Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities In Pune

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Everyone wants to look good and wants to present themselves in the best possible manner. Be it, men, women or kids the trends in fashion are being followed by everyone nowadays. When we talk about salons, beauty parlours and fashion boutiques, what comes to mind is all about one’s beauty, health and fitness. And as there has been a growing demand for innovations in beauty treatments and procedures, there has also been a growing demand for beauty spa and centres all over the country. According to research by IBIS World, there are 29,400 hair and beauty businesses in the UK. In terms of business, beauty ventures have been seeing a lot more progress all over. Nowadays, you will find a beauty centre or spot in every corner of the city. And hence, it is safe to say that owning a beauty franchise will only do you good. Below are some steps you need to go through to start a beauty franchise-

Steps to Start a Beauty Franchise

  • Develop required business skills- Salon owners should get business training which will help them to run a business effectively. You can also draw up a business plan as this will help you identify key costs, targets and a plan for the day-to-day running of the firm and will help you understand the whole process better.
  • Paperwork- Some general qualifications like insurance and licenses are required for treatments like massages, beauty treatments, saunas, sunbeds, and manicures. You can begin this process by registering your beauty salon or spa with the local authority and ask them for a list of the regulations.
  • Budget- A salon or spa involves a good amount of investment required for maintenance of premises, high-quality treatments, and trained staff. So before going ahead with your business plan, don’t forget to make a structured business plan providing details of all the costs, requirement of finance for various purposes etc.
  •  Network- It is important to do market research to understand how to target the customers and what price to charge for treatments and what kind of offers to provide them. Setting up a website has made the growth of the network more accessible and easy now. You can take bookings, enquiries and list pricing and services on your site. You can also start a beauty blog which can make your business venture more popular plus linking it to your online portal will help attract more visitors and allow you to build a relationship with your clients before the actual contact.
  •  Business reputation- The staff you hire is of utmost importance. Beauty is a kind of service industry where people with interpersonal skills are of great value. Hiring the right staff and employees’ helps you build your business worth and reputation as people are the most important asset of an organization. They can make or even break the organization. 

When you are just figuring out how to open a beauty salon, your first job is to determine your target audience, study it, and analyze the competition which will in return help you define your concept and distinguish what services your salon can provide. The concept of your salon is not only just the interior design and the services you offer. It is also the colour of the uniform your employees will be wearing, or how they are going to greet clients. Your concept will also depend on the type of salon you want to open. Here are the different types of beauty ventures one can think of setting up-

  • Beauty parlour – It is a smaller practice with basic services and limited staff
  •  Beauty salon – It is a middle-sized space with more variety of services and different categories of professionals, and also involves certain additional services, like selling organic drinks or skincare products.
  •  SPA & wellness centre – It is a larger enterprise that offers a wide range of services, from a simple manicure to plastic surgery.

Another important thing you need to do while running a salon franchise business is that you need to hire a certain kind of professionals that will be running your business smoothly. These include- Salon Manager, Hairstylists, Salon, Manicurists, Massage therapists, etc.

After looking at all the ways that will help one in setting up a beauty salon franchise, let us have a look at the beauty salon franchise opportunities in Pune-

Pune is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and the eighth-most populous city in India, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020. It has been ranked as "the most livable city in India" several times in a row. 

Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunities in Pune

  1. ORA REGENESIS SPA- Ora Regenesis Spa is the brand of JK LEISURES PVT Ltd. that aims to lead the wellness and hospitality industry with its aspiring & innovative team of experts committed to high-quality service.
  2. Sweety Professional Hair and Skin- Sweety Professional Hair & Skin Pvt. Ltd. focuses on providing their clients with A Wonderful Service Experience – Combining Efficiency With An Environment Of Warmth And Comfort. They aim to focus on maintaining the service standards of the entire salon and to ensure that staff is constantly striving to improve on their shortcomings and move in a direction of progress to serve better.
  3. Zazen the boutique spa- Zazen offers an array of relaxation and wellness services that revitalizes every guest with their healing techniques. Zazen the boutique spa offers Zazen Signature Massages, Thai massage, Foot Reflexology, Signature Body Rituals, Facials, Manicures & Pedicures. It also offers unique and customized Signature treatments. Its products are sourced from Thailand and India. The staff is extremely well-trained and well-behaved. 
  4. Toni & Guy- Toni & Guy were founded in 1963 as a single unit. Toni & Guy now have over 400 salons in 45 countries worldwide and employ over 5000 in the UK and a further 2000+ employee across the world. For 55 years Toni & Guy has remained at the forefront of the hairdressing industry and have pioneered the concept of the professional hairdresser-exceeding all industry standards to make expertise available on a global scale.

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