Buying A Franchise in India - A Brilliant Entrepreneurship Option For 2023

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India offers several opportunities for both entrepreneurs and new business owners who want to either buy franchises or would like to in the future. The start of 2022 marked a new beginning for businesses, not just because of the new year but it was also due to the pandemic. A lot of businesses suffered in sales and had their growth stunted because of the economic impact of the covid-19.


2022 was the year that businesses used to recover their losses and it also served as a great setup for the next year. Making 2023 a very promising year for a lot of businesses and franchises looking to expand and grow their brand.  In this article, we’ll get into what are the processes that go into acquiring a franchise, how the processes are different domestically and internationally, what industries you could consider when buying a franchise, and of course, some examples of popular franchises in the end.


Buying a Franchise in India – What that entails

Buying a franchise is a great way to increase profit and sales if you don’t want to create a new business from scratch. It’s also a great learning experience for new business owners and entrepreneurs looking to sharpen their skillset.


While the promise of a lucrative business opportunity sounds appealing, you also need to know the finer points, what to do before you decide to buy a franchise, and what the actual process of buy franchise India would look like.Business owners thinking about or newly getting into franchising greatly benefit from using consultation services. Hiring lawyers also help when it comes to figuring out legal procedures involved when opening a franchise, by having the process explained to you on a step-by-step basis by a professional.Looking into How Other Countries Go About the Process

When starting your business it’s important to look at trends that have been successful internationally, on top of focusing on domestic trends. Doing this helps with the future expansion of your franchise rather than limiting it to domestic borders.


And it’s important to note that more western franchises have been adopting the trend of collecting data on how much profit their franchises make. This policy of transparency ensures more trust with clients wanting to buy into a franchise. The availability of consistent, reliable information on a franchise is a great advantage to have when you’re looking to attract people into buying into your franchise or business.


Franchising Opportunities in India 2022

Firstly, before anything else, you need to decide what industry you're going to buy into. Also, consider focusing on industries that work adjacently with your primary industry of choice. Meaning, you should consider looking into businesses and industries that work closely with your primary industry of choice. For example, Look into pharmaceutical franchises when you’re setting up a healthcare franchise, seeing how they work very closely with each other.


Right now, healthcare, food, and education are the most popular industries to consider in franchising. This makes sense, these are industries that people always need regardless of where they go. These are also industries and franchises people spend a significant portion of their income on.


Popular Franchises in India

Continuing off of the previous section, some popular examples from each section would help paint a better picture for you.Starting with the food industry, or more specifically, the beverage industry, in particular.

Tea shops are almost synonymous with India. No matter what street you go to, you will always see a tea stall or a cafe selling hot beverages. It’s a booming market with a loyal customer base and Indians tend to be very particular when it comes to how they like their chai. So, if your brew happens to strike a chord with your customer, you've likely just gained a repeat customer.


Best Tea and Coffee Franchises

MBA Chai Wala

Founded by Prafull Billore, it began as a humble tea stall in Ahmedabad which soon turned into one of the fastest-growing chai-cafe chains. Right now, it’s probably the most popular MBA Chai Wala franchise people look into buying when they consider the Tea and Coffee industry.


Founded: 2016

Investment Range: Rs. 5 Lakh - 10 Lakh

Franchise Fee: Rs. 1 Lakh - 2 Lakh

Space Required: 250 - 500 sq. ft

Industry: Beverage Franchise

Chai Sutta Bar

A tea chain founded in 2016, by Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak, who was later joined by Rahul Patidar. They got started by opening their first outlet in Indore, and later expanded to other major cities in the country. As of today, they have over 400 outlets in 190 cities. And internationally, they’ve expanded to Dubai, Muscat, Port Blaire, and Nepal.

By the end of 2022, they plan to grow in other countries, including the UK, the USA, and Canada. They have a unique business model that focuses on the cultural importance of tea and has paired it with an eco-friendly initiative, by using kulhads to serve their tea rather than plastic cups.


Founded: 2016

Investment Range: Rs.16 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 6 Lakhs

Models Offered: FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated), COCO (Company Owned Company Operated)

Space Required: 200 - 400 Sq.ft

Industry: Beverage Franchise


Best Dairy Franchises


One of the most well-known brands in India when it comes to all things dairy. The brand is managed by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) and was formed in 1946. This company spearheaded India's ascent into becoming the world's largest producer of milk and milk products.


Founded: 1946

Investment Range: Rs. 2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs.50,000 - 1 Lakh

Space Required: Less than 250 sq. ft

Industry: Dairy and Ice Cream Franchise


Michaels Icecream Burger


we provide of type Icecream Burgers, Head quartered in Bangalore India, Michael's Icecream Burger Franchise is now unfolded in Ludhiana, Indore, Allahabad, Guwahati, Jaipur, Vijayawada, Madurai, Bangalore, Alleppey, Trivandrum and plenty of greater to come. With our Icecreams, Snacks, Coffees & waffles, we provide a 24x7, 365-day menu.


Founded: 2017

Investment Range: Rs. 5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs.1 - 2 Lakh

Space Required: Less than 250 sq. ft

Industry: Dairy and Ice Cream Franchise



Best Healthcare Franchise


Bione is Asia's first DNA and microbiome testing company, founded by Dr. Surendra K Chikara, Dr. George Church, and Dr. Raymond McCauley. The company offers 1-1 consultations, personalized reports, and personalized diet and nutrition plans to its patients. Bione also sells its gut microbiome testing kits online to make its services available to even remote parts of the world.


Founded: 2021

Investment Range: Rs 15 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 10 Lakhs

Space Required: Less than 250 sq. ft

Industry: Health Care Franchise



Adidev Herbals Pvt Ltd. is a marketplace chief in Herbal fitness care merchandise with a presence in PAN INDIA. AHPL has created a spot withinside the marketplace of remedies primarily based on total merchandise of pores and skin and hair care. All the goods of Adidev® with Unique and Innovative Formulae are 100 % herbal and secure and don't have any aspect results and quotes very excessive in quality.


Founded: 2002

Investment Range: From Rs 2 To 5 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Less than Rs. 2 Lakhs

Space Required: Less than 250 sq. ft

Industry: Health Care Franchise


Best Retail Franchise


Established in 2010 by an ex-Microsoft employee, Lenskart is India's fastest-growing eyewear business. The company's ethos is, making eyewear affordable to everyone and giving them access to more affordable healthcare products.


Founded: 2008

Investment Range: Rs. 25 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 2.25 Lakhs

Space Required: 1000 - 2000 Sq.ft

Industry: Eyewear Retail


Grocery 4U

Grocery 4U is a nicely set up comfort keep chain that operates effectively in special components of India. They facilitate each in-keep and online shopping. They presently have around 50 to a hundred successful stores and are making plans to increase their presence pan India. A grocery store franchise is the maximum worthwhile commercial enterprise to make investments in because it caters to the basic requirements of clients and shall usually be in call for if done and managed nicely.


Founded: 2005

Investment Range: Rs. 20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 2 to 5 Lakhs

Space Required: 500 - 750 Sq.ft

Industry: Grocery Stores and Food Marts


Best Education Franchise

JD Institute Of Fashion Technology

Founded by Mr. Chandrakant Dalal and Mr. R. C. Dalal, the institute prides itself in being the forerunner for Fashion, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Fashion Communication, Visual Merchandising, Make-Up Artistry, and many other related fields.


Founded: 1988

Investment Range: Rs. 20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 10 Lakhs

Industry: Education Franchise


International Canadian Academy LTD

Founded by Andre Nudleman, the franchising model is based on tried and true Canadian and international practices. The ICA mainly aims to bring about a model of schools that focus on core competencies, and lifelong skills that students can foster to help them thrive in today’s world.

Founded: 2020

Investment Range: Rs. 2 Crore - 5 Crore (School Franchise Opportunities) and Rs. 75 Lakhs - 1 Crore (Preschool Franchise)

Franchise Fee: Rs. 2 Crore - 5 Crore (School Franchise Opportunities), Rs. 30 Lakhs - 40 Lakhs (Preschool Franchise)

Industry: Education Franchise


An International Franchise

Express Employment Professionals Franchise

Founded in 1983 in the city of Oklahoma, OK, Express Employment is one of the highest-ranked staffing franchises in North America. It's been franchising since 1985 and It's also been ranked #1 for nine years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine. With over 850 plus locations and over three decades' worth of experience under their belts, and their recession-resilient business model Express Employment is the go-to staffing franchise.


Founded: 1983

Investment Range: $140,000 - $400,000

Franchise Fee: $40,000

Industry: Staffing and Employment Franchise



Founded in 2014 in the city of Moscow, “Cleaning Company Cleanbros", offers to begin your enterprise of cleansing apartments, cottages, and workplaces beneath Neath a very a success emblem name. It's been franchising on account  that 2016. The agency offers a character technique to every client, no matter their number. We investigated the marketplace and discovered the pleasant providers and system at aggressive prices. Our specialists created their hiring and schooling structures which allowed them to offer the agency with dependable personnel in a brief time.


Founded: 2014

Investment Range: $354,000

Franchise Fee:  $15,030

Industry: Cleaning Franchise


So, What Lies at the Crux of this Article?

Well, you get the idea, as stated above there is no shortage of franchising opportunities in India, domestic or otherwise. And to reiterate, hiring a consulting service could effectively help boost your chances of success in today’s economy and set you up for success in future franchising endeavors as well.


So, sign up on our site, FranchiseBazar, and get a free consultation session with our staff!

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