Be Part Of The Optical Industry With Lensfit Franchise

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We all are very well aware of the air pollution in the majority of the cities in India. Which has created a huge buzz for using eye-wear to protect eyes? Thus, the optical industry rulers are coming up with various innovative eye wears which not only protects your eyes but also goes in line with all type of occasions.

The rulers of the optical industry in India are mainly – Ray-Ban, Oakley, Fossil and more. But a few years ago, LensKart ventured a revolution of online Eye-wears. This resulted in, other industry players like Titan eye plus or even vision express came online to provide their services. Similarly, Lensfit is providing some of the most innovative designs along with in-house eye checkup services. Hence, the customers have the luxury of exploring their product range online and as well as at the outlets opened in various Southern cities.

The industry has grown exponentially over a period of time. The industry has registered double-digit growth as per Euromonitor International. This was due to the increase in fashion preferences and people becoming health conscious, not only for health the but for eyes as well.

Lensfit has entered the market with innovative range, best services and remarkable prices. They have experts with experience of 35 years. Also, they are devoted to providing the best quality service. So, joining the league of such experts will not only provide you with good business but will also increase the goodwill.

They have gained trust and goodwill of the customer; when it comes to choosing an optical product. Even for any latest trending eyewear to choose from including classic wears as well! So when you become the franchisee of a brand which has great reviews and an amazing support system. The customers will automatically attract towards the brand.

Their Lab Procedure starts with the receipt of wishlist from the customer, the frames and the lenses are picked from storehouse/warehouse. It is then sent to the laboratory, where the experts take care of the customer’s style and the glasses are out in no time.

The process details go as follows:

Frames Traces and Lenses Cut – They have frames and lenses prepared in-house, which goes through their machines, which cut the lenses as per the customer’s order and ready to be assembled.

Lenses Tailored as per the Frame – The lenses prepared are now cleaned and fitted into the frames of your choice.

Quality Check (14 Points) – Prior to the dispatch of the customer's glasses, they go under the 14- point checklist, to ensure they are just perfect, the way you wished them to be.

Ready to be Received! - They are now ready to be dispatched to the store from where you can receive it in style.

With the intricacies given above of the brand, grabbing a Lensfit franchise is only a click away at FranchiseBazar. Eyewear franchise in India has been growing exponentially since recent. With some premium players establishing great eyecare franchises in the country. Eyewear business is not restricted to optical services but also include sunglasses business and many other optical offerings. If you are wondering how to start an online eyeglass franchise or how to start an online optical business then, visit FranchiseBazar and we will help you get your dream business.

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