Best Franchise To Start In Bangalore Within 10 Lakh

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Best Franchise To Start In Bangalore Within 10 Lakh

Written by: Resham Daswani            


Also known as the knowledge, research and innovation hub of Asia, and home to 400 and a fortune of 500 companies, Karnataka is a leader in India’s technology sector both in terms of investments and exports.


Ease of doing business in Karnataka is always a priority as it stands as one of the best performers in the State Startup Ranking 2021.  Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, also known as Bengaluru, has more than ten million population, making it a megacity and India's third-most populated city.  Bangalore has a major chunk of entrepreneurs and existing business owners looking for new business ideas and growing opportunities.


Tech hub Bangalore sees a flurry of activity coming up in the months as the city showed maximum intent to hire, which means there are a lot of job opportunities because of the growing business opportunities in the city.  The manufacturing and service industries have both shown growth.


Touted as among the fastest-growing cities, Bangalore is the economic hub of India, which will inevitably promote big and small business opportunities.  So, if you are worried about which business idea is good, read this article to see some of the most profitable business ideas to start in Bangalore within your budget.


Franchise Stores


There are various brands in the market today which are already established.  Along with a pre-sold customer base, franchises offer continuous support from the pre-opening to operational, handling the training and managerial support required for the proper functioning of the business.  With a budget of around INR 10 lakhs, you can easily get the license to open a franchise store for a lot of brands.  By doing good research about possible options like healthcare, restaurants, boutique, departmental stores, salons, day-cares, gaming centers and more, you can use the FranchiseBazar website, which provides a wide range of these possible opportunities, along with providing more new business opportunities as per your requirement.


Gadget Store


In the age of the internet, joining the gang of phones, laptops, or pcs, along with the growing need for accessories, is a good business opportunity, if you have a properly stocked store, with enough staff and a good location.  Not to forget along with sales, if you plug in service and repairs this can boost your customers always coming back and increase your profitability.


Spa Services


Where people constantly battle with stress and exhaustion in their daily lives, this is a great business idea, because it is a place where one can experience mental and physical relaxation.  This spa culture is on a rise, across the country.  Nonetheless, your investment here will depend on the services you wish to offer, you can improve your clientele by increasing your services, but the main is to provide quality service.  Keep your services at the market par, and the quality and hygiene at the top and, bingo, your work is done. 


Dog Breeder


One of the best businesses for those who love the little canines and want to make some amazing profits at the same time.  Once you get some good breeds of dogs, you can start breeding them further and sell their pups through social media or advertisements and gain profits.  The investment would likely be only for the infrastructures like access to large farmhouses, where you can house these dogs comfortably for their nourishment and upkeep of their general health and hygiene.


Fitness Centre


A need of the hour for most people today is to keep fit and in good health, along with being in good shape.  Nonetheless, people are willing to spend a good amount of money for this much-wanted fitness.  Thus, starting a fitness centre has become a profitable business with high assured returns.  Acquiring a well-known fitness brand will come with a pre-defined customer base, and the brand being known will also increase the number of new customers to you once the marketing is in place.  Thus, promoting the business is very important.


To conclude,


There is a wide range of ideas just waiting for the right person to acquire them, so speak to our consultants who can guide you on the growing business opportunities in India, you never know, you could be the next emerging star in the new age of entrepreneurship.


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