Automotive Franchise

The Automotive Sector in India has been observing versatile growth and expansion for the last few years. Since India is extensively emphasizing technological up-gradation, it is aiding the automotive sector to expand rapidly and make inventive changes in a consumer focused manner for increased growth and revenue. Here are some opportunities you can explore in the automotive sector


Maruti Suzuki



Nano Rangers

Fashion Franchise

India has varied diverse cultures that have widened the dynamic essence of the fashion industry. With a variety of western clothing, Indian trends & apparels and the constant arrival of optimistic festivals, the clothing industry is one of the most distinguished industries in India. To be an integral part of such a huge industry, here are some opportunities you can explore in a clothing franchise:




The Style strong

K lounge


Healthcare & Wellness Franchise

Since the pandemic has hit us we are continually looking forward to keeping our health tested and checked regularly. Even the market for healthcare and wellness facilities in India is appearing promptly due to which many virtual health consultation faculties have started evolving in India. Not only this, several commercial places like huge investments, gyms, schools, institutions, colleges, and many others are in a constant hunt for wellness services so they can keep their places sanitized. Due to this constant hassle, the healthcare and cleaning industries have gained a prominent position in the market. To explore these industries as an entrepreneur, here are some healthcare and wellness franchise opportunities for you

Apollo health & lifestyle Ltd


Dr at doorstep

ANSSI wellness centre

Dave discount


Food & Beverage Franchise

In India, Food & Beverage is one of the enormous industries that’s worth $26.28 billion. Amidst Such enthusiastic growth, picking on its franchise is one of the most lucrative selections an entrepreneur can make. Since there is continual creation and modification made in the food & beverage sector, such as the ghost kitchen model, cloud kitchen model, delivery, and takeaway, the industry gives prospering fruitful results. Here are some  pioneering opportunities you can grab in the Food & Beverage franchise



Chicago pizza


House of Momos


Educational & Technology Franchise

India is the second-largest start-up ecosystem where nearly 300+ start-ups are ed-tech. Such massive growth in the ed-tech start-ups has been promoting its expansion to another level through the franchise model. Since education plays a vital role in our lives, people are keen on its growth. To grab a firm place in the educational sector, here are top-notch 10 educational and ed-tech franchise opportunities for you to make the most out of it.



ACS Academy



Why Certain Businesses Might Not Be Ideal Choice for Franchise in India Under 20 Lakhs

There are many factors that revolve around before making an ideal choice. There are both cons & pros of buying a franchise. Some of the reasons why certain franchise business might not become an ideal one are as follows

  • The brand may not always be benefiting

  • The goods and services sources can be expensive

  • Some business franchisors don't care about your success

  • Beware of their claims & success stories

  • Creativity can be limited


In order to get a franchise with low cost but high profit returns, you must consult a professional before taking a decision. Picking a good, well recognised and trusted brand is a must to earn greater benefits. It is considered best to know your interest and skills to start franchising with any brand you want. Moreover, understanding market trends, legalities, company location, investment, and franchise fee, ROI, etc. should all be given equal importance as factors.

Franchise Bazar is the best and most trusted franchise consulting website that offers you the best franchise opportunities according to your budget and demand of features. They have a group of senior consultants that will help you analyze and give insight about the franchises, market and other factors related to it. They have years of experience and expertise in the field with several happy client's with all positive reviews.

What Are The Best Franchises in India Under 20 Lakhs?

Here are few best amongst many franchise opportunities available at FranchiseBazar  you can look up to under the budget of 20 lakhs

TTK Prestige

It is one of the largest home and kitchen appliances company with a huge turnover amount of Rs 1400 Crore in the year 2013-2014. It offers a wide range of premium quality products ranging from cookware to kitchen tools. The retail initiative — Prestige Smart Kitchen, of TTK Prestige is a line of exclusively franchised 'Prestige' brand stores scattered across the various parameters of the country.

It offers the franchisees a proven business formula, low time investment with a highly profitable output.


Investment: Rs 10-20 lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs75000 to 1.5 lakhs

Area: 400 - 1000 sq ft.

DR at Doorstep

DrAtDoorstep is one of the innovative and unique healthcare start-ups that delivers services so that it can bring the ‘’Family Doctor Clinic’’ to the doorsteps of patients at a very economical and affordable rate. It is a unique health care delivery system that uses Health Informatics. DrAtDoorstep was launched in February 2017 under NISARG WELLNESS PVT. LTD. in Vadodara. An innovative concept is to provide a high quality of health care services using information and technology at your doorstep.


Investment: INR 10-15 lakhs

Franchise fee: INR 2-5 lakhs

Space: less than 250 sq ft


check out the Best Franchise Business in india in 10-15 Lakhs here

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