Aangan of Kutch: A Leading Clothing Franchise Opportunity

on Jul 07, 2020 | 12538 views

Aangan of Kutch, your one stop destination for all kinds of women wear fused with the kutcha type of fashion. Being these pioneers of glorifying kutcha art and constantly spicing it up with a modern touch. You would be bidding farewell to the plain boring Kurtis and ready made garments, while welcoming a new wave of sensuality in your wardrobe. So sit back and let our designs and patterns dazzle you off,  and lose yourself in the world of Kutcha. 

Speaking from a business perspective, The kutcha theme of women wear has been quite popular and celebrated throughout. The apparels are all finished with an exquisite kutcha hand embroidery and hand blocks. They also seemingly support and represent different Kutch communities providing them with a source of livelihood and a constant morale boost to all the artisans and craftsmans of this art. Thus, subsequently aiding the preservation of the region economically ,culturally and ecologically. 

Being an influential fashion icon which has made its mark and presence felt in the market, This phenomenal brand opportunity is surely not to be missed. You may be surprised and taken aback that its investment ranges from Rs 20Lacs -Rs 30Lacs, while not lying in the cheaper scale of investment , it’s neither high enough to blow your socks off.  

  • It’s quite fascinating to see an opportunity holding such immense potential at a valuable price, which is worth every single penny you put in.
  • Such businesses ensure a good level of returns on investment, due to its seemingly high popularity.
  • When you become a franchisee to their brand, you are entitled for their support and guidance throughout your run.
  • Sporting a high fan base and people who adore and promote the ethnicity of kucha themed wear is immense, which would ensure a good customer inflow.


Aangan of Kutch is a vital element for Indian ethnic women wear, providing designer Kurtis and garments with the Kutch element of fashion. They act as a medium which connects the consumer to the heritage and origin of the product itself. Bringing out the chic element and the sass that you all save for the right sweet moment. 

If you have to be an enthusiast on ladies ethnic wear and related trends, then this Franchise opportunity is undoubtedly for you! Assuring style, glamor and sophistication for her, in a balanced way, which would make her very adaptable in this vast versatile world of fashion. 

To claim this franchise as yours you would require a space of 500 - 750 Sq feet, to commence you’re operations on, and most importantly the zeal, passion and dedication to push the brand to new heights! Remember, you would be addressed in the way you would choose to dress in, and with kutcha ethnic wear, you would refine and master the presence of ethnic wear in the daily lives of all beautiful women out there!


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