Best Service Industry Business Opportunities In India

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Do you want to become an entrepreneur but have no experience? Where would you go to get perfect guidance to kick-start your business? 

Probably for a consultation, right? Or are you already a successful entrepreneur who has many proven strategies for conducting a prosperous business but doesn't know to whom you can share all such strategies? then you can start your own consultation service business. You can provide your service to those in need and create a win-win situation for both. Not only consultation but you can trade many services and gain profit from it. Today we will look at how the services industry in India is growing tremendously and how it has been bestowing some kick-start opportunities to many entrepreneurs through the franchise model. 

What is Service Industry? 

The service industry is consist of a various business platform which work for customers by providing various services but do not involve manufacturing. The service sector is also known as the intangible sector. You must have a basic idea that the business industry is divided into two major categories; goods and services. The goods category basically involves manufacturing or construction where the products can be seen. But in the service category, the service is executed, such as banking, coaching, delivery, etc. In India, the service sector is consists of more than half of the total economy. The service industry plays a crucial role in India, you must have heard about Mumbai Dabbawala’s, they have a vast chain of the network through which they deliver the tiffins to employees at their offices, in their service the dabbawalas are neither cooking food nor ordering it, they just collect the food from employees home and deliver to them at their office. This is an example of how service business works without any manufacturing of goods. 

Growth Of Service Industry in India:

India is Asia’s third-largest economy, where the service industry is booming rapidly. In 2018 more than 31% of the employees were working in the Indian service industry and at present in 2020, the service sector contributes nearly 53% to India (GVA) Gross Value Added. The import consist of the service sector in India is near $13 billion and the export is consists of approximately 14 billion. As per the analysis of IHS Markit, the Indian service industry index was just 5.4% in April 2020, but after a month of lockdown, it grew to 12.6% in May 2020 that indicates a consistent growth with increasing demand. In India, the increasing population demands many services at once because with an increasing number of people the ever-growing scarcity and issues grow too. Even in the phase of lockdown, many service sectors was booming as it got difficult for common people to step out of their home, so many of them started hiring various services to get their work done. 


With such a massive and sustainable growth in the service industry aren’t you passionate to start your own service-based business in India? 

But, what are some of the best ideas you can pick now and reap benefits? 


Best Service Business Ideas for dedicated Entrepreneurs:


Cleaning Franchise: 

With the increasing case of COVID-19 cleanliness has become our foremost priority, even the government has ordered that all the commercial places should be well-sanitized and cleaned for the safety of the employees. Many business platforms are looking for commercial cleaning services so they can keep their offices cleaned, various hospitals, schools, buildings, universities, are looking for a suitable cleaning service to ensure maximum safety. Under such conditions, starting a cleaning franchise is one of the sparkling opportunities you can grab. 


Consultancy Franchise: 

If your business platform isn’t doing well and showing a declining revenue rate, then you must know that it time for you to get a professional consultation from experienced experts. Hiring a consultancy franchise is all you need to again kick your business and enjoy a perfect flow of revenue in your hands. In India more than 50,000 startups are born each year but, not all of them survive in the market because of the lack of strategic concept, consultation services provide all the required knowledge and training to make a good start. So if you are one of the experts with tons of knowledge then spread your wings and start a consultation service now or if you want to become a highly successful entrepreneur then hire a consultancy service. 


Delivery Franchise:

The delivery or logistics sector is reaching the heist peak in India, especially since the lockdown. The logistic sector has grown in India is likely to increase more than 10% between 2020-2024. Such a huge supply of logistics is growing due to the huge demand by the consumer, food, and healthcare products have high demand, one of the best features of starting a logistics business is low-investment. Due to low-investment many entrepreneurs sare grabbing these opportunities. 


Do you want to get some of the best business service franchise opportunities that will bring fruitful results for you in the future? 


Profitable Business service Franchise Opportunities in India:


JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning franchise:

JAN-PRO is an organized commercial cleaning company that provides cleaning services to the clients through its well-trained janitors. The company utilizes the latest technological equipment for cleaning, and its employees and well-trained and have a skilled working process. The company offers franchise opportunities in India and provides all the training and support to the franchise partners. From guidance to consultancy, the company takes care of everything so the franchise partner can grow sustainably. The investment required to start its franchise is 75 lakhs to 1 crore and the space requirement is 250-500 sq ft.


Knight Bite Food Delivery Franchise:

Knight Bite is a cloud kitchen platform that provides midnight food delivery services starting from 7.p.m and ends at 4 a.m. Knight Bite serves the hot cuisine within 35 minutes to its customers, the company has its own application where more than 10,000+ customers order food regularly. Knight Bite offers lucrative food delivery franchise opportunIndiain India and provides all the necessary support along with training. The investment required to start its franchise is 10-15 lakhs and the space requirement is 750-1000 sq ft.


Franchisebazar Concultancy Franchise: 

Franchisebazar has more than 20+ years of experience in conducting the franchise business and has more than 30,000 well-known brands listed on its website. The company offers many franchisees various and lucrative benefits such as attractive ROI, website listing, marketing tool, training, lead generation, and standard operational methods. The company also offers Work From Home opinion which is designed in specialized formate so the franchisee can generate lead and expand the network within the comfort oh hie/her home. The company has a leading presence across India and is expanding at a rapid rate. The investment required to start its franchise is 2-5 lakhs and the space requirement is less than 250 sq ft. 


Delhivery Delivery Franchise: 

Delhivery is one of the prominent platforms that provide delivery service of all kinds t the customers at a pocket-friendly price. The company has a remarkable brand recognition across India due to which it is expanding rapidly. At present the company is eyeing for expansion in India by investing 300 cr in the next 24 months, the company is augmenting its platform through a franchise model and provide the best training, guidance, assistance to outs franchise partners. The aspiring entrepreneurs with a low budget can invest in the franchise and reap the lucrative benefits out of it. The investment required to start its franchise is 50,000 to 2 lakhs and the space requirement is less than 400-500 sq ft. 



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