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Investing in infrastructures like an office or outlet space is not required for all franchises. There are plenty of home-based business opportunities you could partake in, using your own house. Although a few of these businesses might need slight alterations to your home, a few of them absolutely don't. Such businesses have popularized themselves as "home-based franchise for moms" among the women of India, many of whom are homemakers.

Franchises such as the ones of preschools, boutiques, food catering, dry food and condiments, database entry and other back-end technological services or even tutorials and tuitions, are hugely home-based franchises, which are great business opportunities for both home-based entrepreneurs and business-oriented women of the house. These are relatively priced below many other franchises of the same market size and also require a lower amount of maintenance.

With investments as low as Rs.30,000 and a franchise fees of Rs.7,500 or more you could be a part of one of the many home-based franchise options available in the market. There are various benefits included in the above-mentioned franchise models.

A few home-based business opportunities:

Preschools and play homes:

With working parents, young kids are often admitted into play homes or preschools, where they often spend almost the whole day playing and being looked after. This could be done using your own house, with minor adjustments. A few franchises under this category require a fixed set of rules and infrastructural aspects, but most of them allow free will of the person running it. With a minimum space requirement of 1200 sq. ft, you could start off with your own play home outlet.

Abacus and tutorials:

Tutorial institutes such as those for high school tuitions and abacus are extremely profitable. With a minimum investment for classroom amenities such as tables, chairs and boards. In this highly competitive world, all parents want their children to be good at everything and hence will join them into any institute, no matter where you open them. You could join any abacus franchise and customize your space based on their requirements, and start earning very soon. The market for education and learning will never go down.      

Dry foods and catering:

Franchises of dry food and condiments manufacturing and supply are extremely popular in India. There is a different kind of value for homemade foods and snacks. Some of these businesses supply to supermarkets too. Small-scale functions at home like a family get-together, festivities and others demand for food and many a times home cooked and catered food is the best choice, this is where home-based cooking and catering services come in play. These are some of the best home-based ideas in India because they do not require major investments for infrastructure as customer interaction is minimal.


Beauty parlours, clothing and apparels, or even handicrafts area great home-based business for women. Beauty parlours being one of the most profitable businesses among all other home-based franchises, as people don't think a lot on spending to look good. Clothing and handicrafts will attract a lot of attention because people tend to buy handmade products, not forgetting products made few in number, with a touch of detail.

If you have a big house, or some space you could use and a business idea you could build or join a franchise on, log on to our website and let our experts help you in achieving your goals. Have an idea? Just franchise it!

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