Best Franchising Solution for your Investment under 2 crores

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Smaller communities have a lot of potential, and many people are willing to invest their money in reputable businesses. In India, where the franchise market is expanding quickly and is anticipated to reach Rs 7,000 crore by 2025, the current situation of the industry is quite encouraging.

With approximately 1.3 billion citizens, India is the second-most populated nation in the world and is expected to surpass China as the most populous nation by 2027. By 2035, the nation's economy is anticipated to overtake that of the United States and become the largest in the world.

Indian Economy’s Silver Lining – Franchise Your Business Today

The franchise industry has been a silver lining in India's economy, and now is the perfect time for franchises to expand and explore the possibilities in smaller cities.

Franchise development in India is a challenging process.

  • First off, there are many small enterprises fighting for customers in the highly fragmented Indian market. Due to this, franchisors struggle to locate compatible partners and are unable to grow quickly.
  • Second, neither party has much legal protection in the event of a dispute because India's franchising laws are still in a relatively early stage of development. For both franchisors and franchisees, this can make franchising a dangerous business.
  • Finally, it can be challenging to persuade potential partners to sign a franchise agreement because many Indians are still unfamiliar with the idea of franchising.

Thinking of what franchise business to start in India?

Despite these difficulties, many businesses wishing to expand their presence in India continue to find the franchise business model to be a compelling alternative.

Obviously, if you are investing up to INR 2 crores, it is important to consider the returns and profitability alongside choosing the correct business.

Therefore, if you are one of those entrepreneurs looking to put in your hard-earned money in a franchise business in India, but not sure what to look out for?  Your worries end here. 

This article will help you in investing your money in the right business and we @ FranchiseBazar are here to guide you.

Franchise Business in India Under 2 Crores

Here are the top Franchise Businesses in India under 2 Crores.


Franchise Business Opportunities in India

There are numerous expanding franchise opportunities in various investment categories nowadays. You have several options depending on the industry you want to choose. But how will you know whether you are making the right franchise investment?

How soon will you be able to see a return on your investment? Knowing all of this will be essential in recommending the kinds of businesses you can start.

A list of some of the best franchise opportunities in India under INR 2 crores has been compiled by FranchiseBazar. These vary depending on the industry. So, think carefully about whatever industry you want to enter first and consider your best possibilities. 

Additionally, you can visit our website to learn more about franchise industry opportunities in India, franchise investment opportunities in India, and franchise-by-location opportunities in India.


How to choose the most profitable franchise business in India under 2 Crores?

Most of the Top Brands in the under 2 crore bracket, such as Subway, Raymond's, Burger King, Aptech, and NIIT, are quite developed and profitable for most of their franchises.

Although as a new investor, their top positions are already taken, there may be potential for you to take their excellent locations if you live in a TIER II city. There are a handful more in the upper investment bracket, such as Tanishq, DPS School, and others that consistently attract HNIs and have the whole nation covered.

My recommendation would be to look at a mid-range international master franchise where you would own a region (a city or a state) and make the most of the brand's expansion.

Locating them is the challenging part. You might hire knowledgeable franchise consultants from FranchiseBazar who could assist you in selecting an intriguing master franchise in India based on your degree of investment and the qualifications or experience of your group.

Franchise Business in India under INR 2 Crore

1. Xtro Kidswear Retail Fashion Brand

With more than ten years of retail experience and 200+ brands to offer, they offer 24-hour retail services. With an area of 1000–2000 square feet and an investment of INR 1-2 crores, you can anticipate seeing a positive return on your money quickly.

They began their retail operations in Coimbatore in 2012, and since then, they have developed a reputation for being the go-to company for any event. They make sure there is a large selection of things for children of all ages, from infants to 15 years old. 

2. Haldirams

You need to go no further than Haldirams if you're considering choosing traditional sweets and appetisers this holiday season. They began as a modest namkeen shop in Bikaner and became well-known and successful for their distinctively flavorful bhujia.

They have been instilling the value of maintaining history and quality in their products for many years. This demonstrates why they are present in many other nations in addition to India. Additionally, they have won the hearts of millions of people with their principles and wide range of product choices.

3. Ohman

Another new entry this year to the list. The Institute of Andrology & Sexual Health (IASH), a men's health subsidiary of Bhandari Healthcare Pvt Ltd, is where this business is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Check them out because they have goods for any occasion.

While the holidays are a wonderful chance to unwind as the year draws to a close, they can also be stressful for many individuals. OHMAN is here to help. You can choose from a huge selection of products at OHMAN's online store. Leading physicians and items that have undergone clinical testing support the brand. Complete with covert packing, and ready to be delivered right to your door!

4. Hero MotorCorp India

The desire for bikes to manage such congested traffic and the growing amount of traffic on the roads will always keep the industry afloat. The high-quality Hero Moto Corp cars may also need routine maintenance due to the poor state of the roads and other environmental issues. As a result, Hero Moto Corp., a manufacturer of high-quality motorcycles, has a wide range of sales and service opportunities.

5. SRL Diagnostics

The only lab in India having a pan-India presence is SRL, the largest diagnostic laboratory chain in terms of geographic distribution. In 34 states and union territories, you may find our network of labs and patient service centres. Our nationwide network includes more than 400 laboratories, 2500 patient service centres, and 5000 institutional touchpoints. Afghanistan, Nepal, and Dubai also have SRL labs.

6. Manyavar Franchise

The elegant Sherwanis, magnificent Indo-Westerns, Royal Bandhgalas, traditional Kurta-Jackets, and complementing accessories from Manyavar's timeless celebration collection are perfect for life's important occasions. Not forgetting the younger generation, Manyavar launched a range of kids' ethnic and fusion clothing that delighted the young ones.

Manyavar has transcended boundaries to become one of the best places to work, boasting cutting-edge facilities, a welcoming team, a wide range of employee benefits, and happy employees.

7. Arvind Fashion

The only business in India that offers all formats of fashion retail. We have locations all over India, from 1300 standalone stores to 5000 departmental and multi-brand stores. Our supremacy in the fashion industry is supported by a warehouse and distribution system that is incredibly effective.

They delivered denim to India and Flying Machine to your wardrobe, feeding India's rising fashion aspirations. They elevated the bar for quality with Arrow, the first worldwide brand created in India. Today, Arrow is the preferred formal dress brand for everyone from the savvy executive to the corporate czar.

One of their other big brands, US Polo Assn., was one of the first after its introduction to surpass the 100-crore mark in India. They launched Megamart, India's first big retail brand, and it has since undergone a radical makeover to become UNLIMITED.

8. KFC Franchise

It's easy! Fried chicken is the speciality at KFC. It's all about the crunch, served with juicy, crispy chicken that has been rolled seven times in 11 different herbs and spices. Each bite delivers a flavorful explosion!

We constantly aim to provide the highest quality food possible, with a tonne of attention, whether it's in terms of the chicken's quality, the carefully chosen ingredients, or our pledge of great service. That is the reason that KFC fans from all over the world continue to visit even after more than 90 years!

9. Tanishq Jewels

Tanishq views jewellery as an expression of art rather than a product, and our stunning collection of jewel pieces perfectly balances classic allure with modern allure. Tanishq strives to be an essential part of the journey of the Indian woman by creating patterns that capture the beauty and celebration of key milestones in her life.

We are India's top wedding jewellery provider and understanding the unique requirements of each regional bride has served as our motivation for developing unique wedding collections that serve every community in India through Rivkah.

10. BlueStone Jewels

India's top retailer of fine jewellery of the highest calibre and with visually stunning designs is BlueStone. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, quality, and customer experience, we aspire to revolutionise the fine jewellery and lifestyle industry in India. BlueStone has quickly amassed a sizable family of devoted customers both in India and beyond.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q.1. What business can I start in India with 2 crores?

Select the appropriate business to start with a 2-crore investment. In recent years, there has been a rush of start-ups due to the growing employment insecurity. Innovative ideas have emerged in the process, even if no start-up can ever be guaranteed to be successful. Most large businesses in existence today began as modest startups and have since expanded significantly with consistent work and a sound business strategy.

Q.2. How long is the return on investment for a franchise business in India?

Unless you have faith in a franchise, you should never invest in one (based on your investigation). At least 30 to 50 per cent of the total initial investment for the franchise unit will be returned to the investor annually on average as income from the firm.

Q.3. How much money is required to open a franchise in India?

Although each franchise has different startup costs, most of the requirements are the same. In general, you will be required to pay a franchise fee to the franchisor as well as all start-up costs for your location, including professional fees, contractor fees, signage, and inventory. Additionally, you must make sure you have sufficient working cash to maintain your firm when you launch a franchise.

The Bottom Line

You can receive some of the top business opportunities in India and a better rate of profit by investing a sizable sum. Contact our consultants at FranchiseBazar by phone so they can help you select the best franchise opportunities in India and keep you informed of the most recent franchise news in India. Call us right away. If you found our blog beneficial, don't forget to leave a comment in the box below.

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