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 The franchise business in India is growing at a good pace with a good success rate. It is contributing nearly 2% of the country's GDP and is expected to contribute 5% to GDP by 2025. If we talk about the success rate then it is about 85% in comparison with 90% of the startups that failed within 5 years. As per the data, 35% of franchise buyers are first-time buyers or we can call them entrepreneurs. In India, we can see that in the last few years a large number of people are entering into entrepreneurship and many among them start their journey with buying a franchise business. The main reason is that in the franchise business there is a lot that is prepared for things like good branding, good marketing resources, and training opportunities. and the risk factor is also less. There is less risk than starting a new business from scratch.

Women are not behind when we talk about buying franchises in India. As per the data, 26% of franchise buyers are women.

India is the 2nd biggest franchise market after the USA. In the last 20 years franchise business in India took a pace and India became a global hotspot for a franchise business.

People think that it requires high capital to start a business in India. People also assume that it will not give them instant profit and this discourages them. But the good news is that there are thousands of franchise opportunities under 20 lakh in the education sector,edtech sector, food and beverages sector, health care sector, and many more. These opportunities can help you to fulfill your dream of running a successful business, You can convert this business into your family business and your future generations can also get benefits from this franchise business.

The reason why franchise business is growing year on year is because of the ease of entering into the market and starting a successful business in comparison to starting a business from zero levels. Many franchisees are running successful businesses and many are on the way to achieve success.

Best franchise opportunities under 20 lakh

1. Lassi N cafe: LassinCafe is one of the most prominent Lassi franchises in India that has also started making an impact overseas. It is their wide range of products that are available at such moderate costs compared to other franchises without even compromising in quality.

Industry- Food and beverages

Investment- 10 lakh- 20 lakh

Outlets - 30+ all across India

Why Lassi N cafe as a franchise opportunity?

  • Low investment, high return

  • 30+ Outlets

  • 120+ delicious product

  • Worldwide growth

  • Proven business model

2.Brewers the coffee bar: Brewer the Coffee bar is a company that is dynamic and innovative, the world of opportunities opens with Brewers the Coffee bar. The company was founded in 2004 and today the company and its franchisees have a presence in many states of India.Brewers. The Coffee Bar is not a Café but it is a concept which develops relations and franchises “Brewers The Coffee Bar” Chain of cafes. The Company provides opportunities to small investors who want to own their individual outlets.

Industry- Food and beverages

Investment-10 lakh- 15 lakh

Franchise fees - 1lakh- 2 lakh

Outlets - 20 + across India

Why Brewers the coffee bar as a franchise opportunity?

  • Hiring and training for staff

  • Technical support

  • Supply of raw materials

  • Preparation and execution of marketing plan 

3.Soiltech: It is one of the leading Agri equipment manufacturing brands. The world-class quality of Soiltech farm equipment makes the brand farmers' first choice in India and abroad. Headquartered in India, the brand has an existence in over 100 other countries. With more than three decades of experience in manufacturing tradition and trading in the farming and agricultural industries, Soiltech has become synonymous with quality farm and agricultural equipment.

Industry-Dealers and distributors 

Investment- 10 lakh-15 lakh

Franchise fees - 50,000 - 1 lakh

Outlets - 150 + outlets across India

Why Soiltech as a franchise opportunity :

  • Low cost, High return

  • 150+ outlets all across India

  • 45 years of Industry experience

  • Tested business model

  • Technological advanced solution

  • Training and support

4.Chique: Chique is a fast-growing indo western women’s wear brand having several stores pan India. Simple, innovative, and progressive, Chique is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Chique offers affordable designer wear for all kinds of casual and occasion wear clothing requirements of the stylish Indian woman. It caters to one of the strongest and largest sections of urban women that falls in the age group of 20 to 60 years. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—the brand represents the pinnacle of urban dressing and is unsurpassed for its quality and attention to detail. Chique, as a brand, is inspired by Urban Indian women who aspire to express themselves as modern citizens of the world.

Industry: Clothing franchise

Investment : 10 lakh - 15 lakh

Outlets : 25 + across India

Why Chique as a franchise opportunity?

  • Low cost, High return

  • 25+ outlets across India

  • A growing brand in the fashion and apparel industry

  •  Aims to establish itself globally

5.Moo Chuu India: It started in Thailand in 2014. Currently, it has active operations in around 12 countries. With its unique customization concept and strong branding, it is poised to become the leading chain of flip-flop footwear in India. It was introduced in India in November 2018 and Moo chuu India holds the rights for distribution and retail sales of Moo Chuu Footwear in India. The major USP of its flip flops is that they can be customized based on customer choice of sole and strap colour. Besides customization, Moo Chuu India flipflops are highly durable, waterproof, allergy-free, comfortable, anti-slippery and also, they are made of recycled synthetic rubber. Moo Chuu is India's only customized flip flop brand which makes light, strong, durable, waterproof, customizable, comfortable, and 100% waterproof flip flops. It works with the unique concept of designing one's flip flops by selecting the style, sole, strap, and size according to one's unique taste. Through this, Moo Chuu can cater to a wide variety of customer needs and preferences.

Industry- Footwear

Investment- 10 lakh - 15 lakh

Why Moo Chuu India as a franchise opportunity?

  • Low cost, high return

  • Tested and unique business model

  • Assistance in setup and marketing

  • Low cost of entry

5.SpeedForce: It is one of the leading two-wheeler servicing franchise businesses in India. It has a chain of branches all over India. They provide innovative repair and maintenance services for any two-wheeler. They had a wide range of trustworthy services like pick up and drop facility, on-road breakdown support, insurance support, Annual Maintenance Contracts, warranty program on spare parts, and lubricants. They are bringing a revolution in servicing two-wheelers. With well-equipped two-wheeler service stations and skillful mechanics, They provide quality services with excellent packages that are intended to offer you great maintenance and saving. SpeedForce is a one-stop solution for all two-wheeler needs. They are committed to making your ride safe.

Industry: Automotive service franchise

Investment: 7.5 lakh to 10 lakh 

Outlets : 125+ across India

Why SpeedForce as a franchise opportunity?

  • 125+ outlets all across India

  • A Goodwill of SpeedForce brand that is trusted across the nation

  •  Help in setting your business in a perfect geographical location

  •  Backed by years of research, experience, and financial stability

  •  A perfectly designed marketing strategy to kick start your business

  •  A comprehensive sales team that makes sure you are always high on profits

  •  A Supportive technical team that has solutions for everything

  •  A workforce that is skilled and professional to make sure customers are always happy with the service you provide

  •  Automobile Industry background not required.

6.Service Force: It is India’s Largest 2 Wheeler Multi-Brand Workshop Chain. They are offering Home Service, Breakdown and accidental assistance, PUC, Insurance and Pick drop facility to any 2 wheeler. Serviceforce has made a strategic alliance with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), India’s largest Enterprise for setting up service centers at its Petrol Stations, With the high footfalls at the Petrol pumps The company has more than 250 franchises in various states, servicing over 30 lakhs customers per year.

Industry - Automotive Service Industry

Investment - 10 lakh - 20 lakh

Outlets - 250+ all across India

Why Serviceforce as a  franchise opportunity?

  • Technology-enabled business model

  • Low investment, high return

  • Training and support

  • Workshop Layout and Tooling

  • Marketing and Brand Support

  • Experienced team

7.Go Waterless: Go Waterless started in October 2019 as an innovative concept in professional car cleaning services with a motto to revolutionize your car washing experience. With extensive research & development for 2 years, they have successfully developed a 100% Herbal liquid that can clean the car without a single drop of water. With no scratch or Side effects on the car. In a short span of 1.5 years, they have 60 franchises of ‘Go Waterless’ nationally & soon they are planning to go international too.  

Industry: Automotive service 

Investment : 5 lakh - 10 lakh

Outlets: 60+ all across India

Why Go Waterless franchise?

  • Unique business model (100% herbal liquid)

  • 60+ franchise units in India

  • Low investment, high return

  • It saves water around 200 liters per car wash

8.Pepperfry: It is one of the largest online furniture and decor companies. It is Mumbai based firm with 1.2 lakh products on its website. It is one of the largest omnichannel footprints present in India and has 70+ studious in 28 cities. Now as per the COO and co-founder of Pepperfry Ashis Shah “ Pepperfry is expected to be in the unicorn club soon”.He said “ we are in the process of making a change in the company structure. Hopefully, we should be a billion-dollar business very soon. Our IPO value will be in that range”

Industry - Furniture Industry

Investment - 15 lakh - 40 lakh ( Depending on the type of store)

Outlets - 70+ across India 

Why Pepperfry as a franchise opportunity?

  • Brand Led Marketing Promotions

  • Staff Training and Recruitment Assistance

  • Order Fulfilment, After Sales and Support by Brand

  • 70+ Studios, 20+ Successful Franchisees.

  • Unparalleled Catalogue of 100,000 products

  • 100% Price Parity with Online Business, No Channel Conflict

  • Zero Inventory Carrying.

  • Short Payback Period, Breakeven in Year 1

For more franchise opportunities under 20 lakh, you can visit franchiseBazar and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your investment plan. You can also clear your doubts from experts.


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