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Have you ever come across a spotless, gleaming and a flawless place? Where you couldn’t even seem to find a speck of dust or any impurity, doesn’t it bring in a wave of satisfaction in your heart? Doesn’t it add a certain aesthetical element to the place? Cleanliness is an art in itself, everything and everyone need occasional cleaning to maintain the charm and the eye candy element one possesses. Through this art, it also prolongs the beauty and shine of a specific thing. However, the franchises who make this happen, play a vital key role in providing such professional cleaning services to their needful customers. Let us dive in depth about Cleaning Franchises and the opportunities for such interested in this field.


You might have at times noticed a man cleaning windows on a huge shiny building, equipped with a safety harness tethered to a wire along with the cleaning essentials, or you may have also seen the advanced robotic janitors at a few supermarkets. It even looks good to the audience when such activities are done in their presence, the professionalism, the suitable fancy outfit and the equipments surely do dazzle us. Such are the highly skilled and trained professionals who make the job seem fun and easy for many, they are hired by an establishment who carry out such activities, by which customers hire them for their top notch services. Their work may vary on things and they are not confined to a single task, they have been trained specifically to multitask which in turn increases their efficiency. Such franchises ensure quality and assurance in their services provided. If you have to be among such who like to see things in its clean perfection and stature, and would constantly ensure and strive to impress your customers. Then here are a few franchise opportunities for you, catered to your needs.


  • Jan-Pro India

With its investment ranging from Rs 75Lacs – 1Cr

Being among the top pioneers in Cleaning Franchise and one of the fastest growing franchises of the world, Jan-Pro surely has been among such brands in cleaning you might have come across. They also boast a high turnover business with low risk levels, which sounds highly appealing and suitable enough for many. With their operations starting on a global level, they seek to provide the top quality services and tasks which they are known to execute quite beautifully. If you are enthralled by these details, it surely is an experience worth to be witnessed. Sign up as a franchisee now and reap the benefits from this reputated global brand.


  • Envo

With its investment ranging from Rs 1 – 50,000

Hailing from the environmental aspect of cleaning, they actively specialize in Water treatment, Waste water treatment, Pollution control and Environmental issues. They are these benefactors to the ecosystem by which they preserve and ensure that the cycle of sustainability is not tampered. The best in what they do along with earning universal good karma alongside, it would be a unique approach and by providing your assistance as a franchisee you would siding with the greater good of all, both environmentally and in its terms of profitability. Sign up with them now and have an experience you would never forget.


  • Laundry Boys

With its investment ranging from Rs 5Lacs – 10lacs

Representing the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchises, with their high quality services with the updated laundry technology, they surely do emphasize on keeping your dirty laundry and your doubts “Spotless!” Along with that they offer a convenient and a hassle free experience, they would pick your laundry at your designated position (ie Home) take it to their respective establishment, get done with cleaning and it comes back to you, you don’t even have to move a muscle throughout the process!!, with their top notch quality of products and their skill combined, it surely would bring a smile to your face. If you happen to be among such people who like giving your customers such an experience then what are you waiting for? Sign up with the Laundry Boys now as a franchisee!



  • LaundroKart

With its investment ranging from Rs 2Crs – 5Crs

One of the happening businesses in the bustling city of Bangalore! LaundroKart has to be among such pioneers in Online Laundry Services, with its pick up and drop off strategy, all the effort you really need to put is, a few choices to be made about your required service and the touch of your fingertips, that’s all there is to it! With their popularity seemingly peaking it is a good idea to invest your time and energy in this glorious establishment as a franchisor. Give it a go, it would be an experience you would remember



  • Ola Car Wash

With its investment ranging from Rs 1Lac – 2lacs

Representing the Car wash franchise, they constantly strive and work towards keeping your car spotless and shiny. Having quite a unique approach to achieve their desired results, they have enabled a buyer to customer online platform from which enables customers to connect to the nearest door to door car washing service partner who is either their franchisee or associate partner. Quite convenient and an effortless experience it would be for such. They further strive to reduce water wastage, which one would approximately use 5 - 10 liters of water to wash a single car, they choose to avoid such exploitation of the resource by innovating and implementing the use of steam wash. Sounds quite responsible and fresh doesn’t it? Sign up as a franchisee and reap further benefits from this famed establishment.


These were some of the Cleaning Franchises currently available for such interested individuals striving to grow in this incredible field. Cleanliness is the raw essential instinct of our human nature, we strive for perfection and purity. By proper maintenance and care for a specific thing (or even a person) would gleam and maintain that eye candy element for long. Such franchises enable that and the next time you smell that fresh load of clothes from your laundry, you know who to thank.

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