Best Car Servicing Franchise in India 2024

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Are you planning to invest in the automotive business sector?? You can consider investing in a multibranded car servicing franchise. This blog will provide deep insights into the car servicing franchise market in India and its trends in 2024.

The automobile industry in India ranks fourth and has shown gradual and steady progress over the years. Additionally, the success of the outlets of car servicing franchise outlets is responsible for attracting investors as well as entrepreneurs to start the business.

Market of Car Servicing Franchise in India

In India, the car servicing franchise business has a value of around INR 7000 crores. Yes, exactly it is the value of the industry and business. Do you want to know about the rapid growth of this industry in the nation?

To get the answer, you have landed in the right place. India, with its growing economy and a surge of car ownership among the citizens, also requires efficient car repair services and quality maintenance.

Thus the situation gives rise to an increase in the investigation for efficient car servicing franchises in the nation. Hence there has been a demand in the market for car servicing franchise businesses to cater for the growing demands of car owners in India.

Best Car Servicing Franchise in India in 2024

Mahindra First Choice Franchise

It is among one of the top car servicing franchises in India. It started its operations in 1999 and was established by Anand Mahindra. The brand's franchise business in increasing all over India since the year 2003. As of the year 2024, the brand has more than 1500 outlets throughout the nation.

However, this brand aims to continue its expansion reaching up to 10,000 stores. Additionally, you need to know about the investment you need to consider for starting the Mahindra First Choice car servicing franchise.

It may range something between INR (30 to 50) lakhs at the initial stage. However, its franchise does not require any kind of royalty fee.

Motorzspa Franchise

Motorzspa is another popular brand in the car servicing franchise business industry in India. Its franchise investment requirement ranges between INR 20 to 25 lakhs. he outlets of Motorzspa are located in Delhi NCR.

Its utilization of eco-friendly and sustainable products in its process of providing efficient car servicing is gaining attention in the automotive industry. Additionally, the brand equips machinery such as machines for high-pressure cleaning and spray extractions.

They also use vacuum cleaners that are of high power which helps in taking the best care of the cars while servicing.

It has started its 1st branch at Noida in the year 2018. However, even after entering late in the industry, it managed to create an efficient brand reputation. It provides its franchisees with ample training that they require and additional support.

Additionally, the brand aims to be one of the largest chains of car servicing franchises, not only in Delhi NCR but all over India.

MyTVS Car Servicing Franchise

It is another brand that you can plan to do franchise business within the car servicing industry. MyTVS has huge opportunities that can attract you can make you think about starting your car servicing franchise.

It is a popular and reputed brand, with loyal customers. If you consider this brand for your car servicing franchise business, you will have the benefits of the brand's reputation and recognition among customers.

The brand also provides its customers with a variety of services ranging from car repair to upkeeping. It also offers its customers other options that are related to automobile operation enhancements.

Thus huge number of clients are ready to visit MyTVS for their car servicing purposes. Thus, if you are looking for an option to flourish in the car repair franchise business in India, this will be one of the best options.

Max Car Care Franchise

It has been operating since the year 2014. The brand is one of the premium among others in the car servicing franchise industry that are in operation in India. Max Car Care provides various services to its customers.

These include car services, remodelling of luxury cars and car detailing. The brand has a good market reputation and is a safe area for entrepreneurs to start their new franchise business. For the franchisees looking to start their car servicing franchise with Max Car Centre, the initial investment is low.

It ranges around INR 20 to 30 lakhs. The royalty charges for its franchising are around 10%. The area requirement for opening a car service centre of Max Car Care is around 3000 square feet.

The organization is one of the largest franchise chains in the car servicing segment in India and is continuing to expand its presence.

The franchisor of Max Car Care provides adequate training and support in business to their franchisees. This is to ensure that the franchising brings huge returns to the brand and continues its growth and expansion.

They provide the franchisees with assistance on facets related to running a business. The different factors include management training, selection of corporate office, planning and organizing. These features make Max Car Centre to be one of the most attractive options both for the franchisees and the investors.

Cars 24 Franchise

It has a huge presence in the Indian car service franchise market. The franchise investment of this brand ranges between INR 15 to  20 lakhs. However, the franchise fee at the initial stage will range something between INR 2 to 5 lakhs.

The new entrepreneurs can consider investing in this brand for their franchise business. Franchisees of this brand enjoy absolute support from their franchisors in all areas that are responsible for helping them to sustain themselves in the Indian market.

CarXpert Franchise

The brand is an efficient franchising business of the Sjylark Group. It aims to revolutionize the industry of car servicing franchises in India in 2024. CarXpert is one of the largest and most rapidly growing organizations.

The franchisees have the opportunity to expand the business and grasp innovative market ideas. Carxpert offers a wide range of services including providing of regular car services.

It also includes services such as car painting and denting, replacement of tyres and wheel alignment. Other car servicing features that the brand offers comprise services like renewal of insurance, cart wash and cashless claims. The variation in services helps the brand to get a wide variety of clientele.

Ola Car Wash Franchise

This is another name in the industry with very flexible and adaptive business concepts in the industry. It offers services like automobile detailing, interior cleaning and washing for the franchisees to start their independent business.

Ola Car Wash is an organisation with facilities of successful and flexible franchising opportunities. The investment range for the franchisees to start their Ola Car Wash franchise business ranges between INR 10 to 20 lakhs.

It is a brand with the ability to meet client requirements and sustain in the Indian market.

Express Car Wash Franchise

It is a well-known car servicing franchise operating in India dealing with car detailing and wash services. The brand is widely and rapidly growing with its franchise business in India.

This has been possible with the help of the excellence in the car services they provide. The investment of franchising for Express Car ranges between INR 15 to 20 lakhs. Thus aspiring franchisees can consider it and start with their business as an efficient car servicing franchise business in India.

Click here to learn more franchise options in car servicing business in India.

Key Drivers that Led to a Rise in Car Servicing Franchises in India

In India, there has been an increase in automobile ownership with a rise in the income and growth of the middle-class population. With more cars being used by the population in India, there is a requirement for more car repair servicing for maintenance.

Urbanization is playing an essential role in the increase of vehicle densities around locations in which people travel by car. Thus cars require regular service and maintenance due to population density and growing traffic. Car servicing is also important for its smooth performance and longevity. Sophisticated technologies that are automobile industries in India are using in the present scenario require standard maintenance.


Franchising is one of the most common methods of starting and growing a business in India in recent years. Different sectors such as FMCG, retail, pharma, food, automobile, hospitals, etc are expanding their businesses through franchising practices.

The brands mentioned in this blog are some of the growing car servicing franchise businesses in the automotive industry. With the growing purchase of cars among the population in India, the car servicing franchise is also witnessed to be growing.

Thus it brings about huge opportunities for the entrepreneurs to kickstart their automotive service business. Car servicing is a requirement for all people owning cars, therefore that business has various opportunities and estimated success.

Thus it is attracting a huge number of entrepreneurs or franchisees and investors.

Nevertheless, if you need to know more about the opportunities that you can derive from a car servicing franchise, our expert team at FranchiseBazar is there to guide you.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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