Agriculture Based Business Opportunities In Farm Equipment's & Services

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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                               June 22, 2021

Agriculture is considered as the backbone of Indian economy.The contribution of the agricultural sector raised from 17.8% ( 2019-2020) to 19.9 % ( 2020-2021) in India’s GDP .After 17 years the share of agriculture sector in Indian GDP is around 20%.This shows us how agriculture sector is growing even in pandemic and contributed  in the growth of agriculture franchise business.

When we talk about franchise business ,people only talk about food franchises ,pre-school franchises,automobiles etc but an evolution in the agricultural sector took place that is agriculture franchise business .Many government and private companies came to reform agricultural sector and to attract more people towards this one of the important sector by starting agriculture franchise business.

Presence of government players like NAFED with 2000 franchisees ,IFFCO offering business to 1037 primary co-operative societies ,created an evolution in the agricultural franchise business. Private firms also entered the agricultural sector and created a franchise model for agriculture franchise business.

One should start a profitable agriculture franchise in this pandemic because there is much scope of this business in India.Maximum companies depend on the agricultural sector,food and beverages industry completely depends on agricultural sector ,that means this agriculture franchise business is going to get lots of business and the contribution of agricultural sector in GDP is quite impressive .

Another strong reason for buying agriculture franchise business is that it is going to be modernized and the production is predicted to be doubled in the coming years. .There is going to be an increase in demand in India and the world as well. Export is going to increase in the upcoming 10 years.

Benefits of taking agriculture franchise in India:

  1. Government support: Government provides a huge subsidy on agricultural business to promote this business.On the other hand Government is helping many people and businesses to get the economy back on track. There are many programs like PPA (Paycheck Protection Program) the CARES act, loans guaranteed by SBA and many other pandemic relief and recovery packages and all these will help and give you opportunity to start a agricultural franchise business.Now banks have also reduced the tax rates and interest rates which means financing is much more affordable and feasible now as compared to the past and makes it easy to start a agricultural franchise business in India.

  2. Tax exemptions : Government does not collect tax on some of the agricultural businesses. This opens a wide opportunity for taking agricultural franchises .

  3. Use of latest technology : Franchise business always gives an updated business model which keeps you one step ahead in competition and gives wings to your dream .This makes agriculture franchise business a right platform for agriculture modernization.

Agricultural franchise business operates in three segments :

1.Productive resources  ( feed,seed,fertilizer,equipment,pesticides,machinery )

2.Agriculture products ( raw and processed products )

3.Facilitative services ( credit,insurance ,marketing,storage,transportation,packing etc )

Best and profitable agricultural franchise ideas are :

  1. Organic food franchise

  2. Animal feeding franchise

  3. Vegetable and food franchise

  4. Farm equipment franchise

Some of the best and profitable agricultural franchise opportunities are

1.Humi O+ : This company is doing extensive research in agriculture biotechnology.It manufacturer ,trader and supplier of bio organic pesticides,bio organic insecticides and plant growth regulators .Low investment and it offers high returns.The investment required is around 10 lakh to 20 lakh.

2.Farm2kitchen: It is one of the leading online organic food stores in India.It started in 2011 in Gurgaon.It delivers organic food at door step.The investment required is around 10 lakh to 20 lakh.

3.Agrimart :It is taken by a Ratnagiri impex pvt ltd ,Bangalore.It is leader in making and selling farm equipment like irrigation ,machine and pipes etc.The investment required for this franchise is Rs 25 lakh.

4.Growel:It is one of the leading companies in the animal feeding and animal health care products.To take franchise of this company it is not necessary to have a veterinary medicine business.The investment required for this franchise is around 30 lakh.

5.Organo best : It deals with fresh vegetable and fruits which are grown naturally without fertilizers.The investment required is around 3lakh -4 lakh

6.Kubota : Established in 2008 in chennai,this company is dealing in tractors ,harvesters and transplanters.Investment required is 50lakh to 60 lakh 

These are the agricultural franchise opportunities which handled the pandemic well and expanded .For any agricultural franchise opportunities you can visit Franchisebazar and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your  investment plan.You can also clear your doubts from experts .

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