Best Tea Café Franchise in India for 2023

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Best Tea Café Franchise in India for 2023

Written by: Resham Daswani     


If you want to know about the best tea franchise in India, you have landed yourself in the right article.  Many megacities of India have a common phenomenon of a tea stall at almost every corner of the country.  No matter what time of the day it is, you will always find these stalls filled with people of all ages enjoying a good cup of tea or coffee.  But the trend is also moving to people wanting to visit cafes where the ambiance is better, and a good atmosphere maintains the hygiene of the products sold. 


Continue reading to know about the best tea café franchises in India.  If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start your business soon, with a plan of investing in a tea café franchise in India in 2023, we have some of the top tea café franchises in India 2022, which you may like to look into.


Top Tea Café Franchises in India


Tea Max Café


Known to be India’s most affordable tea café franchise, this has accelerated their expansion spree across the country.  Started with a solitary store in Hyderabad in 2021, they have now expanded to over 50 stores across various cities of the country.  Tex Max Café is a part of Ashoka Group, having franchises all over the country, even tapping most of the remote corners of India. 


It was started with a mission not only to provide affordable and delicious tea but also want to increase jobs and self-employment opportunities through its franchising model.  Founded by Vikas Singh and Jai Prakash in 2021, when they saw a growing opportunity in the Indian Market, they started as a small tea café joint and now have become one of the leading players in the Indian tea café market. 


Tea isn't simply a beverage; it's a way of life in India. And right now, you can spread the joy of tea to more locals thanks to a special and very affordable tea shop franchise opportunity in India.


TeaMax Cafe's rapid growth can be attributed to its emphasis on value and quality. The business provides a large selection of personalized menu items at extremely affordable costs. The Assam and Darjeeling farms supply the tea, which is always freshly brewed to order at the cafes. From traditional Indian masala chai to cool iced teas, the business has a wide selection of teas to meet different customer preferences. These teas are complemented by a variety of snacks and light meal alternatives.


Importantly, because of its very affordable business strategy, its franchise partners can start a tea franchise in India with little to no extra capital and soon break even on their investment. For us and our franchise partners to grow as a business together, Jai Prakash said, "Our focus on minimal cost/investment is based upon establishing a win-win opportunity for us and our franchise partners." The Administration stated "We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who want to be a part of something exceptional and help us expand our brand across India as part of our goals for quick expansion. We would be interested in hearing from you if you love tea and provide outstanding customer service!"


The Hyderabad-based tea shop franchise in India has aggressive expansion plans, with new locations expected to open at an increasing rate before the end of 2022. Currently, TeaMax has more than 200 locations across 22 Indian States. By the end of 2023, the corporation wants to increase this number to 500 locations. TeaMax appears to be in a good position to rank among the biggest cafe chains in India in 2023 in the years to come thanks to promising growth possibilities and a committed management team.


MBA Chai Wala


A chaiwala who dropped his MBA to become a tea vendor has built a business turnover of INR 4 crores.  Founded in 2017 Prafull Billore fulfilled his dreams of becoming a big businessman, he has established his business without a passion for tea.


Founded: 2017

Franchising Since: 2017

Franchise Cost: INR 9-10 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: INR 3 Lakhs

Space Requirement: 100-200 square feet


Chai Thela Franchise


This is considered amongst the best tea franchises in the world.  Established in 2015, and founded by Pankaj Judge, this is a place where you can have an authentic as well as hygienic chai experience.  With over 30 outlets across India, this brand serves food items like sandwiches, burgers, and noodles as well as other kinds of beverages.


Founded: 2015

Franchising Since: 2015

Franchise Cost: INR 2 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: NA

Space Required: 500-600 square feet


Tea House


One of the largest tea franchise chains across the globe, and also the third best pan-India, the Tea house is a brand that serves various beverages like coffee, shakes, and other beverages besides tea.  Founded by Kodudula Naveen Reddy in 2021 in south India, this is a brand looking to expand its operations across various cities of India.


Founded: 2021

Franchising Since: 2021

Franchise Cost: INR 14 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: INR 3.25 Lakhs

Space Required: 150-200 square feet


Tea Time


Founded by Uday Srinivas Tangella in 2016, Tea Time is one of the world’s best as well as biggest tea companies, established in Andhra Pradesh.  This brand wants to spread its presence across the country and is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Founded: 2016

Franchising Since: 2016

Franchise Cost: INR 12 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: 40-80%

Space Required: 100 square feet


Yewale Tea


Also known as Yewale Amruttulya, this is a traditional tea chain in Pune, which caters to its demand for tea, founded in 1983 by Dashrath Yewale and Nilesh Yewale, a father and son duo. 


Founded: 1983

Franchising Since: 1983

Franchising Fee: INR 10 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: 2-3% annually

Space Required: 250-300 square feet


Chai Sutta Bar


One of the fastest-growing tea chains in India, established in 2016 by Anand Naik, has been named the best tea franchise in India, ever since its conception.  This brand is growing across the country at a rapidly fast pace.


Founded: 2016

Franchising Since: 2016

Franchise Cost: INR 16 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: 2%

Space Required: 300-400 square feet




Founded in 1971, by Gordon Bowker, this is the most popular American Coffeehouse established in India and is also known as the best tea franchise in India.  With an amount of INR 20 lakhs, an investor can buy a franchise of this coffee shop where the infrastructural investment would be around INR 1 crore.


Founded: 1971

Franchising Since: 1971

Franchise Cost: INR 1 crore

Royalty Fee: 40-80%

Space Required: 1000-2000 square feet



Chai Calling


The forte of this brand is to offer a world-class tea experience with an essence of wonder, fun, and relaxation at very affordable prices.  Founded by Abhinav Tandon in 2010, they are expanding their reach across the city and beyond.


Founded: 2010

Franchising Since: 2010

Franchise Cost: INR 2-5 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: NA

Space Required: 100-250 square feet


Chai Garam


This is a platform that encourages entrepreneurship amongst the youth in the country.  Founded by Abhishek Nahta in 2008, this a brand that is in search of ambitious, motivated individuals to become business owners and grow along with the brand.


Founded: 2008

Franchising Since: 2008

Franchise Cost: INR 2-5 Lakhs

Royalty Fee: 4%

Space Required: 300-1500 square feet


The Bottom Line


FranchiseBazar has a plethora of tea business opportunities in India.  Call our consultants to find out the latest tea café franchises in India 2023.  Grab your opportunity today.


You can Register To Take Franchise Or Call / WhatsApp : +919844443200

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