Chocolate Franchise in India

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Finding a traditional Indian sweet shop franchise is no big deal, there is one on almost every street corner. But coming across a retail store that sells only chocolates and candy is not very common, is it? And this fact makes it more compelling of a deal for you to start your very own candy shop franchise and attract children as well as adults who enjoy a good candy rush.

Who says no to a few candies? These small packages of sugary goodness, that come in different serving sizes and shapes and often have fruits, nuts or even milk chocolate in them are almost irresistible, and requires a high level of self-control to stop munching on them.

Kids are almost instantly attracted to candy and chocolate, no matter where they are, or what mood they are in. This aspect is often exploited by candy shops by displaying large amounts of chocolates and candy, and also with the use of flashing lights and bright and energetic colours. Why stop at kids? there are plenty of adults who would love a sweet treat, and relish the sugary and fruity tastes these knick-knacks have.

History of candy:

Did you know that the word "candy" was originally derived from the word "Khanda" which is Sanskrit for "a piece of sugar". The history of candy has come a long way from boiling sugar cane juice to make brown sugar in India and mixing honey and dates in ancient Egypt to make "honey-cakes" to satisfy their sugar tooth all the way back about 3000 to 4000 years ago, or even earlier.

Sugar candy only gained recognition during the 1500s when sugarcane was a major crop and people started trying to make new consumables from it. The 1800s saw the "hard candy" whose evolved versions we see now, become famous because of their refreshing taste and the fact that they lasted for a long time in one’s mouth.

Market size for candy in India:

The confectionery market in India is valued at $1.5 billion, growing at a two-year CAGR of 9%. And the Indian candy market alone stands at around $664 million, with 70% of it being sugar candies, and 30% contributed by the chocolate confectionery sector. Various reports suggest that India is the fastest growing confectionery market among the BRIC countries.

The Indian Chocolate industry alone is estimated to be standing at a mammoth figure of $400 million and continues to grow at a CAGR of 18%.

The size of the market for chocolates in India was estimated to be at about 30,000 tonnes in the year 2008, and this was 10 years ago, now the market size has skyrocketed. Moulded bar chocolates contribute to 37% of the total market in terms of volume, whereas the wafer chocolates contribute another 30%.

How to become a candy/chocolate retailer:

This could be done in two ways, either by joining a pre-existing chocolate shop franchise, or a candy shop franchise, or exploiting the offered candy business opportunity around the country and starting your very own franchise.

The constant growth of the industry will require a constant innovation in candies and chocolates sold, with new flavours, tastes, shapes and sizes too, this might require a dedicated team. An alternative is to be a candy/chocolate distributor, hence looking after the sales of the confectionery alone and not the manufacturing of it.

Joining a pre-existing franchise would mean, agreeing to their terms of service and their requirements such as commercial space, investments and franchise fees etc. Finding, the right franchise to join hands with can be challenging, and this is where you use our help. Just visit the FranchiseBazar and surf through the offered candy and chocolate shop franchises offered today!!

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Krishnarajendra Karanth on Jan 19, 2019 01:30 AM

this is a great idea, one of my friend has started "the chocolate wardrobe" based out of Delhi

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