A Pious Occasion to begin investing in Profitable Businesses within the Range of Rs. 50 Lacs to 1Cr

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Navratri Special: A Pious Occasion to begin investing in Profitable Businesses within the Range of Rs. 50 Lacs to 1 Crore

In India, Navratri is considered the high-spirited festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped in ‘9’ different forms. The Goddess Durga not only inculcates a great devotion but also provides great leadership lessons to all entrepreneurs as well as business owners. This Navratri, with the aura, personality, power, courage, deeds & story of “Adi-Shakti”, you can learn how to start, grow & expand your businesses by investing rightly.

Get guidance from the teachings of “Adi-Shakti” in the journey of discovering the purpose of investing in a new business. Everyone needs to introspect the reason for becoming an entrepreneur much before joining or investing in any venture. Initially, investing in a business is a little bit tough task; arranging capital to build the growth momentum and choosing the right financial partner with a clear business vision is critical. Continuous evaluation and improvision are mandatory to best achieve the business goals.

During Navratri times, People earn a lot by setting up a new business under their investment budget. In the festive season, earning extra profits has become the common business aim in our nation.

  • Ilahui- It is a Korean-based International Lifestyle concept store that offers a wide range of Premium Korean-inspired Products like Health & Beauty, Fashion Accessories, Home & Living, Toys, Gifts & Stationeries, and Digital Accessories. The store and the merchandise are inspired by the Korean’s means of life which is freelance, youthful, global, and sensible. Ilahui is already an established brand in several countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. It has further expanded its presence by entering the fast-fashion industry in the Philippines and India since 2017. Owing to the vast and highly populated market, Ilahui retail franchise could offer extremely good profits and ROI for interested entrepreneurs and business seekers. A well-formulated business plan and entry-level marketing and service support provide the perfect opportunity to begin an entrepreneurial journey with Ilahui.

Conclusion: In India, investing in a retail franchise during the Navratri times has been among the most marketable business decisions among budding entrepreneurs, owing to the wide diversity in almost every part of the world.

Ilahui - Franchise Model

Industry: Retail Franchise

Investment Range: Rs. 50Lacs - 75Lacs

Space Req.: 1000 - 2000 sq. ft.

Franchise Outlets: 10 - 20

  • Lakme- It is the Indian woman's Beauty Sutra, inspiring with an expression of unique beauty and sensuality, it brings expert products and services that are borne out of a true understanding of the needs of the Indian woman. The brand inspires Indian women in the expression of self-sensuality, originality, and intuitiveness of femininity & beauty key facts. Lakme was the first major beauty brand in India and now it takes pride, being the expert in the Indian Beauty industry for over 50 years. It is a complete beauty brand spanning color cosmetics, skincare hair styling products, extending to beauty services through the network of Lakme Beauty Salons. Its bond with beauty and fashion is manifested through the Lakme Fashion Week, which is now the largest fashion event of its kind in our nation. In India, it has a footprint of over 1200 assisted sales outlets, which is the largest span of outlets with Beauty Advisors.

Conclusion: In India, investing in a beauty franchise during Navratri times has been among the most profitable business decisions among business seekers, owing to the widespread diverse in almost every part of the nation.

Lakme- Franchise Model

Industry: Beauty Franchise

Investment Range: Rs. 50Lacs - 75Lacs

Space Req.: Less than 250 sq. ft.

  • Sarangi- It is a sari boutique from Chennai. It aims to enhance the feeling of being confident and enchanting in a sari. It believes in building Sarangi a brand for discerning Indian women living across the world who just can’t afford enough of saris. A Kanjivaram Sari store that allows owning a Sarangi franchise with hand-picked designers wear silk sarees. Another aim of Sarangi is to reach out to women all over the world who have a taste for silk sarees. It also wants to give women entrepreneurs a chance to own a franchise that helps in growing their career and network of clients. Sarangi was started in 2009 and has been indulged in franchising business since 2017. Sarangi's mission is to make it simple to shop online for sarees, jewellery, and beautiful products, handmade in India. It ships worldwide. It is a curated marketplace for hand-picked, handmade products. At Sarangi, sarees, accessories, and fabrics having contemporary design aesthetics and deep-rooted artisanal values have been curated all across the country. The company expresses the preference for "slow fashion" as opposed to fast fashion in order to lean towards classics over trendy designs. It also makes evidence of fine taste that is created in customers’ minds.

Conclusion: In India, investing in a clothing franchise during Navratri times has been the best business decision taken by the business seekers to gain huge profits, owing to the widespread diverse in almost every part of the nation.

Sarangi- Franchise Model

Industry: Clothing Franchise

Investment Range: Rs. 75Lacs - 1Crore

Space Req.: 1000 – 2000 sq. ft.

Franchise Outlets: Less than 10

  • Subway- It is the largest restaurant chain and one of the most recognized brands in the food industry with the support of its customers and experience that goes along it for offering a better meal, just the way customers want. It provides a world-class franchise support system, featuring Training, Product development, Advertising, Purchasing, Cooperative Field support, and much more. Subway is the undisputed leader in the fast healthy food industry. Its easy-to-prepare sandwiches are made right in front of the customer using freshly baked bread, selected sauces, and a variety of delicious toppings.

Conclusion: In India, investing in a food franchise during Navratri times has been the best business decision taken by the budding entrepreneurs to gain huge profits, owing to the widespread diverse in almost every part of the nation.

Sarangi- Franchise Model

Industry: Food Franchise

Investment Range: Rs. 75Lacs - 1Crore

Space Req.: 500 - 750 sq. ft.

Franchise Outlets: Greater than 1200

In this Navratri, try to grasp the ‘Learnings’ from ‘9’ different forms of Goddess Durga. 

  • As an entrepreneur, you must have the proper investment knowledge of every business and need to constantly upgrade your skills to develop new strategies with the help of insights and perpetual wisdom. 

  • You also need to build a good first impression of you and your company among all stakeholders & prospective clients. 

  • It is very necessary to understand the changing market dynamics so that you can avoid a shortage of funds and cope-up with different business requirements. 

  • Today businesses are very dynamic and with changing trends, policies, and intense competition, you need to adapt your business to face these challenges. 

  • There is a need to learn the art to fight against all odds to make your business successful. While you invest, make sure the enterprise is built on the foundation of customer-centricity. 

  • Always keep a check on emotional as well as financial well-being and ensure that the investments made by your partners and investors are profitable. 

  • You should have knowledge of the latest trends, be vigilant about the policy; change in policies and regulations that impact your investment in the business, and upgrade technology that will benefit the business. 

  • Acquiring new customers, arranging capital for growth, managing day-to-day operational expenses, maintaining a high level of service, retaining excellence, and being competitive in your offering, all at the same time can lead to excellence in the business. 

  • You need to have the right team and partners who are equally determined for the success of the business.

Navratri is the most profitable time of the year for business seekers to invest in new business opportunities as per their convenience as well as with different customer’s base.

As the celebration of the bright day signifies joy and happiness, it also has a special significance in businesses. Thus, the business seekers leave no stone unturned to earn maximal profits during the occasion of Navratri. Don’t forget, this is high time to invest in a new business too.

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