Atmanirbhar Franchising Opportunities in India

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During the horrific period of lockdown, India’s GDP rate showed an immense amount of fall, which lead to financial distress. Many business platforms have undergone the biggest crashes due to the continuation of lockdown. However, on 12 May 2020, former prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, announced: “Atmanirbhar Bharta Abhiyan” (Self-reliant policy) to tackle the declining GDP rate and strengthen the consumption of Indian made products/services without relying on foreign products/services. 

AtmaNirbhar BharatSelf-reliant India doesn’t mean to ban all foreign products/services completely but to bestow opportunities for emerging Indian businesses that sow the seeds of sturdy industrial foundation. To uplift this golden opportunity, the “Vocal For Local” trend has been growing, and many Indian start-ups and enterprises have got immense support to reap the seeds of self-reliance. Many such platforms have been succeeding by making a perpetual attempt.

Which are some atmanirbhar companies in India?

Some pioneering Indian franchise platforms have proven for adhering to self-reliance policy. Below is the list of such emerging platforms that are booming swiftly.

1. JioMart:

With the successful inauguration of the Jio telecom company, now JioMart has entered an e-commerce field in April 2020. JioMart is an online supermarket platform that assists in providing all the necessary commodities to consumers. The promising fact that is rapidly expanding the company’s goodwill, and the image is the creation of opportunities for local stores, Kirana shop owners, vendors, and sellers.

Who can open the JioMart franchise?

Any local store owner, Kirana shop owner, vendor, or seller can register themselves for franchising opportunities provided by the JioMart platform. The platform, with its strategic marketing skills and satisfactory opportunities and services for franchisees and customers, is creating a cut-throat rivalry in the market and, at the same time, growing at a fast pace. To get JioMart franchise, one needs to submit PAN card number, PAN documents, Title, Supplies name after that the company will get in touch with you to guide for the further procedure. 

JioMart is an Indian emerging platform with ample benefits and profit, which is adhering to make atmanirbhar possible. 


2. BigBasket:

BigBasket is India’s fourth-largest sector with 18,000+ products and 1000+ brands in their catalog. BigBasket was founded in December 2011. Due to its fast forward growth, it currently operates in 30+ cities in India and has acquired DiailyNinja firm in 2020. Due to its ambitious planning strategy, it continues to work in lockdown during the pandemic and has been expanding still at a rapid rate. 

Does BigBasket give a franchise?

Yes, the franchise opportunity offered by the company requires 20-30 lakhs of investment with 3000-5000 sq ft space. Being one of the earliest and growing platforms, BigBasket is serving its satisfactory products and services to its customers and gaining high demand in India. To get a BigBasket franchise, one needs to enroll on their website; after that, the employer will connect and guide for further process.


3. Zomato:

Zomato is a food delivery start-up founded in July 2008 to provide food delivery services. With its innovative management skills and consistent vision, the startup started operating in different cities of India. It later became an international platform when it was launched in foreign countries like the UAE, Lanka, Qatar, UK, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, and many more other countries. The growth of the Indian startup was so immense that its franchising opportunities built globally. Even during the time of the pandemic, Zomato took the initiative in delivering safe and hygienic food to its customers. 

What is the investment required to open the Zomato franchise?

Opening Zomato’s franchise requires 30-35 lakhs investment with 2000-3000 sq ft. Space. At such a pace of extension, the Indian start-up is making the self-reliant easier to implement.


4. LensKart:

LensKart is an Indian optical eyewear retail chain founded in the year 2010. With its modish advertising and marketing, Lenskart has outgrown its business in more than 500+ stores in 70+ cities. Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood actress, was the brand ambassador of LensKart, due to its unique brand recognition, the company’s franchise opportunity is a boom for new start-ups looking for a suitable yet promising franchise to inaugurate.

What is the investment required to open the LensKart franchise?

The investment required to open the LensKart franchise lies between 25-30 lakhs and needs to pay a brand fee worth Rs. 200,000.


5. ClearDekho:

ClearDekho is an Indian notable eyewear brand invented in the year 2016 which offers various eye-catching eyewear such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lens, etc. With essential increasing demands for eyewear, the ClearDekhoo brand is promising and fastly emerging in India due to growth in the eyewear industry nationally. 

Why should I invest in the ClearDekho franchise? 

Eyewear industry’s revenue growth is nearly 34% and is likely to increase further in the future. With the investment requirement of only 11 lakhs, the ClearDekho brand is fastly gaining the right market place and attention, which can create a good brand image.

All the above companies are sticking to five pillars in making India self-reliant.

How the five pillars of self-reliant help India?

As per the statement of former prime minister Narendra Modi; Economy, Infrastructure, System, Demography, and Demand are the five pillars in making India atmanirbhar (self-reliant)

By adhering to the above fiver pillars, Indian start-ups and enterprises can make a boom and reach a peak of victory without completely laying on foreign countries’ products/services.  

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