Best Retail Franchise Businesses In India For 2021

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Written by Shakti                                                                                       Sep 23, 2021

In India, the retail market is growing dynamically as the population is increasing in our nation with which consumers’ demands and their purchasing power are also constantly increasing. This tendency towards the business has made ‘India’ one of the world’s largest global destinations in retail space. 

Retail franchising contributes a lot to the development of various business segments which are actually diverse in terms of types of business models, formats and goods. 

There are mainly two kinds of retail franchises in our nation:

  • Online Retail Franchises which sell clothes, food, jewellery, tobacco products, also provide home delivery services. 

  • Retail Store Franchises like supermarkets, medical stores, interior and exterior wood flooring showrooms. 

Nowadays, to stay and survive in the competitive market, retail business is good to start with and can easily help an entrepreneur to grow faster and also show the path to join a proven retail shop franchise in our nation. 

In 2021, the retail business has built a solid reputation along with tried-and-true training & constant support. It is also associated with various regional and national advertising campaigns and lower prices involved with group purchasing.

Some of the Best Retail Franchise Businesses in India for 2021-

  • Pepperfry- The company was founded in 2012 and has been involved in retail franchising since 2017.

Franchise units: 20 - 40

Initial investment: 10-15 Lakhs

Pepperfry is the largest online Furniture and Décor company with more than 1.2 lakhs listed products. It is the largest Omni-channel footprint across the nation, having nearly about 72 studios located in nearly 28 cities. These studios have become a prime growth as it has significantly contributed to the overall business platforms. At present, the company operates 32 FOFO studios across various cities in India. It has a proven successful model with 70+ Studios and 30+ Successful Franchisees.

  • HouseDeck- The company was commenced in 2020 and has been involved in retail franchising since 2021. 

Franchise units: Less than 10

Investment Range: Rs. 10Lakhs - 15Lakhs

In India, HouseDeck is the fastest expanding home interiors brand. The company has skilled interior designers with highly creative talents. The company mainly focuses on luxury, comfort, and practicality, keeping in mind the clients’ requirements and the ongoing international trends. Though the company was launched in 2020 but has expanded its roots quickly, and currently, it is operating in 4 major cities and has satisfied 450+ families across the cities. HouseDeck Franchise store is the biggest ‘home interiors’ market of USD 13 Billion in India. HouseDeck mainly emphasizes on functionality and aesthetics to provide homeowners with customized and efficient home designs. The company’s designers are specialized in home interior designs and home decor. They generally help to create a personalized home to suit the lifestyle of customers.

  • Gilma - The company was founded in 1994 and has been involved in retail franchising since 2006. 

Franchise units: 160-300

Initial investment: From Rs 5-10 Lakhs

Gilma is the largest limited company in the kitchen appliances industry. For years, it has evolved as an organization that creates masterpieces for kitchens; has seamlessly blended sophistication and aesthetics with technology to make even dull household chores in the kitchen of a pleasurable experience. Gilma has a unique customer proposition and different go-to-market strategies and is present all across the nation. It believes in offering premium kitchen solutions through a wide range of kitchen products including pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, gas and induction cooktops, mixer grinders, chimneys, hobs and others. 

The company is very committed to individual safety with quality products. It is currently offering franchising opportunities to business seekers in order to deliver innovative, user-friendly and superior quality products at the best value to the customers, keeping in mind the prosperity of the company and its stakeholders.

  • Steel Hawk- The company was founded in 2017 and has been involved in retail franchising since 2019. 

Franchise units: 5-10

Initial investment: From Rs. 2-5 Lakhs

The company has attained an impressive growth rate in the Global markets through visionary approaches for its remarkable manufacturing work. It has been fulfilling the growing demands and expectations of customers regarding various steel-based bottles & cups. It has a team of innovative and quality-centric industrial professionals who are continuously bringing unique products of international standards. The company clearly understands the trends and styles that are popular among the customers. It also provides the exact designs through an extensive range of Steel Water Bottles, Steel Flat Feeding Bottles, SS Small Milk Bottles, Sipper Water Bottles, Steel Baby Sipper Cups, and many other items to its customers worldwide.

  • Moo Chuu- The company was started in 2014 and has been involved in retail franchising since 2021. 

Franchise unit: No unit

Initial investment: From Rs. 2-10 Lakhs

The company has active operations in around 12 countries globally. It has a unique customization concept and strong branding to become the leading chain of flip-flop footwear in our nation. In India, it was introduced in November 2018 and now holds the rights for distribution and retail sales of footwear in India. It is highly customized based on the customer’s choices. Besides customization, Moo Chuu India flipflops are highly durable, 100% waterproof, allergy-free, comfortable, anti-slippery and are also made up of recycled synthetic rubber.

It works with the unique concept of designing one's flip flops by selecting the style, sole, strap and size according to one's unique taste. It caters to a wide variety of customers as per their needs and preferences.

Retail Franchise Cost in India

The benefit that is associated with owners of businesses is the lower costs associated with group purchasing. Retail Franchises require all of their stores to sell the same or similar products, and the only way to guarantee them all is to enable all of their franchisees to purchase from the same lot. 

Drastically, Group purchasing power has the ability to reduce warehouse costs as the company might be able to buy 1,00,000 units rather than 100. For example, the average coffee shop owner might purchase coffee cups for around 0.40 per unit, while a coffee shop that is part of a franchise may able to source the same coffee cup for as low as 0.10 per unit. It’s only possible because of ‘group purchasing power’. 

Nearly all major franchises, including McDonald's, offer their franchisees the benefits of group purchasing. The retail franchise cost is perhaps the most vital concept to think about at the time of investment. It really depends on the size and scope of the established retail franchisee to afford the initial franchising costs of licensing certain brands. Thus, it can be concluded that there are several opportunities to open a retail franchise business as retail entrepreneurship. The retail business provides dozens of advantages for its franchising and has the power of upgrading the existing brands in the market. 

Retail franchising is the method of opening a single store based on the name, branding, trademark, and products of an existing business.

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