Best Pre-school Franchise Opportunities in India

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As per the brand new market report by Technavie, the growth of the pre-school franchise in India is likely to extend close to 18% during 2020-2024. Due to such fact-based assumptions, many pre-school platforms have started commencing the franchising opportunities in order to expand its reach, growth, brand recognition, and profits.The growth of the pre-school franchise has been extending because many parents in urban localities are involved in various occupations and are unable to provide their young children with accurate and timely education to their kid’s such early education facilities are fulfilled by pre-school platforms.

Another reason for the rise in preschool platforms is; such platforms are designed after undertaking the children understanding capabilities, their psychology on how they grasp the information, latest and superior technology for virtual learning sessions, etc. pre-school franchises that are promising and emerging in India at a swift rate and below is the list of few profitable and best pre-school franchise that can be commenced and operate in India. 

Best Pre-school Franchise Opportunities in India (2020)

1. Bambino International Franchise in India:

Bambino International is a Montessori pre-school that offers a superior quality education that has the Methodology with the syllabus of the Indian system of learning. The education and learning methods provided by Bambino to children assist them to strengthen their holistic development by ways of valuable education and social experiences which prints a positive influence on children in their early days of childhood.

The preeminent pre-school service offered by Bambino consists of expertise in the field of Montessori Education where teachers are trained for a period of five years for better experience and enhancement. The platform renders its education in their main study centers, they also have other centers where they provide consultancy ad expertise in the form of Franchise. Due to swift growth and trained expertise. Bambino has become a renowned educationalist pre-school platform. The investment requires to start the Bambino franchise lies between 10-15 lakhs and the space required is 2000-3000 sq ft.

Benefits of the Bambino franchise:

  • Bambino has +5 years of experience in the field of Montessori Education and Research that showcase its testimony and their admirable performance which creates a quality brand image.
  • Bambino provides superior quality class support t its franchise partners with the latest innovation and best practices.
  • Bambino provides marketing assistance as well as branding concepts that print the extensive support for the growth of the business. 
  • Bambino also provides facilitation in recruitment, training, and E2E, operational support, academics support, and inception support to its franchise partners. 
  • At present Bambino already has 10-20 franchise outlets, the platform is emerging swiftly due to its quality education and strategic marketing concepts. 


2. Kidz Kampus Montessori Franchise in India:

Kidz Kampus Montessori is an international pre-school platform that merges the latest and developed innovative Montessori technology with the traditional methods of teaching to provide excellent teaching techniques to children.

Kidz Kampus has developed various age applicable books, and curriculums as per the Montessori methods, the books are created in such a way that offers visual and audio teaching so children can grasp the content skillfully. All such curriculums and methods are designed by experts with several years of experience and training. Kidz Kampus enhance teaching via technology and IT operational methods to the children's s they can keep rapid pace with the brand new technology. 

The franchise model of Kidz Kampus offers royalty-free opportunity, the platform also delivers the quality and international pre-school education at an effective price along with technological innovation which makes the Kids Kampus one of the best pre-school franchise in India. 

The investment requirement for opening kids Kampus franchise lies between 5-10 lakhs and the space required is 1000-2000 sq ft. 

Benefits of Kidz Kampus franchise:

  • The franchise by Kidz Kampus is royalty-free which id one of the most beneficial support the platform offers.
  • Kidz Kampus offers an ultra-high return on investment.
  • Kidz Kampus provides conceptualized and strategic plans to its franchise partners. 
  • Kidz Kampus provides monthly training and testing and ongoing centralized services to franchise partners to offer the best support in sales and marketing as well. 
  • Kidz Kampus provides Gamified learning methods along with interactive software tools and curriculum-based books for effective learning and growth. 
  • Kidz Kampus is one of the most trust-worthy brands that is supported by a team of educational experts. 


3. Jumbo Kids Franchise in India: 

Podar Jumbo Kids was inaugurated in 1927 and since its inception, it has continued to grow with rising inspiration and enhance the traditional Indian value such as honesty, integrity, and service. The platform has over 91 years of experience in the educational field along with 12 years of experience in franchise sectors with 250  franchise sectors in the pan India platform.

At present, the Podar Jumbo Kids is a network of 124 educational institutions across the country. The platform has 150 years old philosophy of Maria Montessori that focus attentively on sensory-motor development. The emerging growth of Jumbo Kids is operating due to the structured curriculum, attentive vision on innovation, and a strong commitment to render superior quality education. The investment requires for opening the Podar Jumbo Kids franchise is 5-10 lakhs and the space required is 2000-3000 sq ft. 

Benefits of the Jumbo Kids franchise:

  • Jumbo Kids provides extensive and customized support to its franchise partners for rapid growth. 
  • Jumbo Kids have their distinctive “Add-On” revenue method that assures benefits and optimum utilization as well as enhances the return on Investment. 
  • Jumbo Kids provides “Event” support for the celebration and activities. 
  • Jumbo Kids also provides additional “ Revenue Generating” tactics for “Centers”, clubs, and camps. 
  • Jumbo Kids render their franchise partners management software for better enhancement of various operations.
  • Jumbo Kids provides its franchise partners detailed manually related to every aspect of business functions. 
  • The best support provided by Jumbo Kids is the word of mouth publicity for better and emerging growth of the business. 


4. Euro Kids Franchise in India: 

Euro Kids is a notable brand that is owned by Euro International Ltd. Euro Kids comes under the top 5 best pre-school platforms in India, due to its emerging growth of popularity in the children's books segment its pre-school business since its commencement has been growing rapidly which leads to having Euro Kids 780 pre-schools in 280 towns in India.

The platform has the largest network in pre-school and franchise sectors which makes its more beneficial and ever-growing platform. The platform enhances its focus uniquely in the direction of exploring children's potential, goal, stimulate their curiosity, assist them to explore and guide them to acquire joy in learning, and focusing on the development of new skills. The investment requires to start the Euro Kids franchise lies between 15-20 lakhs and the space required is 1000-2000 sq ft. 

Benefits of Euro Kids franchise:

  • Euro Kids franchise partners received personalized training programs and support for better growth emerging business networks.
  • EuroKids render sustainable training for the staff members that includes Euro Kids curriculum and delivery methods. 
  • Euro Kids is India's largest pre-school sectors with 780 pre-school in 280 towns. 
  • The return on investment plans offered by the platform is good and beneficial. 

5. Kidzee Franchise in India:

The Kidzee pre-school sector is one of the largest pre-school sectors in Asia at present. Kidzee is a pre-eminent platform in ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education). The platform has the strengthened network with 1900+ centers in around 750+ cities, its powerful rapid growth range has touched 9,00,000 children in India due to its superior teaching, strategic management, conceptual marketing, and brand awareness techniques.

In 2018 Kidzee has been awarded as “Leading Preschool Band of the year” due to this its brand recognition spread widely and many centers along with franchises started operations in functioning at a sustainable rate along with an ample amount of benefits and profits. Kidzee has ranked among the top 100 franchise opportunities in India, it is also known as Asia’s No.1 pre-school which has made it one of the most successful franchises internationally. Due to the best teaching and several years of research development accompanied by experience Kidzee has developed the best-in-class child-centric learning methodology which is called ILLUME.  The investment requirement for the inauguration of the Kidzee franchise lies between is 12, 00,000. Rs and space required are 2000-3000 sq ft. 

Benefits of the Kidzee franchise:

  • Kidzee offers a rich ROI plan that has proven Kidzee top best Business model franchise.
  • Kidzee renders its support in enrollment for the franchise in innovative marketing.
  • Kidzee also provides accurate assistance in infrastructure facilities as well as designing of the business to its franchise partners. 
  • Kidzee offers its tested books, learning resources as well as the publication for better teaching and learning.
  • Kidzee keeps its franchise partners consistently updated with the latest teaching, education, and curriculum development.
  • These were some best pre-school franchise opportunities that are proven to be emerging and reaching its peak of triumph.


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