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Written by Suraksha Prasad                                                                       July 9, 2021

The introduction of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 has made it easy for foreigners to invest in India and this has led to the rise of franchising in India. The concept of franchising was however first started in Germany and later spread to the United States of America, wherein it has become a part of the American culture. India is one of the top markets in the world today for goods and services and there are tremendous opportunities in franchising. 

Franchise based business models have gained immense popularity in India in the past few years. The enormous customer base and healthy economic structure have made sure the overseas companies come to India to strengthen their footprint.

India is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today, making franchising a profitable business model for aspiring start-ups and small businesses. India is now ranked amongst the world’s fastest-growing nations with enormous market size of 5.46 trillion (US$ 73. 78 billion) in FY20. India has secured fifth place on account of consumer capacity & retail destination as per the government sources.

To succeed in the Indian market, entrepreneurs will need a robust understanding of what are the best franchising opportunities are waiting for their attention within the budget of 15 Lakhs so, here are some best franchising opportunities-


The legacy of providing nutritious food to people seems to have been inherited from the agricultural background of their forefather Late Valiya Pura Mohammed Haji. The next generation then came up with a renowned brand "Lassi n Cafe" serving nutritious, healthy and tasty lassi at affordable prices. With over 40 years of experience in the food and retail industries, the Karwar Group has become the most trusted brand amongst people.

Over the past few decades, this generation has been lured into impulsive consumption of unhealthy junk food and beverages. But one fine day in 2015, at a fork in the road moment, 3 enthusiastic youngsters decided to do something for the nation and to the world as a whole. After numerous rounds of deliberations, they came up with the idea of providing healthy beverages and authentic Lassi is a perfect café ambience at an affordable price. With continuous hard work and research at the ingredient level, in May 2017, the idea turned into reality with the launch of the first outlet of ‘Lassi n Cafe’ in Bangalore with 120+ products serving people of all ages.

So here is Lassi n Cafe the reality of a new era; a well-recognised brand offering authentically made fresh, healthy and tasty Lassi and Mocktails just the way the customers want. The brand is growing tremendously in the quick-service café market in India and abroad.

•         120+ delicious products

•         Low start-up cost

Proven business model LassinCafe is one of the most prominent Lassi franchises in India that has also started making an impact overseas. It is their wide range of products that are available at such moderate costs compared to other franchises without even compromising in quality.

Headquartered in Mangalore, India

Operations Commenced On: 2015

Franchising Commenced On: 2015

Business Models

Industry type- Food Franchise

Segment- Cafe

Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 2lakhs – 5 lakh

Space required- 250 to 500 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 20- 40

Preferred Expansion Locations - Union Territories, South India, North India, West India East India.

2. SmartBro

They provide the best-skilled Professional at your home service. SmartBro continuously works with the industry's best experts to serve their customers with daily solutions for fixing daily home issues like Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, AC service & Repair, appliances servicing & repair, etc. With a continued effort to bring their customers more and more categories like Driver Service, Salon Services, & Men’s Grooming at home. SmartBro Launching Odisha’s first Gig Marketplace. SmartBro is opening services to the general people of Odisha & India, along with creating the largest employment generating organization, for the skilled professionals in India.

Headquartered in Bhubaneshwar, India

Operations Commenced On: 2020

Franchising Commenced On: 2021

Business Models

Industry type- Business Service Franchise


Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 5- 10 lakhs

Space required- 750 to 1000 square feet

Total franchise outlets- no outlets

Preferred Expansion Locations  Rourkela


The New Shop is a chain of 24 hours retail stores to buy all convenience needs products - snacks and beverages, personal care, pet products, cigarettes, hygiene needs, ready to eat food, and grocery staples.

The New Shop is a chain of high-speed retail stores located in Bangalore that cater to a particular location. It makes use of single as well as multiple shelves and kiosks for displaying all goods. The retail outlet has a wide category of the product range that includes products related to Lifestyle, Food, Beverages & Accessories,  Wellness, Health Foods, Nutrition & Supplements, Personal Care Essentials, Grooming & Cosmetics, Gadgets and Electronics, Durable & Personal Appliances, etc. It has a product range of more than 500+ Products accessible in 100+ outlets like Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi including 25+ brands and having a footfall of around 500k.  

Headquartered in  Delhi, India

Operations Commenced On: 2019

Franchising Commenced On: 2021

Business Models

Industry type- Retail Franchise

Segment- Convenient store franchise

Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- No investment

Space required- 500- 750 square feet

Total franchise outlets- no outlets

Preferred Expansion Locations  North India and West India


Chique is a fast-growing Indo western womenswear brand having several stores in pan India. Simple, innovative and progressive, Chique is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Chique offers affordable designer wear for all kinds of casual and occasion wear clothing requirements of the stylish Indian woman.

What started as a modest women's wear clothing line has now expanded to sell across a retail network of twelve exclusive profitable brand outlets in Delhi NCR. With a clear strategy to flag 100 stores in the next three years, the brand sells across the country including major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata through over 25 multi-brand outlets. With strong future plans on expanding its digital presence, the brand already sells on major online platforms like Jabong and Myntra. Through its collaboration with Pernia's Pop Up Shop, Chique focuses on catering to the Urban Indian sensibilities. Starting with UAE, the brand has already set its foot internationally and with an aggressive retail rollout strategy, we aim to move forward on the path.

 • A growing brand in the fashion and apparel industry 

• Aims to establish itself globally

 So if you are interested in the clothing and apparel franchise business, CHIQUE is definitely a great opportunity!

Headquartered in Delhi, India

Operations Commenced On: 2015

Franchising Commenced On: 2019

Business Models

Industry type- Clothing Franchise

Segment-  Women’s wear

Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- No investment

Space required- 500- 750 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 10-20

Preferred Expansion Locations  Dispur, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata,


Smartipz Business Solutions is a fresh and innovative business solutions provider, focused on providing innovative, creative and quality business solutions to the client. Smartipz takes pride in serving clients by meeting their demands and needs by providing them with state of the art & updated products & Solutions. Established in the year 2014, the company started off as a bulk SMS provider. Later we expanded as a Business Consultant Organization with more than 150 clients and many partner organizations. The increasing and never-ending demand for ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software inspired us to attain the distribution of a leading Inventory Software that has already gained the trust & attention of numerous clients around all over the globe. We, later on, widened our focus on to a Website and Application development firm that encompasses a team of well equipped and experienced IT professionals competent enough to handle the trending demands of the Industry.

Headquartered in Varkhala, India

Operations Commenced On: 2017

Franchising Commenced On: 2020

Business Models

Industry type- Computer and Internet Franchise

Segment-  IT, ITES, software-related

Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 50K- 1 Lakh

Space required- 500- 750 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 10-20

Preferred Expansion Locations  


Just Bake is India’s largest bakery chain and one of the most trusted bakery brands of the time. With its popularity reaching heights, getting the bakery franchise from Just Bake could be the wisest decision. If you are looking for the best opportunity in the franchise for a bakery, look no further as Just Bake is at your disposal. Apply the franchise offer from Just Bake and make the best deal of your life.

1. Just Bake, the largest cake house in India with 250+ stores with India’s First Fully Automated Cake Plant

2. With its signature flavours and fabulous looking shaped cakes, it is set to wow the customers in various cities of India expanding in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha.

3. Just Bake brings all these sweet treats to make moments Special by taking part in every celebration in the lives of the people of the city.

4. Just Bake is a registered tradeMark of Bindu Recipes Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2005, Just bake is in more than 18 towns in India, making it the largest and fastest-growing cake house in the Country.

5. The Chefs are highly trained with skill sets to compete internationally, produce products of the highest quality and finish. The speciality recipes created by our chefs are under constant improvisation, keeping in mind standards of the product match the ever-changing habits of the customer.


Headquartered in Bangalore, India

Operations Commenced On: 2017

Franchising Commenced On: 2020

Business Models

Industry type- Food Franchise

Segment- Bakery and Donuts

Investment- 10- 15 Lakhs

Franchise fee- 2- 5 Lakhs

Space required- 500- 750 square feet

Total franchise outlets- 160-300

Preferred Expansion Locations-  South India, North India, Chennai, Delhi, West India, East India,


There are a lot of entities in the franchise business in India today but not all of them are profitable. An investor should do proper research before making a decision as to which company to invest in. The companies listed in this blog are successful and growing day by day. The cost of investment required by an individual to set up a franchise of any of the mentioned companies is also not high. So, if a person wants to invest in a franchise business in India with low investment, this blog is surely bound to help them.  

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