Cleaning Franchise: An Environmental Friendly Way Of Earning Profit

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Can you imagine going to your office when you found it that one of your colleagues has tested Covid-10 positive and your office hasn’t been cleaned and sanitized yet?  Can you sit on your brand new car without cleaning it properly from top to bottom? Cleanliness was not something more appreciable in India back then, but since the global pandemic has entered India, it has taught us how cleanliness is a must and should be treated as a supreme priority. We might not have been too cleaning-conscious now as we were earlier. Today our offices, gyms, banks, even our cars are sanitized and cleaned properly before we step in. But do you ever consider the cleaning methods used by the cleaning company are proven or not? Many of such chemicals or methods may cause a great deal of harm to the environment, and a cleaning doesn’t mean being free from the germs or dirtiness by damaging the environment. Today technology and innovation have developed in such a way that we can still adopt green-friendly techniques while providing cleaning services, these techniques are significant to preserve the green and fresh environment beauty.  Many renowned business franchise platforms have been practicing such environmental-friendly techniques to ensure the safety of both customers and the environment at the same time, how lucrative will it be to an entrepreneur who earns a lucrative profit by saving the environment and earning customers loyalty too?   

Are Cleaning Franchises A Good Investment? 


The Cleaning industry is rapidly growing in India, nearly 10 million people are employed in the cleaning industry of India and the rate is likely to surge up swiftly in near future as well. Many huge commercial places like banks, corporate offices, gyms, schools, universities theatre, etc. required a huge amount of team to execute the cleaning, especially amid the global pandemic, a proper cleanliness and sanitization is necessary to be on the safe side. Apart from this, car cleaning sectors are also gaining huge popularity in India since many Indians prefer traveling on their own private vehicles and hire car washing and cleaning services regularly for their health and safety. The growth in these two services and many other micro cleaning services has shown a growth of 30-35% in the cleaning industry. To be more innovative, many cleaning companies are adapting the wise utilization of technology that enlarges efficiency and productivity to a greater level. Even environmental-friendly proven methods are adopted by many companies to ensure the best services. Since the growth in the cleaning sector is having a robust impact, it’s a sparkling opportunity to grab the most profitable cleaning franchise now. 


Top 5 Profitable Cleaning Franchise Opportunities in India:


JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning:


JAN-PRO is an organized cleaning business that offers customized cleaning services through its well-trained and upskilled janitors. The company has adopted the latest technological equipment for providing substantial commercial cleaning services to its clients. For the environmental- aspect, the company utilizes the EnviroShield® disinfection process for cleaning and sanitization. The company has been functioning for the last 25 years and through its years of experience and technological adaptation, its proven methods kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, flu, and germs. JAN-PRO disinfecting and cleaning commercial methods and various programs create eco-conscious practices and provide eco-friendly cleaning services. That is why the company has ranked the “ Leader In The Commercial Cleaning Service'' list. JAN-PRO provides Home-Based Franchise and Master Franchising opportunities. The company offers proper training, support, and guidance to the franchisee for efficient management.


Investment: 75 lakhs to 1 crore

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 


Ola Car Wash/Cleaning:


Ola Car Wash is a B2B platform that offers doorstep car washing facilities to its clients. The company has its own online website where it connects with its clients and offers the best car cleaning services. The methods utilized by the company for car cleaning helps to reduce additional wastages and generates efficiency as well. Noe Ola Car Wash has brought an eco-friendly doorstep car wash that renders sanitization modules with the help of innovative and exclusive technology known as steam. Steam is a notable remedy that preserves water and prevents any unwanted damages to the car that is caused by the usage of raw water. The sanitization technique adopted by the company prevents the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the vehicle and cleans the vehicle thoroughly while preserving water and saving the environment at the same time. To the franchisee, the company provides low-investment franchise opportunities along with all the relevant support and training for better enhancement. 


Investment: 1-2 lakhs 

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Ohmywash Laundry Cleaning:


Oh My Wash is a cleaning platform that provides laundry cleaning services and now it is successfully running in more than 10+ cities of India. The company offers doorstep cleaning solution and delivers the laundry at a convenient time within 48 hours. That is why the company provides one of the fastest and most flexible laundry cleaning services in India. The company utilized soft and hygienic detergents for maintaining the soft and elegant look on fabrics and garments, the chemicals used by the company are imported and offer add-ons such conditioner, oxy-bleach, and antiseptic, etc. As far as the eco-friendly aspect is concerned, the company has chosen non-perc solvent dry cleaning service and  “Free and Clean” laundry detergents for all other washed. The company has professional experts who are well-trained in providing laundry services conveniently and efficiently to the customers. The company provides low-cost franchise opportunities with relevant training and support to the franchisee. 


Investment: 1-50,000 

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Laundrokart  Laundry Cleaning:


Laundrokart is an on-demand laundry service provider that offers laundry and dry-cleaning services through its a virtual platform where it connects with its clients online and offers its services. The company is one of the fastest emerging platforms that has professional experts that utilize dynamic tech-based equipment that handle fabrics with care and make them preserve their elegance, touch, and look. Laundrokart highly emphasizes on rendering quality-based services which are known as signature laundry services that have a business-centric approach and create a strategic concept for successfully running the business. For the eco-friendly purpose, Laundrokart is on a mission to provide clothes washing service in a clean and eco-friendly manner to gain the trust of its clients. The company has its own software application through which it stays connected with 40,000+ customers and presently has 30+ stores in India. For better assistance,  Laundrokart provides advanced washing techniques to the franchisee that generates revenues and enables productive and quality based services. 


Investment: 2-5 crore

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 




Wash My Car is one of the fastest-emerging automobile cleaning platforms. The company offers 24/7 cleaning services to the customers and strives to make all the possible efforts toward becoming an environment-friendly business platform by offering 100% waterless car wash services. The services offered by the company are 100% organic and, even the chemicals used to cause no harm and reduce toxic substances in the environment. The company has well-trained experts that are certified and passionate to work while implementing dynamic eco-friendly tactics to preserve water and reduce environmental damage.    

Investment: 15-20 lakhs

Space: Less than 250 sq ft     




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