Best Beauty Franchise Business in India 2020.

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Today everybody loves to look the best for which they need personal care or pampering. Intelligent entrepreneurs are taking a great benefit of this by opening their own beauty salons. 

However, establishing a salon is no less than a challenge as the niche is full of competition. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of failure, a franchise is a good option to start a beauty salon. Owning a franchise helps to avoid the risk as it provides a good reputation, experience and assistance at all the stages of running the business. The Indian beauty industry is developing rapidly which needs new interesting franchise concepts on the market. 


You can be a leading entrepreneur in beauty and wellness by choosing the one out of our list of TOP Beauty Franchises in India.

1.Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty :

Established in: 2006

Franchising since: 2014

Initial investment: Rs.20-30 lacs

Royalty Fees: INR 15000 + INR 2500

Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Limited is one of the leading Hair & Beauty salon chains in India which offer the best of beauty franchise as it delivers the best services, carrying the hallmark of quality that is synonymous with Jawed Habib. The Brand has 45 Academies (owned and franchised) the duration of courses ranges from a full time six months professional course to short one week courses on specialisation in hairdressing & beauty.

2.Looks Unisex Salon Franchise :

Established In : 1989

Number of outlets in India: 118+

Area required: 250 sq ft (approximately)

Investment required: INR 1 Cr – INR 1.5 Cr (approximately)

Looks Unisex Salon is one of the most renowned,best names in the Indian hair and beauty industry. The brand has set high standards for other salons in India and continues to excel by following international beauty trends at affordable prices. 

Looks has a staff experienced stylists and aestheticians who are trained by the brand to unparalleled service which makes it one of the best beauty franchise to own. 

3.Geetanjali Salon Franchise :

Established since: 1989

Number of outlets in India: 90+

Area required: 1000 – 2000 sq ft (approximately)

Investment required: INR 50 Lacs (approximately)

Geetanjali was established as a small beauty parlour in Green Park, South Delhi, Geetanjali Salon has now come a long way as is known as the best beauty franchise in India.The owner Mr. Sumit Israni, who is counted as one of the most renowned celebrity hairstylists in India, has left no stone unturned to provide state-of-the-art services in all their outlets.

Every Geetanjali Salon offers out of the box and personalised hair, makeup and skin-related latest services, which has resulted in the chain winning multiple beauty and business awards as the best beauty chain in India.

3.Affinity Salon Franchise :

Established in : 1992

Number of outlets in India: 100+

Area required: 1500 – 2000 sq ft (approximately)

Investment required: INR 30 Lacs – 50 Lacs (approximately)

It provides all beauty services under a roof- Makeover packages, spa treatments, haircuts, skin care, hair wash, blow-dry – you name a beauty service and Affinity Salon provides it, making it the best hair & beauty salon. It is one of the oldest and most successful salon chains in India, Affinity Salon is known for its consistent customer service.

Each Affinity Salon outlet is a perfect blend of technology and human resources to offer high-quality body care, hair care, skincare, makeup and other beauty services.

Being such a great service provider no one would even think of loosing the chance of owning one of the best beauty & hair franchise.

5.Naturals Salon and Spa Franchise :

Established in: 2000

Number of outlets in India: 660+

Area required: 1200 sq ft (approximately)

Investment required: INR 30 Lacs – INR 50 Lacs (approximately)

Naturals Salon and Spa offer one of the most best beauty franchise businesses in India. From helping the franchise owner choose the location, to the recruitment of staff and drawing a salon layout, the brand does it all.

The brand provides top class services in the hair care, skin care and body care sector, which has helped it to build a credible client base over the years. The brand wishes for expansion and open over 3000 franchise outlets by the end of 2020.

An Intelligent entrepreneur will never let go of such a golden opportunity to be a leading name by owning the best beauty franchise in India.

Reason to Invest in a Beauty Salon Franchise Business:

Starting a business in the beauty sector can be a great choice for various reasons. 

  1. It is a job that leaves you feeling great at the end of the day because you have helped ,groomed people and made them feel good about themselves

  2. The services provided within the sector are in high demand. Demand for beauty services is always expected to rise, hence the profit earned will be great with no scope of failure. 

  3. You Can Focus on Growing Your Business Faster: If you start a business on your own, you have to spend alot of time doing the work that is served hot by owning a franchise like– research, business plan creation, etc. You’ll also probably have to learn how to do various things in which you are not an expert such as lease negotiation, build-out, graphic design, IT, bookkeeping, sales, marketing, and more.

  4. You’ll Receive Continuous Support: Good franchise brands understand their success is tied to yours. Your franchisor will provide you with support in various areas including IT, marketing, training, and sales. In addition, an executive team will always be available for you to answer your queries and to help you trouble shoot.

  5. You’ll Have Higher Earning Potential: When you work for someone else, you are given a fixed salary or work on commission. Being a beauty franchise owner,will directly impact your income by choices you make ranging from the business model you select to how much time you choose to invest in your business.

The Indian population has most definitely increased the standard of living from choosing local beauty parlours in their neighbourhood to availing luxurious beauty services. If you wish to establish a salon or a spa but are afraid to take big risks or do not have prior experience, choosing for a franchise business opportunity in the industry can be a win win option. As you can see, choosing to invest in a beauty franchise offers many advantages.


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