Best Business Ideas Within The Investment Range of 10Lacs-20Lacs

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Written by Shakti                                                                                        9sep, 2021

In India, the franchise market has been showing an exponential rise for the last 10 years and now is expected to grow rapidly with a growing population and economy. As per the market forecasting, India is aiming to become the 3rd highest consumer in the world with an estimation of $6 trillion by 2030. 

In other words, it can be said that the market will be available with an abundance of franchise opportunities in our nation, having unique & innovative small-scale, large-scale, start-ups related business ideas.

With such business ideas, more individuals will be opting for entrepreneurial ways in the franchise market.

According to the estimation, about 38% of the franchise buyers are investing for the first time in the franchise business. The idea of franchising is bustling in the mind of people nowadays, that’s why they are steering towards franchise business rather than start-ups.

Every business majorly involves two aspects- 

  • Initiate with unique ideas; 

  • Implement the ideas uniquely

“Selecting best & suitable franchise opportunities with good investments is the key and foremost requirement of every business”

In the current scenario, millions of people are getting indulged in a business on daily basis. No doubt the investment varies from people to people, business requirements to requirements, etc. but starting business ideas within the investment range of 10Lacs-20Lacs can be proved profitable at a faster rate.

It has been observed that every second person, whether an entrepreneur or not, eagerly wants to indulge in the franchise business in our nation; even people are ready to invest huge amounts in franchise sectors with an assurance to get better ‘ROI’.

Perks of opting for best business ideas within the investment range of 10Lacs-20Lacs are as follows:

  • It helps in improve & enhancing customer loyalty

  • It provides faster disputes resolution in the business if occurred 

  • It mainly focuses on personalized communication with the customers

  • It helps in maintaining the complete business autonomy

  • It provides resilience against forged & fake products and companies

There are high revenue-generating businesses that can begin within the investment range of 10Lacs-20Lacs if having the right business ideas as well as approaches. Setting up a business involves a fair amount of research, market study, detailed surveys, a sound business plan & a proper administrative system.

According to Smallbiz Genius, about 55% of businesses can be started and operated successfully with the investment amount of 10 lacs to 20 lacs in our nation.

Nowadays, when the whole nation is going through these pandemic times, one can start a business with these investments. The availability of advanced & latest technology has made it much easier. It has even made the ventures of every business easy, possible, and of course affordable. One can start and analyze the franchise culture; what changes can be done to make the franchise business significant. 

So, making a business plan a pandemic-proof plan is a huge & immediate factor now.

Entrepreneurs are the persons who have the capability to take up the risks of business-related decisions. In this decision process, making an investment is one of the major decisions to be taken by them.

The entrepreneurs always seek the most trusted, reliable & transparent franchising services to consult with. ‘Commitment & Consistency’ are the key pillars in the franchise field.

Let’s take a look! 

Following are the Best Business Ideas within the Investment Range of 10Lacs-20Lacs-

  • HouseDeck – It is the fastest expanding home interiors brand. The company has skilled interior designers with highly creative talents. Though the company was launched in 2020 but has expanded its roots quickly, and currently, it is operating in 4 major cities and has satisfied 450+ families across the cities. A few of the ‘trusted partners’ of the company are- Greenply; Asian paints; Faber; Centuryply; Glen; Hafele and many more. From sophisticated living room designs to space-saving and clutter-free interior designs, the company tries every possible way to find the best home decor and home design as per the required needs and style. Every product has 10-years of warranty along with unwavering support and maintenance services. HouseDeck Franchise store is the biggest ‘home interiors’ market of USD 13 Billion in India.

Space Req.: 500 - 750 sq. ft.

Investment Range: Rs. 10Lacs - 15Lacs

Franchise Outlets: Less than 10

  • Chai Garam – The company was established in 2008 and currently it is serving tea and quality snacks to its customers through 150 retail outlets & kiosks. The company uses garden-fresh ingredients for preparing freshly brewed handmade chai. The estimation shows that the company has served over 5 million cups of tea till now. It offers a wide range of beverages and food items. Chai Garam team has gained more than 12 years of experience in business development & execution and has successfully set up 200 cafes, shops, and kitchens.

Space Req.:  Less than 250 sq. ft.

Investment Range: Rs. 10Lacs - 15Lacs

Franchise Outlets: 80 - 160

  • Walkin Educate – Incepted in 2006 with the idea of delivering quality Academics and support to the students, Walkin Educate Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a strong institution, having affiliations with various Private & Academic Institutions. The company also takes good care of the students to get placed as it has tie-ups with various studios and companies for Placements. The company has been in ‘franchising businesses’ since 2012 with more than 10 Franchisees in Mumbai – Thane – Navi Mumbai – Pune. It is also operating as Independent Education Consultant (IEC) franchisee since 2021 with 10+ locations in Pan India. Monthly Royalty on Receipts @ 8-10 %.

Space Req.:  750 - 1000 sq. ft.

Initial Investment: Rs. 20 Lacs

Franchise Outlets: 10 - 20

  •  Voss Salon – The company was opened in 1986 in Costa Mesa, California, USA. The salon has been operating by Patricia Voss since then. She has 50 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. Now she wants to spread her salon franchise in India as well. The company is in the salon business since 1999, having a team of around 80 people of hairdressers and beauticians. Currently, it is operating with 5 salons in the Indore location, serving almost 20000 loyal customers. The company is aiming to spread the Voss salon franchise all over the nation.

Space Req.: 1000 – 2000 sq. ft.

Initial Investment: Rs. 20 Lacs

Franchise Outlets: Less than 10

Thus, it can be concluded that franchise business opportunities under 20 Lacs have the best scope in India. Also, the current condition of economic disparity can be reduced if more franchise business ideas are flourished in India. 

A single franchise store that has the potential to employ about 30-40 people can help them to grow more and shine soon in the reality of the business world.

‘Investment with assurance’ makes all the differences in the businesses’

However, starting with new business ideas can also be challenging with several factors that need to be figured out time but it can be extremely beneficial and can provide a ready framework to work in. Having the right vision and a solid business plan, anyone can leverage the potential of franchise business ideas and can earn high commissions of a percentage of the overall revenue or profit generated in the businesses. 

Hence, Solutions for a New Economy- Investment becomes worthy when it leads to profits in the market.

These are the Most promising brands to invest in in 2021 and if you are planning to join hands with these franchise opportunities, you can visit franchiseBazar and you can also select other opportunities listed on the website and can select according to your investment plan and can get guidance from industry experts.


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