Best Franchise Business In India Under 30 Lakhs

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Written by Suraksha Prasad                                                                     July 20 , 2021

The initial phase of Entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work, impossible work hours, sheer dedication, rejection and many, many obstacles. To top it off, there may also be other issues like insufficient funds, poor marketing that fails to attract the right customers, slack sales and not being able to make a feasible profit at the end of the cycle. While some issues may be temporary, others can be quite grave and require you to take an important step at that very moment to curb it.

To succeed in the Indian market, entrepreneurs will need a robust understanding of what are the best franchising opportunities under 30 lakhs around them and one should know the proper valuation as per how he can earn profit from business under 30 lakhs investment.

So, here are some best business opportunities under 20-30 lakhs that will grab your attention-

  1. Khadim's

We are one of India’s largest branded footwear retail players in terms of exclusive stores operating under the Khadim’s brand through our Retail vertical. We have the largest presence in East India and are among the top three players in South India. Our Distribution business vertical has a strong network of 544 distributors.

We understand the expectations of a ‘price conscious’ customer and work to deliver value to the expanding middle class segment in India. We offer quality footwear that is affordable for the entire family. Our core business objective is ‘Fashion for Everyone’, and we believe that our Company has established an identity as an ‘affordable fashion’ brand, catering to the entire family for all occasions.

Ensuring customer delight and stakeholders return by delivering quality products at affordable prices through extensive retail networks.

Why Franchise with Khadim's?

Our Mission is to be in every Indian's step and therefore we are offering franchising opportunities to people who are interested in getting into the franchising business world! 

Khadim's gives a brand name that has already established itself. We also provide constant brand support to our franchisees. So if you are a franchise business seeker, seek no more as your search ends here at Khadim's

Headquartered in Kolkata, India

Operations Commenced On: 1993

Franchising Commenced On: 1996

Business Models

Industry type- Retail Franchise

Segment- Footwear franchise

Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 10- 15 Lakhs

Space required- 750-1000 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 500-800

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India


HealthUno is a unified healthcare centre which provides all kinds of health solutions and online clinics and pharmacy. This is the only virtual platform for basic ailments in human society. We at Healthuno provide a range of ongoing support and training as part of our franchising model to ensure we are set up for ongoing success.


The benefits of working under an organisation with a unique concept cannot be overemphasized. You enjoy the best of Healthcare’s booming industry. On one hand, as the owner of an independent business, you leverage your entrepreneurial capabilities. On the other hand, you are in one of the fastest-growing industry in the world. As you want to start a successful business, all the knowledge and expertise required to successfully run the business is ensured from our end at Healthuno. You will have access to our years of various domain knowledge and expertise.


Healthuno selects its prospective franchisees with utmost care. We conduct thorough due diligence before finalizing a franchisee. Some of the minimum requirements that a Healthuno

Franchisee must have are:

 A high level of interest and commitment to healthcare as a business, especially in the area of·

video consultation and easy to access healthcare testing equipment.

 Prior experience in successfully managing one’s own business, preferably in the service·


 A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed.·

 Adequate financial resources to meet the investment requirements.·

 Ability to manage people and willing to learn.·

 Good social standing and reputation·

Initial Financial Requirements One Time Clinic Set Up cost - Rs 24,00,000 Onwards Pharmacy Stock - Minimum Rs 3,00,000 In-hand cash requirement - Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000 Initial Franchise Fee - Rs 6,00,000 Ongoing Monthly Royalty Fees - 10% of Monthly Gross Income 1st Year Revenue Revenue from Video Consultation - Rs 1,50,000 per month in an average ● Revenue from Pharmacy - Rs 1,00,000 per month in an average ● Revenue from Clinic@Home - Rs 1,50,000 per month in an average Clinic Details Minimum of 500 sqft in the ground floor ● Location: In the main road or in a lane where the rich come to shop ● Number of people required to run: 4 to 6 ● Staff: Clinic Manager, Nurse - 2, Pharmacist - 2, ParaMedic for a home visit - 1

Headquartered in Chennai, India

Operations Commenced On: 2021

Franchising Commenced On: 2021

Business Models

Industry type- Health Care Franchise


Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 10- 15 Lakhs

Space required- 500-750 square feet

Total franchise outlets- Less than 10

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India

 3.Chicken Xperience by Venky’s

Venky's Chicken Xperience is a part of the prestigious VH Group which was started in the year 1971. VH Group is the leading supplier of poultry products to food chains in India and is present in more than 30 countries. The group is the largest poultry company in Asia and has been serving the world with quality poultry supplies for decades. With an aim to bring delicious chicken products to food lovers, Venky’s ventured into the F & B segment through Chicken Xperience. We offer various types of chicken and chicken-based food products which are juicy, tasty and delicious. These products are available in frozen form as well as ready-to-eat formats.

Franchising with Venky’s!

Venky’s has expansion plans and therefore calling in young entrepreneurs to join the reputed name and grow together with Venky’s. The chicken Xperience by Venky’s offers chicken delicacies through its outlets which are running very successfully across India. Venky’s offers its franchisees brand support, a good ROI and a successful business model. So why wait when you can join hands with Venky's and fulfil your dream of becoming a successful restaurateur! 

Headquartered in Delhi, India

Operations Commenced On: 2020

Franchising Commenced On: 2020

Business Models

Industry type- Food Franchise

Segment- Chicken Franchise

Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 10- 15 Lakhs

Space required- 250-500square feet

Total franchise outlets- 10-20

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India

4.Precious Paws

Precious Paws is an Award-Winning Thai Spa Themed Pet Boutique since 2015 located in Business Bay and Oud Metha in Dubai. It is the most Luxurious Thai Pet Spa and Boutique in the entire Middle East. The pet spa offers unique and exclusive pet facilities including mobile grooming, day and night care facilities, and a range of world’s best organic products imported from US, New Zealand, the UK, Australia and all over the world. Precious Paws is inviting franchise in India.

 Headquartered in Delhi, India

Operations Commenced On: 2015

Franchising Commenced On: 2020

Business Models

Industry type- Pet Franchise

Segment- Pet Services Franchise

Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee-2-5 Lakhs

Space required- 250-500square feet

Total franchise outlets- 10-20

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India


Siyaram Silk Mills Limited is an Indiabased company. The Company is engaged in the textiles business. The Company's products include woven fabrics, dyed yarn and readymade garments. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 fiscal 2010, the Company had installed 71 looms and plants at Tarapur and Silvassa and production of 531.26 meters cloth, 25.13 kilograms yarn and 17.46 numbers of readymade garments. As of March 31, 2010, the Company had installed a capacity of 479 looms, 645 stitching machines and 6000 yarn dyeing capacity. The Company had 40,000 outlets in India. The Company's yarn products include space dyed yarns, heavy denier multicolour fancy yarns, embroidery and selvedge yarns, fancy dyed knitting yarns and microfilament dyed yarn. The Company operates in brands, such as Siyaram, J Hampstead, MiStair, Siyaram's MSD, Oxemberg, Feaatherz and Little Champ.

 Headquartered in Mumbai, India

Business Models

Industry type- Clothing Franchise

Segment- Denim Franchise

Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee- no investment

Space required- Less than 250 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 10-20

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India

AABI Jewels

It is a leading gold and diamond offline and online chain store in India. It was established in the year 2002  and has secured a name for itself in the list of top service providers of Gold Jewellery in India. Aabi Jewels is listed in Trade India's list of verified companies offering a wide range of Gold Ring With High Purity, Pure 22 Karat Gold Chain, Gold Necklace with 22 Karat etc. 

Aabi jewels have been servicing the gold and diamond industry since 2002. aabi jewels have owned manufacturing and selling department, aabi jewels now want to expand our business with being united with you.aabi jewels decided to increase brand with a person who has a passion equal to us. so for further inquiry visit our website link given here,

 Headquartered in Morena, India

Business Models

Industry type- Jewellery Franchise

Segment- Jewelry Stores Incl Accessories and Repairs

Investment- 20- 30 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 50k- 1 Lakh

Space required- 250-500 square feet

Total franchise outlets- Less than 10

Preferred Expansion Locations- South India, Kolkata, Delhi, West India, North India


You can however, sort out several issues by doing one basic thing before stepping into the field – research. With information available at the touch of a button, one can go through e-books, online magazines and read about people who have made it big in the industry.






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