Amid The Economic Slowdown,the Automotive Servicing Franchise Is Booming.

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Written by Deepak                                                                   14 Oct 2021

We all know the automotive industry is the backbone of the Indian economy. It contributes more than 7% of India’s GDP and it is one of the biggest job creators in the country. But suddenly this sector was affected a lot by COVID19. The sales went down, people started losing jobs . Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India predicted that around 1 million jobs will be in danger if the slowdown continues.

So how is the Automotive servicing franchise booming?

The main reason for the growth of the Automotive servicing franchise during a slowdown is a change in customers preferences. Now customers are choosing used cars over new cars. In fact, the market for second-hand cars is at its peak in India.. A large number of players entered into this market and started selling used cars and they are getting a good response from the customers. As per the data, the market for used cars marked 4 million sales in 2019 -2020, which is 1,2 times more than the sale of the new cars.

The craze of buying a used car has contributed a lot in the growth of the automotive servicing franchise. Many automotive servicing franchises came into the market to give hassle-free service to the customers.

Another reason for the growth of automotive servicing franchises in India is technology up-gradation. The introduction of the BS-VI engine and the introduction of electric vehicles became a challenge for some garages and workshops. They don’t have relevant skills for these and this makes them unreliable. This gave an opportunity for multi-brand automotive servicing franchises in India to grow and cater for the needs of the customers.

We all know that earlier for automotive servicing we had only two options. First is an authorized service centre of specific brands and the other is a roadside unauthorized automotive service centre So the customers were only dependent on the authorized service centre. It was mandatory . The servicing was good but again the high cost of servicing in authorized servicing centres was making holes in the pocket and then if customers switch to unauthorized service centres then again no transparency in work, no genuine parts and many other problems customers were facing. And then the multi-brands servicing centres entered the market and started getting good business and started expanding all over India which resulted in the growth of the automotive franchise business in India.

As per the data customers generally, close their relationship with authorized service centres after the expiry of the warranty. They start looking for flexible and alternative options. And around 65% of customers switch from authorized service centres in search of pocket-friendly service centres.

The price charged by these multi-brand service centres is around 40% less than the price charged by authorized service centres. And this factor not only attracted the customers it also attracted the Insurance companies as well. You will not get the business only from customers, you will also get business from the insurance companies as well.

The automotive servicing franchise segment  includes:

  • Car wash 

  • Spare parts 

  • Complete repairing and servicing 

  • Car detailing and car care 

Top automotive servicing franchise in India : 

1.Go Waterless: Go Waterless started in October 2019 as an innovative concept in professional car cleaning services with a motto to revolutionize your Car washing experience. With extensive research & development for 2 years, they have successfully developed a 100% Herbal liquid that can clean the car without a single drop of water. With no Scratch or Side effects on the car. In a short span of 1.5 years, they have 60 franchises of ‘Go Waterless’ nationally & soon they are planning to go international too.  

Why Go Waterless franchise?

  • Unique business model (100% herbal liquid)

  • 60+ franchise units in India

  • Low investment, high return

  • Investment required - 5 lakh- 10 lakh

  • It saves water around 200 litres per car wash

2. Dr Wheelz Franchise: DrWheelz is a doorstep car service platform, starting from a simple jump-start to a major engine failure that can be fixed at the doorstep by our car doctors. They cater to all the cars starting from a Tata Nano to a Lamborghini. Almost 80% of a car's needs can be met at the doorstep and their focus is exclusively on that 80%. They are the country's only doorstep service centre operating without even one physical outlet.

Why Dr Wheelz Franchise?

  • Express Maintenance

  • Quick Vehicle Service Information

  • Immediate onsite support

  • DrWheelz qualified manpower

  • Trusted warranty

3. Spares Hub: SparesHub brand is owned by Iridium Automobile Private Limited. It is India’s largest B2B e-commerce company in India. The company has 7+ years of expertise in car parts business and has 520+ registered customers across India. It is a team of 72 full-time employees across three offices in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. SparesHub provides parts from 80+ brands for all car models in India ranging from Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes Benz under one roof. The vision of SparesHub is to be the leading automobile maintenance company in India by using technology as leverage

Why Spares Hub franchise?

  • 7+ years of expertise

  • Servicing facilities for 80+ brands of car

  • Tested business models

  • 100% genuine parts

  • Investment required-2lakh to 5 lakh

  • Low investment,High return

4. DC Car Studio: It is a professional mechanized cleaning solution platform and it also provides car detailing services with a striving motivation to revolutionize the concept of car cleaning across the nation by creating a clean car culture through our franchise model. It is mostly known for quality, durability, and reliability that has been advancing the standard in automobile technology. Their every vehicle is detailed with perfection and our good and careful protection to bloom customers with our dynamic and most distinctive experience by promising our customers to deliver best services possible at all stages. They have divided services into two major categories that are detailing and washing. Customers can opt for either of them or they can opt for both of them simultaneously as per their convenience. 

Why DC car studio franchise?

  • Investment required -10lakh to 15 lakh

  • Training support

  • Tested business model

  • Support in set up and marketing

  • Quick ROI 

5. Elegant Autoretail: Elegant is a renowned brand in the field of Automobile Accessories. In a journey extending over 30 years, the hands of each Elegant Member in the factory are skilled to deliver the best. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company rated 2A rated by D&B SMERA – SE. Their products are manufactured using the start of the art technology and Computer Aided Designs. They have 4 production units in Dehradun – Uttrakhand where they make products for more than 250+ Cars & 50+ bikes that are custom-fit to give you a perfect look & feel.

Why Elegant Auto Retail franchise?

  • Investment required - 10lakh-20 lakh

  • Zero franchise fee

  • Stock worth 6 lakh will be provided

  • Payback period 12-15 months

  • Training

  • Digital marketing content and support

  • Direct customer lead will be provided by the company

For more automotive servicing franchise opportunities you can visit FranchiseBazar and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your investment plan. You can also clear your doubts from experts.




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