Buy A Biz - An Opportunity for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

on Oct 06, 2018 | 4653 views

Hey aspiring entrepreneurs greetings, are you feeling inspired today? Are you looking new start an opportunity? If yes, then we have great news for you. FranchiseBazar is organizing an event for you in your city.

“Buy-a-Biz” a perfect event for you held on the 13th of this month i.e. 13th October where we will be helping entrepreneurs and business owners get an insight of the latest franchise opportunities in Bangalore with more than 10 ready to go companies and 2,500+ opportunities available for you. What’s in it for you? We are inviting you for a one-on-one franchise free consultation where we will help you navigate your way through the new interesting franchise opportunity and help you find your ideal franchise, and all of this is free if you register with us. This is one of its kind event in which I encourage every entrepreneur and business owners to participate in.

All of the goodness of the “Buy-a-Biz” doesn’t stop here we have an exclusive offer for the registered entrepreneurs for the event, a flat 50% discount on annual membership with us on FranchiseBazar.

We have all known someone who wants to get into franchising but doesn’t know the where-how or doesn’t know whom to contact we have the solution to all of those issues its”Buy-a-Biz”. We will be helping you with anything and everything. You need help? We will assist with choosing a business according to your budget or a business industry you have wanted to venture into. From fashion to technology or even any services and startups you have wanted to put your hands in we will assist you.

Saturdays are one of the lazy weekend days we can make it exciting and life altering for you. “Saturday’s@FranchiseBazar” might just change your life for better come and visit us on this Saturday i.e.13 October for the proof. Every day you see a success story of someone else it’s time to make one for your own and trust me we will make it happen.       

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