Best Edtech Franchise in India – How to Start Edtech Business in 2023

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Best Edtech Franchise in India – How to Start Edtech Business in 2023

Written by: Resham Daswani     


Edtech, also known as Education Technology, is dedicated to developing and applying classroom tools to create a more comprehensive and engaging individualized learning experience.  The goal is to improve the students' outcomes, enhance their learning abilities and reduce the teaching burden on instructors.


Where franchises have become a common sight across the world, you can find a franchise business in every sector like your favourite fast-food outlet or a swanky dealership around your neighborhood.  But have you ever thought, about what it takes to become a part of a franchise model in India? Why should you acquire a franchise business in India? Read on to explore the best franchise opportunities in India.


What makes an EdTech Franchise a lucrative business model in India in 2022?


When time is changing and the younger generation is breaking the conventional system of corporate jobs, people are drawing towards being more independent in the form of career opportunities which lead them to better growth.  Thus, it can be noticed that the graph of entrepreneurship and startups in India has been constantly rising leading to growing opportunities in the education franchise business in India.


The education business in India has always been booming because there are advanced learning options available in various fields.  Ease of access to online education has given entrepreneurs and students the to choose their preferred field thus taking the education market in India to a different level.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of competition in this market, as many entrepreneurs are choosing this field to venture into the business world.  This thus is the best time to invest in an education franchise in India.  If you are an entrepreneur considering investing in Edtech Franchise in India, FranchiseBazar has covered why it is the best investment opportunity for you.


Rise of Education Franchise in India


There are several reasons why an education franchise in India would do well.  One main aspect is that the size of the EdTech industry is proposed to grow to over $4 billion by 2025.  So, if this meteoric growth is not convincing enough for you, then you could be losing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.  With the outburst of the pandemic, the EdTech sector in India witnessed significant progress as well as financial gains over the last few years.  Learning proved to be a practical solution when all the schools and colleges had to shut their doors, this was a mode to teach lakhs of students.  Online learning and wide internet access showed cities and rural areas seeing a steep rise in the availability of high-quality education.  Thus, the growth of the EdTech sector, businesses, and companies in the education sector in India has become vital to the economy. 


Edtech and Online Learning has shown as crucial factors in developing a child’s future.  What makes EdTech business opportunity a great demand in India, is that it provides customized learning along with adapting the abilities of students.  This makes EdTech Franchises in India a bright future.  Education-based franchises are a fast-growing segment in India, with the current demand for online education, where education technology is at its core of providing answers.


Furthermore, as a franchisee, it won't be wrong to say that your investment will grow with time since there are no limits to how far your business can expand.  Nonetheless, the Indian government is investing in and promoting online learning as well as the Edtech sector, so this is the safest opportunity you can opt for.


New Franchise Opportunities in Edtech Space


Earlier we could say that education was confined to location or geographical boundaries which was a drawback for people as education could not reach them, especially in rural areas or small towns or cities where access was very limited.  But this has now been overcome with the digital revolution which has altered the education space and affiliated industries.  Several digital career platforms have emerged to address the critical deficit of the crucial need for career counselling and career guidance for students in India. 


Let us find out about the Top 10 Edtech Franchises in India.


Henry Harvin

This is a leading online as well as offline education provider which provides more than 200+ courses across various streams like management, teaching, business, writing, academics, technical and others.  Furthermore, this is ranked as one of the best edtech franchise companies in India.  They are an education franchise in India which offers you to be a partner as they are the fastest growing training institute in India.


Pace Career Academy

This is an emerging education provider which provides courses in fields like digital marketing, HR, data science and more.  Right now they have franchises in 10 cities across the country and are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to join them as a franchise.



One of the best Edtech companies is providing personalized learning programs to transform learning into fun through their 3d learning classes, and regular interactions, which help students to achieve better results.  They have re-invented their curriculum to best suit students who want to study from home.  They have also introduced courses for preschool kids with the name Byju’s early learning which is in collaboration with Disney.



This is India’s largest online platform which has helped thousands of students in achieving their career goals.  Nevertheless, UpGrad helps students looking to join top universities across the world by acquiring online degrees.



This is a live online tutoring platform where teachers provide online tuition to students.  This system helps students understand the concepts clearly through interactive live sessions, doubt clearing, and customized teaching patterns.


WhiteHat Jr

One of the world’s leading EdTech platforms for kids, which helps them understand concepts like Logic, structure, or algorithm, making them able to create websites or apps, is a platform known for learning coding from industry experts.



An Indian EdTech platform which has a provision of both Indian as well as international courses, where you can get a diploma or degree or certificate from top institutes across the globe.  There is no age restriction as to who can take up a course. 



This ed-tech franchise develops innovative educational products and games for every child's growth and development.  Children can build their skills as well as make learning a fun experience with Skillmatics.



This is one of the leading EdTech platforms which focuses on providing the best online programs, preparation services as well as virtual work experience for engineering students.  Nonetheless, this is a trusted platform by over 12,00,000+ engineering students.



One of India’s largest learning EdTEch companies which helps students in preparing for major entrance exams like GATE, JEE, IIT or UPSC is Unacademy.  This is a fast-growing edtech franchise in India.


The Bottom Line

It is an undeniable fact that people are looking out for new ways to make money, and thus, we can say that the education franchise business in India is a growing opportunity.  If you choose to invest in the best edtech franchise in India, FranchiseBazar can help and support you in taking the right decision.  We have a plethora of education business opportunities in India which will simplify your search based on various levels of investment.  Speak +91 98444  43200 to our consultants to know more about which education franchise is good to invest in India in 2023, the top education franchises in India in 2022, and more education businesses in India.

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