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ABOUT US: BuyBackMart works with a Vision to TAKE DREAMS AFFORDABLE and does so by offering an ONLINE ONE STOP BUYBACK destination to individual customers and merchants. It provides an online and offline platform, to buy certified used electronics through our website and at our BuyBackMart stores. It also facilitates them to sell their used products for INSTANT HARD CASH, EXCHANGE it with any other useful product they wish to have or avail a CASH voucher for further use. BuyBackMart works with a very unique way with Merchants, so our customer gets the best price for his used product, with a hassle free and quick procedure using our HI-TECH online calculator which instantly quotes them a price. These products are then quality checked, certified and sold into the market 3 months seller warranty. This very unique and innovative concept of BuyBackMart is constantly kept updated by our Geeky Technical Team, making sure that we keep up with the rapidly changing market. All this is backed by an Energetic Development Team that every time tries something different to make sure that our valuable Customers, Merchants get the best experience while using our online platform. Our Operations and Association Team see to it that BuyBackMart Stores give the best experience to Customers, Merchants and that they are never let down.
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