Businesses That Flourished During The Pandemic

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Written by Rashmi Vohra                                                                       May 21, 2021

Coronavirus changed the manner in which the world worked. We were unexpectedly approached to remain inside consistently. Organizations both small and huge took a tremendous beating and for most recuperation is a faraway dream. In this miserable situation were, numerous organizations shut down and most are limping back to the ordinary, there are some which flourished.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes,” these are the words of Bill gates which he said 5 years ago in his 2015 TED talk, concerning the risks of an approaching pandemic. Finally, the world is awakening to the truth that Gates' proclamation may happen. As nations wrestle with the human and financial expenses of COVID-19, the pandemic is moving the worldwide scene in various ways. It has catalyzed better approaches for getting things done — how business works, imparts, and showcases items — that could be setting down deep roots.

For the management bookkeepers, it's significant to know which areas are battling and which ones may profit. While it's too soon to know for sure, there are signs that the accompanying classifications of organizations merit a more profound hope to notice drifts that could affect business activities and procedure in nations throughout the planet.

     1.Delivery services 

With numerous buyers hesitant to leave their homes or being exhorted by state governments to shelter in place during the Covid emergency, many delivery services have ventured up to ensure goods can be conveyed to homes and organizations. While cross country food conveyance services and corporate retail deliveries have been the biggest recipient, neighbourhood grocery/Kirana stores also started with delivery services to make things accessible to people without even them stepping out. This not only benefitted the customers but also the business owners as even during pandemic times, their business gave returns.  

All sort of delivery services, be it food delivery, grocery delivery, mail delivery services etc., saw a huge rise in demand. The delivery service business has seen a massive surge in the past few months. It was even said that to satisfy the flood in need from online shopping because of the Covid episode, Amazon has reported recruiting an extra staff of 100,000 workers in the U.S.

   2.Grocery/Kirana Stores

With India being under lockdown again for as far back as two weeks, the whole country of 1.3 billion is today to a great extent depending on Kirana stores for their basics – food, drinks, individual and family care items. A new common can be seen arising as far as surprising changes in buyer conduct patterns and how a recently discovered humble relationship has created between the nearby Kirana store and the clients who live nearby. Subsequently, these clients currently consider them to be the greatest emotionally supportive network during this phenomenal emergency. Yet, the lockdown has additionally totally changed the manner in which Kirana stores work. The proprietors and representatives on their part have been working nonstop while keeping up the new social distancing and cleanliness upkeep standards.


The home entertainment area is the recipient of all the travel boycotts, mandated self-isolates for returning voyagers, and social-distancing measures. Web-based/online streaming has acted the hero as sports venues and cinemas are shut down. For instance, normal week after week application downloads in China jumped 40% against 2019's normal during the first half of February as the whole nation went through quarantine measures, and conventional TV viewership additionally flooded, the World Economic Forum revealed. Netflix application downloads have ascended in Covid hit regions — South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, and Italy; Southeast Asia's iflix and China's iQIYI and Youku could likewise see gains.

    4.Healthcare and Pharmacy

The healthcare services industry, as we have seen, is downturn proof. Furthermore, the equivalent can be said of the pharmacy sector as well. It very well might be unexpected; however, pandemics offer a significantly meatier chance for both the medical services area in general and pharma organizations specifically. The emergency has expanded the demand for clinical supplies and care. Till the time no medications or immunizations were yet accessible for Covid, so enormous measures of resources were kept on being filled attempting to discover vaccines or medicines. Now that when the vaccine has been discovered, there is a huge demand for the same.


At the point when the Covid-19 prompted schools to be closed, edtech players saw a spike in their business. As per Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder, Byju's the organization added 20 million new clients in under four months as against the initial 40 million which had required four years to land by. The organization noticed a consistent chart during the most recent half-year. The normal time spent on the stage expanded from 71 min/day to 100mins/day during the lockdown time frame. Edtech organizations additionally saw a critical conduct shift in guardians' outlook towards learning on the web, with more acknowledgements of such methods of training.

   6.Electronic Transfers

Notes and coins carry germs, and this emergency has just made individuals more mindful that hard money can be a vehicle for microorganisms. The pandemic has driven a few nations to take measures to keep individuals from actual exposure to cash, in any event, isolating cash. At the pinnacle of its flare-up, China sanitized, disengaged, and burned banknotes from contaminated territories. South Korea superheated banknotes to dispose of Covid, while Thai banks additionally for a time being suspended foreign cash trade stalls cross country because of COVID-19 apprehensions.

Now solutions to stay away from the usage of notes and coins by and large are seeing more use — a similar case as when Paytm's client base flooded during the 2016 demonetisation of INR 500 and INR 1,000 notes in India. With the World Health Organization and different specialists effectively reassuring contactless payments, the pandemic could be an impetus to draw us one stage nearer to advanced exclusion and a credit only economy. These innovations would likewise assist with eradicating the travel expected to bring in cash moves and decrease human contact.

    7.Remote Working Software

With governments been executing more strict measures like full or fractional lockdowns, and organizations battling to discover approaches to keep up satisfactory degrees of efficiency, many have turned to remote working tools and programming apps. Indeed, even as numerous other tech organizations fell in value, Zoom's shares rose as the pandemic spread. Microsoft Teams arrived at 44 million users — a 37% increase compared to Slack's absolute number of clients — in just a week.

   8.Virtual HealthCare

Virtual consultation with specialists developed essentially during the lockdown. Virtual healthcare app Practo noticed a 10x development during the lockdown. In the pre-Covid period, Practo saw near 70% of the online counsels from metros yet that changed and now the proportion remains at 50:50 with a more noteworthy admittance to verified specialists even in smaller communities. The worldwide flare-up has made each country agonizingly mindful of the restrictions of its medical services frameworks. As numerous individuals are losing positions in this worldwide downturn, it turns out to be much harder for them to manage the cost of medical care and to battle the infection. Potential lies in virtual medical care administrations, convenient, artificial intelligence reliant clinical gadgets and applications that will make individual medical services and analysis prompter and more open to the overall population.

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