A dream of every foodie- Burgers on Pizza | Shake Me Up

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The Fast Food Industry Has a Reward for You:

       At this very moment, is your stomach rumbling? It probably is since most of us are in this perpetual state of hunger. Hopefully, the previous statement does not remind you to grab your craving and have a go at it. Make a run for the kitchen after you read this blog because this blog is going to deliver some fact to you about the fast food industry and might, perhaps, introduce you to your next favourite restaurant.

      Let us look at the world of burgers, pizzas, milkshakes and various other decadents holistically. Why do we always classify them under the same category? The obvious answer to that is because it comes from the same industry. The fast-food industry has been growing at an alarming rate with the drastic change in the food habits or the dietary practices of people. No longer do people find solace in downing a cup of tea and have idlis for breakfast. This has been replaced by egg muffins and a cup of fresh orange juice. In order to cater to these dynamic needs of people, the fast food industry has multiplied its services, thus catering to the sweet tooth and the need for spicy slurps. The Indian fast food industry has expanded widely. Analysts point out that the Indian fast food market has the promise of growing at a CAGR of 18% by 2020. In numerical value, India is estimated to rise up to a worth of US$ 27.57 billion by 2020.

   One of the frequently visited benches of the fast food industry is the Burger Franchise which houses the best eatables. The burger franchise is perhaps the most flexible one in the fast food industries as there’s a wide range of burgers marketed every day as well as a wide range of eatables to dive into. India has its own variety where it puts in our spices and our traditional items like paneer and the list go on and on. Let’s now look into one of the upcoming brands in India that you could possibly satiate your hunger in.

   Shake Me Up is a restaurant that’s quite a novice in the burger franchise. It has swept its audience in awe with it innovate idea of combining a burger and a pizza; the best of both worlds. Called the Burger on a Pizza, it is a constant order of people who visit the restaurant as it promises its customers a feeling of absolute satisfaction having tasted a burger on a pizza. That sounds like a dream. Along with the infamous burger on a pizza, it has its fair share of decadent desserts and drinks which is sure to be best friends with your sweet tooth.

    So, what are you waiting for? Head on to www.franchisebazar.com to invest in a restaurant in your preferred franchise! Franchise Bazar will connect you with the best people in the field and who knows? You might be the next Colonel Sanders!

(You may now go and have your snack.)

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